EasyCash4Ads Review: Is Easy Cash 4 Ads a Pyramid Scheme? Read This Now!

Hi there and welcome to my EasyCash4Ads review. The main sales video page makes a claim that close to 67% of people signed up with EasyCash4Ads.com after having watched their video.

Is it really that easy to make money with this system? I decided to check what is under the hood.I would like to share my findings with you.

At the end of the day, you are looking for legit way to make money online, right? Is EasyCash4ads a scam or is it the right opportunity for you?

Allow me to reveal the inner workings and let me help make the decision easier for you.

Ready? Great!

Let's get started.


WEBSITE: www.EasyCash4Ads.com

COST: $19(and lots of your time!!!)

OWNER: Unknown

WHAT IS ABOUT: An opportunity that is built on recruiting members, and earning via a '2 up model' system. As a member, you have access to Ads, which you can utilize to promote your own product or service.




Many Easy Cash 4 Ads reviews, have coined this business as a 'gifting scheme.'

In moment, you will see why they called it so, when I talk about their compensation plan.

In my opinion Easy Cash 4 Ads is basically a 'numbers' game.The more folks you can get to join you, the more money you will make.

So, the lifeline of this business, is to master traffic. They supply you with some tools.

easycash4ads review inside the members area

In the member's area, they talk about some of their most successful members utilizing tools such as solo ad's and traffic exchange networks. 


There are a couple of tools that they give to you. They include, a

  • Custom affiliate links
  • Capture pages
  • Follow up e-mail system
  • PDF flyers(for offline marketing)
  • Splash pages(to use on traffic exchange networks)
  • E-mail swipes

Essentially these tools, are to help you to gain more referrals or sign ups to the EasyCash4Ads business.

For instance, you can utilize one of their capture page templates and promote it on Solo Ad networks.

What are the tools that you get when you buy easycash4ads? capture pages


Apart from these tools, are you buying any specific product or service?

To join the EasyCash4Ads system, you will have to pay the once-off membership fee of $19.

As a paying member, one of the 'perks' is that you get Ad Space.(This is the only product or service that I am aware of.)

Your ad will be shown for a period of 45 seconds to the people whom you directly signed up.

Should you have an additional business, then maybe having this 'ad service' might help you. 

From my understanding, it means that only the person whom you directly sponsor can view your ads which means that it will receive limited exposure. 

Does that make much sense to you?

As for the tools, I think that if one is experienced with using Solo Ads and traffic exchanges, it might work. However, if one is starting off, then it may be an added expense that can eat into one's budget. 

Just my 2 cents here!

So, how do you make money with EasyCash4Ads? Let's talk about the compensation plan.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


They have a 'pass-up 2' model incorporated into their compensation plan.

Here is how it works.

 When you pay your once off $19, the $9 goes to the owners of the platform, and the $10 goes to your sponsor's sponsor.

Let's say that you enroll two people.These two people's monies passes up to the owners and your sponsor.

$18, goes to the owners($9 from each of your first two referrals) and $20 goes to your sponsor($10 from each of your first two referrals

When do you start earning? From your third referral onwards. The third person who signs up now has to get two referrals to qualify. These two referral's payment will come to you.

Then the two new referrals who signed up under your qualifying referral, has to make two sales.When they make these sales, the money comes to you. And the cycle repeats itself.

how does the easycash4ads compensation plan works

And this is the reason as to why, they claim that one 'earns $10 non-stop!'

Sounds exciting doesn't it?

Is there a catch here? Can it really be that easy?

Before I reveal my verdict, let me chat to you about their upsells.


There are two upsells.

Just like the entry price for EasyCash4Ads, their costs will not necessarily 'break the bank.'

However, do not be fooled by these price tags, as its the 'content of the package' that matters.

Both of these programs in theory will only deliver if you can get your existing downline to buy into, and in turn promote them as well.

Why easycash4ads is a scam with crazy upsells

For instance, the first program called FunMouse, costs a once off fee of $23 and pays out on 7 levels.For every two people you sign up, you will receive $500, when all 7 levels are filled.

easy cash 4 ads upsell and global domains international

The second program is called Global Domains International or GDI. It costs $10 per month and pays out on 5 levels on a monthly basis.You earn $1 per customer per month.

By the way, should you decide to bypass these upsells or programs and should members within your existing downline and their referrals buy them, you will forfeit any earnings.

Do these 'forfeited' commissions go to the next qualifying sponsor or the owner? Your guess is as good as mine.

Does it sound like its only recruiting going on here and nothing else? 

Is Easy Cash 4 Ads a pyramid scheme? It's time for the verdict.


Its seems fairly simple to make money with EasyCash4Ads. All you got to do, is pay 19 bucks, then get three referrals.

You start earning from your third referral and onwards. Then to grow your downline, use the tools like the links, landing pages, etc, and post all over social media.

Easy right?

There is a bigger picture to this situation.

The fact is that you are going to be investing your time and effort to further the growth of EasyCash4ads. The owner gets 9 bucks for every single person.And they pay members from the balance. In other words, should members stop joining, the business cease operation.

Is it worth your investment?

What about the leads you bring in? They are on the EasyCash4Ads database. That means, that even if they shut down, they can still cross promote.You will have to start all over from square one.

And lastly, the fact that all three programs, EasyCash4ads and the two upsells, are concentrated on recruiting, and not product driven,may not sit nicely with certain countries. The model can be understood to be a 'pyramid' thing going on.

Bottom Line: I personally would not recommend EasyCash4Ads.


I must confess, there were times when I wanted to make a quick buck online. And sometimes, I did get it right. However, it was not long lasting and I was back to square one.

I learned that there is no substitute for hard work. Especially, if you intend to build a solid business. The good news is that if you have the right training platform, with the best tools and support coupled with your dedication and persistence, you can have a very good passive income business of your own.

If you are serious about wanting to start your own online legacy, then I invite you to check out my NR.1 Recommendation. Simply click on the link below, and I will tell you more.

Thanks so much for joining me on this EasyCash4Ads review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Should you have any questions or comments, please click on the link below.I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.

Kind Regards and Take Care


2 thoughts on “EasyCash4Ads Review: Is Easy Cash 4 Ads a Pyramid Scheme? Read This Now!”

  1. I have seen and considered SoManyHits and EasyCash4ads. What I would really like to know is…
    What payment processors do both of them use?
    I understand both seem to be a ‘numbers game’ of getting others to join through my links. Then keep working a promotional system to KEEP money flowing in.
    Costs are low enough to keep my attention, both having been online for quite some time now. I always keep a cache of money in case I get off the fence of Maybe. That way if I loose or don’t earn my original expense back, then I not financially hurt.

    Where attention goes, energy flows, and results show!
    🙂 –MsBarb

    • I think that is a good strategy, to keep a back-up plan of money reserves, for those crazy days. Honestly speaking I am not so sure what payment processors Easy4Cash are using. I will try to find out.


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