Easy Retired Millionaire Review: An ‘Automation’ System With Many Flaws!

Hey there and welcome to my Easy Retired Millionaire review. Nowadays, I think the creators of these types of software are getting pretty crafty by coming up with catchy names.

I've got to admit that when I heard the name, Easy Retired Millionaire, it really got my attention. I bet that it got your attention too, and that's why you're here today, to find out more. 

Who wouldn't want to retire easily? And who wouldn't want to retire as a millionaire? But when a system like this one promises you a $15 000 check in the mail, weekly, then perhaps one should be a little more cautious than normal.

Is Easy Retired Millionaire a scam? Let me help you to put this one at rest.

Let's get started, shall we?

NAME OF PROGRAM: Easy Retired Millionaire

WEBSITE: www.EasyRetiredMillionaire.com

PRICE: $47





The sales video will have you believe that once you pay the joining fee of $47, you are going to get a 'done for you' business that will run on complete automation.

In fact, while you watch the video, the narrator shows your account at zero dollars and as you keep watching, they show it grow in value.(Amazing right?)

They call these 'magical accounts' and its supposed to bring you significant cash, in the region of $15,000 a week! 

Easy Retired millionaire is a scam

Can you really believe these sort of claims? 

Unlike other products that I have reviewed before, this one left so many red flags in their trail, that I think its suffice to say that one can make an informed decision here from.

Let me show you what I discovered.

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By 'ghost' I mean someone whom you have never met or seen.

In the beginning of the sales video we are introduced to the owner's of Easy Retired Millionaire, Chris and Cathy.

They were kind enough to show you a video whilst they were on their holiday. This is a screenshot of the video.

Easy Retired Millionaire is a scam as the owner is a fake

Only one problem. This is fake. It's a video that was bought from a Stockphoto website called Storyblocks/videoblocks. One can purchase the video for $49.

The owners of Easy Retired Millionaire are fake

Bottom line, there is no Chris or Cathy. Which begs the question, who are the real owners and why won't they show their faces?

If I am going to start an online business, I would like to know with whom it is that I am parting my hard earned money with.

Wouldn't you?


Easy Retired Millionaire only have limited spots available

This is one that I have seen being used on many occasions. If you were to refresh your browser or return to it the very next day, the video will still be up, and you will still be able to buy into it.

This tactic is employed to primarily work on your fears of 'losing out.' 

Do not let them get to you with this move.


The makers of Easy Retired Millionaire want you to believe that they have actually set-up a 'magical money' account in your name.

At the beginning of the sales video, the account was empty. A few minutes into watching the video, they reveal the account balance has magically grown to $120.

Easy retired millionaire is a complete waste of your time

Anyone can show Clickbank financial statements. They fail to show you how they actually made this money.

The rest of the video follows the same routine. Just lots of talking and no showing on how their system actually works or what one has to do to earn.

I would like you to think of something for a moment here...

Who in their 'right frame of mind' will actually make money for you without you having to put in any effort? No one. There is no such thing as 'free lunches'. 

If these guys claim to be making this sort of money, then why not show us the system for free without having us to pay. Even if its just a trial.

They would have nothing to lose. Right?

Or is it because there really is nothing that exists behind closed curtains?


As if the fake story of the owner is not enough, they decided to add some fake testimonials to spice things up.

The gentleman below claims that he made a whopping $19,000 from using the Easy Retired Millionaire system.

Easy Retired Millionaire has fake testimonials

It turns out that he is a paid actor. He offers his services on the Fiverr platform. He actually looks like one who is in high demand. His asking price is $50.

Can you make money with easy retired millionare

Bottom line: No real testimonials, no solid proof. Things are not looking very good so far. Is Easy Retired Millionaire a legit system?


In my personal opinion I think that Easy Retired Millionaire should be avoided at all costs.

It's really not worth it. They have so much of unrealistic claims. Claims such as you will make $600 within the first 5 minutes, or that they will deliver you a check of $15,000.

I believe that there is more than enough evidence here to prove that this product is filled with lies and empty promises. 

What is the Story on the 60-Day Refund?

There is a hidden agenda to this system. Even though you can get your money back, there is still something that they got from you, that is valuable.

Guess what that is?

Its your email address.They can sell your valuable e-mail address to third parties. They can use it themselves to re-target you with other offers. At the end of the day, it's about them using different tactics, emotional triggers, etc, to try to get money out from you, one way or the other.

You need to be vigilant and do research. Which is exactly what you are doing right now. 

That way, you will always be one step ahead.


The one truth revealed in the sales video, is the following statement: 

Easy Retired Millionaire did not lie about everything

In today's time we have lots of choices. And with the internet growing on a daily basis, it provides a host of opportunities that can make a difference in one's life.

We have witnessed how names such as Neil Patel, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, have made and are still making fortunes online. In fact, ordinary folks like you and I, are 'writing' their own success stories.(Check out my post, 7 Awesome Affiliate Marketing Success stories).

The point is, you can 'build your own legacy' and 'live your dreams'.  However, it cannot be done overnight, and it requires time and some hard work, not forgetting your willpower and dedication of course.

If you're interested in wanting to build a solid, online business foundation, then I would like to invite you to check out this awesome training platform.

It's my NR.1 Recommendation and it helped me to build my own dream. Perhaps it can help you too.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Easy Retired Millionaire review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

All the best. Wish You Achieve All Your Dreams!

Kind Regards and Take Care



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