The Best Affiliate Marketing Course for 0.82 cents a day, Limited offer

Yes you read right! A full online course for just 0.82 cents a day!

This is the time of year that you can really scope up some bargains. Why not treat yourself to the chance at building a legacy of your own. Give yourself the opportunity to build an online business and have everything that you need to do it, right here with the hottest black Friday deal!

An affiliate marketing course that is the genuine deal. One with over 800 000 members and teaching folks for over 12 years to date! Its Wealthy Affiliate and for only 4 days you can get the entire package at a bargain price.

Is it Really a Bargain?

I have written extensively about Wealthy Affiliate. I joined it and its an amazing feeling to be a part of this community.

-There are various ways to get help from live chats, to forums, to classroom discussions and blogging.

-The education and training are perfect for both newbies and as well topics for the experienced guys

-Your business is protected with top level security and daily back-ups are in place. The support is on alert 24/7 365 days a year!

-You get access to the state of the art website builder called SiteRubix

Lets see why else becoming a Yearly member is a bargain.Taking up the Black Friday deal, gives you…

  • a discount of 49% on the normal monthly subscription
  • the ability to run a business on any scale for just $0.82 cents a day
  • a locked deal as Premium member (which is their lowest fee of $24.91 a month)
  • Access to Premium benefits with NO further upsells or hidden fees

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Exciting Times Ahead With Wealthy Affiliate

For 2019, I have had the privilege of witnessing the owners bringing some fun and interactive stuff to their Wealthy Affiliate business.

Accomplishment Badges

This is a cool way to earn and gives a feeling of a sense of accomplishment, as you progress through your business building process at Wealthy Affiliate.

The best Affiliate Marketing Course

Just to give you an example, when you register your first website, you get a “First Website ” Badge. They got around 11 of these badges so far and will be bringing more later on.

These are the others

  • Account Setup
  • Community Join
  • First Website
  • Google Index
  • Premium
  • Certification
  • Dedication
  • Ambassador
  • Rank
  • Website Posts
  • Website Comments

This makes learning more motivational and fun.

The Best affiliate marketing course

SSL Certificates

Coming in December is the rollouts of SSL Certficates on each and everyone’s site. This is a big deal because it means that your site will have a so called ‘licence’ to take online payments as it is seen as an encrypted and safe site.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Course

This will also allow your site to get ranked better with Google’s search engine. Here is the best part….

Its going to be FREE for all premium members. Yeap, stuff like this costs around $20-$50 per site on an annual basis. We all get it for FREE!

Kyle also blogged about upcoming advances for 2017, within the website and hosting areas. In addition there will be updates to the training, new designs and new help.

There are couple of other exciting things that he mentioned that will take our business to new heights and this makes me feel like its the best place to be.

Here is a link to read his full blog to the community.

Black Friday is Coming and Its a Big Deal!

BONUSES- It’s the Cherry on the TOP

So, still think that this deal is not a bargain. A black Friday deal is NOT a deal if there are no bonuses. Having said that, I have got a very special surprise for you.

If you take up this awesome deal today, I will give you access to three Bonus Videos ,

Uncovering Any Niche-  Why Aren’t People Doing This– 47 Minutes

Focusing on the stuff that Matters– 35 Minutes

Going the Distance- Creating a Sustainable Online Business– 23 Minutes

That’s a total of 105minutes of education material geared towards getting you started. And that’s not all…

Signing up to the Black Friday Deal, will put you in the running to receive these from Kyle himself

  • An over one hour long video walking you through some incredible insights for 2017
  • FIVE additional hours of exclusive live classes
  • The lowest price for everything at $299 per year
  • Premium access to Wealthy Affiliate , the most awesome online training platform.

Don’t Delay This Offer is Valid only till the 2nd November, Sign Up Now click on the banner below


Does it Make Sense to go Yearly?

Absolutely, you’re going to build your own online business.The Best affiliate marketing course

And you’re going to do so by using the best affiliate marketing course around. Hence it makes sense to give yourself a reasonable time frame to accomplish your ultimate goal.

Once you commit yourself to 12months, you hold yourself accountable and give yourself a fair chance at building an online business.Besides, it would take the worry of your mind on monthly fees and allow you to concentrate on your website.

The factor that distinguishes those that are successful in their online business versus that which are not, is TIME.

You don’t need to look anywhere else to start building an online business. Everything that you need is right here at the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The only thing that you need to make the formula work is YOU.

Are you ready for the challenge? Are you ready to build a passive income stream for yourself? You got all the cards in your hand. The move is up to you.

Black Friday deal is here for the taking. I will be waiting to welcome you inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Click on the banner to start your online journey.

It was awesome having you here today.

Wish you Tons of Success




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