Is Octosuite a Scam? No, But things May Not Run as Smooth as You Think.

Overview of Octosuite

Octosuite by Luke Maguire. a tool that is capable of performing”complete management, mass automation, and engagement that will send your fan pages and groups viral without ever having to post an update again.”

Does Octosuite really work as they say it does? Is Octosuite a scam?

No, it isn’t but recent developments and changes within Facebook’s algorithm have made things challenging for the technical folks at Octosuite.

I will show you how these changes affect you as an end user and you can then make up your mind whether or not it’s a fit option for your marketing needs.

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Octosuite -At a Glance

NAME OF PRODUCT: Octosuite Ocean Edition


PRICE: $47 once off

SUPPORT: 8.5  out of 10


TRAINING AND TOOLS: 3.5 out of 5

OVERALL VERDICT: 5.0 out of 10

How Much does the Octosuite Membership cost?

There are three membership options available.

The membership options of Octosuite

There is the,

  • Octosuite Lite Edition $27/Year
  • Octosuite Ocean Edition $47 (One Time Fee)
  • Octosuite Basic Edition $37/Year

I decided to go for the $47 package, the Octosuite Ocean Edition.

What got me all excited about this option, is the fact that it is a lifetime membership and I would not have to pay anything extra again, ever!

Prior to using Octosuite, I signed up for another auto poster. Their price was $ 9 for the basic plan, payable on a monthly basis.That would mean that if I wanted their complete ‘suite’ I would be looking at paying much more.

So, considering what Octosuite offered, it certainly looked like I would be bagging the bargain of the century.

What is offered in the Octosuite Ocean Edition Package?

Let me show you EXACTLY what you get-An overview of the octosuite features

You get access to the following,

  • Facebook Page Finder
  • Facebook Discover
  • Twitter Trends
  • YouTube Trends
  • YouTube Search
  • Royalty Free Images
  • Reddit Feature

What exactly are these features all about and how do they work?

First up, the Facebook Page Finder

The Octosuite Facebook Page Finder

This feature allows you to find popular fan pages around a chosen interest. Let’s say that you want to search for fan pages around the ‘baseball sport’ for instance. All you simply do is type in the term ‘baseball,’ and this is the result you would get.

Octosuite facebook fan page finder


You will notice at the bottom, there are three tabs,‘DISCOVER CONTENT, VISIT PAGE and ANALYZE AUDIENCE.”

The VISIT PAGE is self-explanatory.

The ANALYZE AUDIENCE would give one a breakdown of which countries are viewing the page the most.

Octosuite analyse audience

The DISCOVER CONTENT shows content such as pictures or videos that are contained within that particular fan page.

Here you are able to, watch the VIDEO, EDIT, DOWNLOAD, POST, AND SHARE.

However, this feature does not work as smoothly as I had imagined and I will discuss the shortcomings later on.

Twitter Trends

This functionality makes it easy for you to see what is trending worldwide or as per location.


Allows you the option of checking out the latest videos that are trending this channel.

You can break down your search by country if you like.

What is the purpose of the functionality, you may ask?

To keep yourself up to date and post the latest viral content so that your target audience can see that you are ‘jacked up’ with what is going around.

You Tube Search

This functionality allows you to perform a search by topic of interest and to see which videos are being watched most frequently.

What is NOT included in the Octosuite Ocean Edition?

You DO NOT get access to the following,

  • SYNDICATION ACCOUNTS– allows you to syndicate content to Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • IMAGE EDITOR– allows you to customize images, before posting to your groups or Fan Pages,
  • COMMERCIAL PLR Rights– You can create 10 accounts to give to your clients.

What is not included in the octosuite ocean edition

You will need to purchase additional licenses to unlock these features.

What is the main purpose of an auto poster?

To save you time, right? So, the big question here is, “does using Octosuite save you time?”

As I have mentioned earlier on, there are a couple of hiccups when it comes to using this software.

Let me show you how the main function of auto-posting works.

How Does Octosuite work?

To do your auto-posting, you would want to head over to the POST section which looks like this.

