How To Start An Online Party Supply Business Without The Heavy Overheads!

Would you like to learn how to start an online party supply business without the usual hefty expenses? Today I am going to show you a very affordable way of how you can get started.

And it will cover all of your major expenses, such as training, support, hosting, tools, and so much more...

If you want you can even build an online business that does not have to necessarily be limited to just serving your local area. It can have a worldwide audience and can work for you around the clock. 


But I am getting ahead of myself here.

Before I go further and show you the proven simple 4-step process to building your own online party supply business, I need to warn you about something.

This is not a get-rich-quick method of making money online.You are going to be building a business that is going to have a very solid foundation.

If you are prepared to invest the time, and effort to building something that will reward with passive income potential, then this article is meant for you.

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To answer the above question, I want you to consider the scenario below.

Let's say that you just watched a great movie, or dined at a restaurant(and found the food to be great), or you just completed reading a compelling book.

Now you recommended this restaurant, or book, or movie to a friend or family member. Wouldn't it be great if someone were to pay you should your friend or family member buys the book, or watches the movie or even dines at that restaurant?

Guess what, in the online world it works like that!

You can get paid for referring a product or service. They call this business model-affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

In simple terms you are an affiliate for the merchant or vendor(someone who owns the product or service). When a customer buys from you via your website using the affiliate link, you get paid by the merchant.

In essence, you are the middle man bringing the customer and seller together. Your handsome commission is your reward for this successful transaction.

Now you can see why you can have an online party supply business without needing to buy any stock at all for your website.

In fact, the 4-step process that I am going to teach you can be used for ANY niche.

So, if you have another hobby or interest besides party supplies, then you can have another online business. Once you know the formula to build one business, the sky is literally the limit. 

You can open doors of opportunity for yourself.

Does this sound exciting to you? Great!

Now let's take a look at the four-step process, shall we?


This 4-step process outlined below is what you need to follow to become a successful affiliate marketer. This is irrespective of what niche you decide to follow.

How does affiliate marketing work

STEP ONE : Choose Your Niche

STEP TWO : Build Your Website

STEP THREE: Attract Visitors

STEP FOUR : Earn Revenue

Let me explain these steps to you in a bit more detail.

Step One - Choosing Your Niche

You already passed this step with flying colors. Your niche is, of course, party supplies.

But you know what, you do not have to go as broad. You can narrow down your niche, Your website can focus on : 

  • Graduation Parties
  • Wedding Parties
  • Kids Parties
  • Christmas Parties
  • Office Parties
  • Teens Parties
  • Garden Parties
  • Balls
  • Banquets
  • Cocktail Parties

And remember that within each and every one of these niches, you got sub-niches or topics that you can talk about such as :

  • Caterers
  • Decorations and Balloons
  • Entertainment
  • Tableware
  • Toys, Candy
  • Tableware
  • Gifts

You can focus on just some of these or all of them, it's up to you. 

Step Two - Building Your Website

If you are brand new to the online world, then this is one of the exciting things.

You are going to be buying your own domain name. This is the property upon which your online legacy will be built.

It will be your online asset.

The cool part is that it takes a few minutes to own your first piece of the internet share.

Take a look at the video below and see how I did it with the help of the awesome online teaching platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you have the website framework all sorted, then you will be taught on how to build the site. You will be shown on how to build important pages such as, the about me page, the getting started page, privacy page and so forth.

Then comes step 3.

Step Three- Attract Visitors to Your Site

This is process that I like to call "learning the Google language."

Your site will not make you heaps of cash immediately. It's a process and you will need to win Google's love and the love of the other major search engines.

In order to get ranked onto the first page of these search engines, you will need to learn a strategy known as SEO.

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of learning how to get your website content to be favored on Google and out win your competition for the top spot.

The main idea is to write quality, engaging, and helpful content. And the key is to do it on a consistent basis.

What can you write about?

I will give you a head start. You can focus on :

  • Product reviews
  • 'How to's' blog articles like--- how to decorate a party or a birthday cake
  • Make list posts like ---the top 10 best gifts ideas for 40th birthday, 

Initially, it might be a challenge, but once you get the hang of it, it's simply a matter of "rinse and repeat."

I started by knowing nothing about online business. See my story here.

Step Four - Earning Revenue

The final step. The best part. Your site is gaining authority. You are adding helpful and valuable content. You got good rankings. You are getting people to your site.

All that is left, is for your visitor to click on your affiliate link.

Upon a successful transaction, you get a handsome commission.

That is how you make money with your online party supply site.


More and more people are turning to online shopping. There are more than 3.5 billion people shopping daily on the internet.

3 Billion Searches a day on the internet

It can be for groceries, electronics, garden supplies, household items, clothing, cars, and yes, party supplies too.

And if you do not believe me just type in "party supplies  + affiliate programs" and you will see how many party sites offer affiliate programs

How to find party supplies affiliate programs

Here are just some of them :

  • For Your Party.
  • Party City.
  • Wholesale Party Supplies.
  • Private Island Party.
  • Evite.
  • Beau-coup.
  • The Party Works.
  • Windy City Novelties.

Each one of these sites will pay you for directing a customer to purchase from them, even if it's a balloon.

All you need to do is a bit of homework and check out their commission structure. Some affiliate programs offer more commissions than offers. 

NOTE: There are no limits as to how many affiliate programs you can join. Also, please be aware that most affiliate programs are FREE to join. They should not charge you a fee to promote their products or services.

At the end of the day, you are not a competitor for these sites but rather an ally. You supply them with a customer, they get a sale, you earn a commission.

Everybody wins!

Now, let's help you get started with your party business.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


Starting an online business is exciting, but can also be a bit scary. How much does it actually cost you to start with your own online business?

By using the four-step process to build your online party business, you would not incur hefty overheads. 

If you were to start an offline or a traditional party supply business, you would have to make provision for the following expenses :

  • purchase of party inventory
  • fitting and fixtures for your physical store
  • salaries
  • rental expenses

Transitioning to the online world makes it so much easier and different.

What you will eventually have to purchase is a domain name.The cost is around $13- $16. You will have to renew it on a  yearly basis.

Your other major online expense would be the cost of your training, support, and website hosting.

But here is the really fantastic news. The training, the tools, the back-up of your website, and website hosting and security is all under one roof. It's at the teaching platform that I am using called Wealthy Affiliate.

The most outstanding feature of this teaching platform is their one-of-a kind community.

From the moment you sign-up, they are there to support you every single step of the way. With over 2 million members, this WA community will not leave you feeling alone as you undertake your online journey.

And the price?

With all these benefits and features, it will work out to under a dollar a day!

Much cheaper than going the normal brick and mortar route right?

Take a sneak peek at what the course modules are like at WA. Check out the proof that it's worked for me and many others. See how this can benefit you and make you an online success. Learn more about WA here.

Thanks so much for joining me today.

I hope that it has offered you a clearer picture on how to get started with your own online party supplies business.

If you have any questions at all, just leave them below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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  1. Hello there, this is an excellent idea me I have been really keeping on leaning but I just want ti to be careful not to get scammed again me I’m happy that I have come across this article in the end.  You have really down well by sharing this article and I hope to come back for more information 

  2. Hello there, this is an excellent idea me I have been really keeping on leaning but I just want ti to be careful not to get scammed again me I’m happy that I have come across this article in the end.  You have really down well by sharing this article and I hope to come back for more information 

  3. This is quite an interesting one here. But it kind of seem good to me being able to actually do something like this that would deal with large supplies and not necessarily having anything to supply to anyone. All we do is just serve as gateway to enable access to the supplies. Surely this is really great to see here. Thanks for this post


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