6 Affiliate Marketing Success Stories. You can Make it Your Success..

Have you ever wondered if affiliate marketing can be successful? As they say the proof is in the pudding. I have put together 6 affiliate marketing success stories for you.

You will read stories about some top internet affiliate marketers who started from humble beginnings, as well as ordinary folks who triumph in the world of affiliate marketing.

Enjoy the videos and the stories and I hope that it inspires you in some way.

Internet success Story Nr 1 : Beau Jessup and her Baby Name Website

This is a really cool internet success story to start up our discussion. I realize that its got nothing to do with affiliate marketing but its a really simple idea.

This example just illustrates that with a website of your own and with some ‘out of the box’ thinking, you can come up with something amazing and make it a success.

This is a story of a 16 year old girl from England who set up a site to help Chinese families give English names to their babies.

Whilst visiting in China she was approached by a Chinese family to help give a name to their baby. She realized that parents were giving names along the likes of “Rolex” and “Cinderella,” and saw an opportunity to help out. This sparked her interest to develop her baby naming website.

Her Amazing website- www.specialname.cn

The whole idea behind her site was to give 3 names for the baby, based upon 5 personality traits that parents would like to have associated with the child. Her asking fee is around $12 per session.

Whilst many folks believe that her site is making lots of money, she insists that the site brings in around $64 000.

This is a fantastic start and its something that is out there, that is helping people. Check out this video below.

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Affiliate Marketing Success Story Nr 2 :  Darren Rowse

It was back in 2002, that Darren read an article about ‘Blogging’ which spurred him on within the next 24hours to start his first personal blog. This blog was centred around personal topics such as Spirituality, Pop Culture and Blogging.

As he starting enjoying the blogging, he went on to  create many other websites.

Though the earnings were not high within the initial stages, it was more towards 2008 and onwards that he earned serious money like $84 000 and beyond.

His feature affiliate website, Pro-blogger is a huge success that aimed at helping other bloggers to become successful with their blogs too.

Sharing his techniques and success helps others to realize that affiliate marketing can give you great returns if you are willing to go the distance.

Here are some words from the man himself.

In this video, he offers some sound advice with regards to going forward with affiliate marketing.

His advice is “to focus on a specific niche“. I  agree with this wholeheartedly . Choose a niche or an area that you are passionate  about or interested in. It will make blogging more fun and your passion will reflect in your writing.

The truth is that you really only need one website and one niche to become successful within the online world. Did you know that you can monetize that one website to earn money though six different channels?

These channels include things like PPC , social media , e-mail marketing and other methods. Think you are ready to start up.

Learn more here,

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Affiliate Marketing Success Story Nr 3 : Kyle and Carson Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle Loudoun started his marketing studies in college, which is where his journey with the internet had begun.Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

During his studies in the computer science field, he crossed paths with Carson Lim.Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

Together, these two amazing and talented individuals founded an online training platform called Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005.

The result was a business loaded with webinars, step-by-step lessons, fantastic web builder platform and an interactive and fun community of its kind.

Check out this video that shows you how Wealthy Affiliate works

The Success of their Wealthy Affiliate.

The success of Wealthy Affiliate speaks for itself, by the mere fact of having helped over 1Million people become internet entrepreneurs over a period of 12 Years.

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Do you think that internet affiliate marketing success is not for everyone?

Here are some more affiliate marketing success stories.

Just click on them, and you will be taken to the full story

Success Story Nr 4 : I Got my First Amazon Check Yesterday, over $1000

Success Story Nr 5 : My First 10 000 Dollar Month

Success Story Nr 6 : I’ve got the Freedom to work Anywhere in the world.

It’s about helping and the Money comes Later on…

There is one thing in common with each and every success story that I’ve mentioned above.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s helping someone else.

Each of these entrepreneurs set out to help people online. Whether it was through teaching others the basics of internet marketing or how to scale their businesses to new levels, it gave people the help that they were seeking for.Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

To become successful, your site can be dedicated to any niche, whether it be to helping people find out more about a health condition, or which fitness tracker is the best to buy, or even wanting to buy a football snack helmet for the Super bowl. The options are plentyful.

Trust me, the last one I mentioned, which is the Football snack helmets, is a success story all on its own. The guy that built that site made a commission of a $1000 in a week.

The point is that if you can help someone with something, and give them honest and useful advice, then you can be just as successful as one of these guys.

I know you have it in you and you can do it.

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Reading these affiliate marketing success stories is proof that affiliate marketing works.

I started off knowing nothing about internet marketing… And…

This is what I achieved in my affiliate marketing journey thus far:

  • I found two Niches that interests me
  • I bought two domain names
  • I built two websites
  • I learned about SEO
  • I learned Social Marketing
  • I joined Affiliate Programs
  • I made affiliate Commissions

There is enough room for you to add YOUR success story here.

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Thank you for your time in joining me today.

Wish you tons of success in your online journey






4 thoughts on “6 Affiliate Marketing Success Stories. You can Make it Your Success..”

  1. Hello and thanks for sharing these success stories really can give a person the kind of motivation that they need to reach for the stars. And what is even more so amazing is how some niche make so much money, you might think that these niche would not make that kind of money like getting paid to name babies. This just proves that this kind of business can go really far. All the best to you.

  2. It was great fun reading about these success stories and it also gives hope. I will keep working on my own business until I succeed as well.
    The most briallant of these ideas I must say was the website witht the baby names. It really gives an easy solution to a very specific problem. It is soo simple and absolutely amazing.
    It proves that simple solutions are often the best.
    Thank you for a great post.

    • Hi Jojo

      You are most welcome.Glad you give you hope.

      It shows that nothing is impossible. We just have to try until something works and then go with it.

      If you need help with anything, do let me know.




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