How to post to Octosuite

How does Octosuite work


After you have written out your AD Copy (on whatever you want to talk about) you can end it off with a link. Then the final step would be to add an image or video and your post is all set and ready to go!

Pretty easy! so far!

Now you select the groups that you would want to post to. Then schedule the time interval delay that you want to apply when posting them. I usually select 2 minutes.

You don’t want to go posting like crazy, and then Facebook ‘flags’ you for spamming, or worse, ban your account!

I find that by setting up for 2minutes, it is fine and is well under the radar.

So, where is the problem?

After you are all set and ready to post and you click on the post button, this is the reply that you get from Octosuite.Why does octosuite refuse to post

Now, this has not always been the problem. Apparently, the support from OCTOSUITE tells me that since FB had updated their algorithms,  you are unable to ‘directly,’ post images to your groups.

So, what do you do? There are two options.

Option One – Post without any images- that would really suck. Imagine you’ve got a killer ad and no picture. Besides, having an image will boost your post dramatically!


Option Two – Use the bypass option as suggested by Octosuite.

What is this bypass alternative?

To post your image to your FAN PAGES first, and then use Octosuite to share it to your intended groups and the problem is sorted.

This requires for you to perform additional steps. Firstly, this would mean that you would need a FAN page set up. And secondly, you need to send your images to them first.

Anyway, after sorting out your Fan page and having a post or two ready, it’s time to finally put Octosuite into action.

This is when problem number two comes up. After going through all these steps, I found that my post had NOT been sent to my groups.

I kept on refreshing(probably around 10 times and no-where could I see my post.)

What does support have to say about all of this?

The Support at Octosuite- They are First Class

From day one, I needed support urgently and they had come to my rescue.

You see when I first bought the ‘once-off,’ license, I made the big mistake of registering my Pay-Pal email address with Octosuite.

The email address that I needed to register with, was the one that I had my Facebook account with.

In a state of panic, thinking that I would have to spend an additional 47bucks, I contacted support, holding thumbs that it would get sorted out.

Low and behold, not even 24 hours had gone by, and this is the reply that I had received.

How good is the Octosuite support?

To my surprise, Octosuite sent me a brand new license key without me having to pay more.

As for ‘the group posting to fan pages issue‘, they say that they are working on it, and hope to get it sorted out.

Here is some feedback from Luke Maguire on the Octosuite VIP Facebook Group

The Octosuite VIP Group

Let me highlight the main points of this software before going on to my verdict.

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  • No need to download software- everything is online
  • Once off license fee(with the ocean edition)
  • Good Support
  • Training videos to guide you


  • Software does not run as smooth
  • Certain upsells(optional)
  • No Trial
  • Only works on PC and not MAC

My Final Verdict of Octosuite

Is Octosuite a scam? The truth of the matter is, that there was a time when I had just joined when Octosuite worked fantastically.

Posting to groups was a pleasure and I got good results. So, in all fairness, I do not think that Octosuite is a scam.

However, as we speak, I cannot say that it has remained the same. Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming the guys at Octosuite. They say that they are working on finding a way through this and I guess we need to be patient.

But until then, where does it leave you?

Well, at this point in time I have resorted to posting all my ads manually onto Facebook. I know what you’re saying, that ‘it takes time,’ But, if you set aside time, like an hour or so, you will be amazed at how many groups you can post to, using 2-minute intervals.

Is there any other Facebook auto poster out there that you could use? Well, I am trialing one out at the moment, should it live up to expectations, you will be the first to know.

So, do check up on this space from time to time.

If you are still interested in checking Octosuite out then click the link below to take you directly to the sales pages. Who knows, by the time you have read this, things may have changed and all is back to normal.



Have you tried an auto poster in your business marketing before? What was your experience like?

Would you give an auto poster a try?

Would love to hear from you.

If you have found this article helpful please share it with your family and friends on your favorite social media platform

Thanks so for much for your time.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Kind Regards and Take Care



16 thoughts on “Is Octosuite a Scam? No, But things May Not Run as Smooth as You Think.”

  1. I’ve heard about Octosuite a while ago, but I was skeptical of trying it out. Your review is very informative and I think it’s offered at such a fair price. I really want to try it out! Unfortunately, I work on a Mac everyday so I won’t be able to utilize Octosuite until I get my hands on a PC.

  2. Hello Roopesh!

    I just read your article “Is Octosuite a Scam? No, But things May Not Run as Smooth as You Think”. This is really great article with a load of information!

    I had never heard of this program, but now I know to just pass right by as this is not what i am looking for.

    thanks for a great post, and for saving my time!


  3. I came across Octoxuite from one of the ads and thought that I could easily make money from them as they suggested in their ads. However, now I see that it is not only difficult but impossible to make money since it is just not going to work. Most of the people have ad blockers and the money you get from ads is really less.

    • Hi  there

      You are absolutely correct that when it comes to making money from ads, the profit can be very small when you are just starting out. Once you start getting bigger numbers, in terms of traffic, then you may be able to yield higher returns.

      As for making money by using Octosuite, that can be challenging at the moment. If you are interested in making money online, then why notcheck out my Nr1 Recommendation Here.

      Thanks for stopping by



  4. Your review has been very helpful in assisting me with making a decision as to rather to join Octosuite or not. It appears to have a ton of wonderful features that I could use. Is the service now running smoothly despite the facebook algorithm changes? It’s also great to know that they have a wonderful support system in place!

    • Hi Maria

      Glad that this article had helped you out. 

      As we speak, there are still are a couple of hiccups with Octosuite.

      I am hoping that things will run smoothly soon.

      Take Care


  5. Hi, is the feature of posting to multiple owned Facebook pages work? How does it works if the feature is working fine? Any limitation? Thanks.

    • Hi Martin
      You can post to multiple owned Facebook Fan Pages that you own.

      If you want the feature whereby you want a post to go directly to all the ‘groups’ that you are a member of that DOES Not work. You have to first post your image to fan pages and then share content to your groups.

      However, from my experience, I find that even after having done it this way, it still does not get posted 100% the way that I wanted it to be.

      I hope this helps you out.

  6. Your thoughts on Octosuite are very interesting. I have been looking for a solution to allow me to automate my Social Media postings and have considered Octosuite. Instead I opted for a product called Social Rabbit whic was being promoted by the suppliers if the Alidropship plugin that I use on my dropshipping website.
    I have spent hours trying to get Social Rabbit to work correctly without success and have encountered problems very similar to those that you have experienced with Octosuite.
    Social Rabbit is supposed to work with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. The only section I got to work properly was the posting to Twitter. I have been unable to get the Facebook Poster to work at all. Since using the plugin I am no longer able to access my Instagram Account at all.
    I am currently using a product called Social Poster for posting to Facebook which does appear to work quite well (although I have not been using it for very long). It does have one benefit in so much as it allows you to use spintax in order to keep all of your posts unique.
    For posting to Pinterest and Twitter I am using Buffer to schedule my posts and will revert to posting manually to Instagram (assuming of course that I can get my account reinstated).
    I suppose it is reasonable to expect some problems with any autoposter as all of the social networks want you to post manually and do all they can to discourage automated posting and you run the risk of having your accounts closed down if you do not adhere to their relevant terms and conditions.

    • Hi George
      Hope you are well?
      Yes, I have heard of Social Rabbit, but did not get the chance to use it.I agree with you that as we speak, no Social Media autoposter works without having their fair share of hiccups.

      I resort to putting some time aside, to manually post, when my autoposter ‘goes into hibernation.’

      By the way, I hope that your Instagram gets reinstated as well.
      Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. Very good information thanks! I would like to know whether the number of accounts is somewhat limited and what are the costs for additional accounts. If I am running my own fanpages, does it allow to post under my fanpage ID or do I always post under my account ID. Does account mean in Octosute my personal account so that I can use e.g. 10 fanpage I own, to feed via octosuite?


    • Hi there
      Your initial membership is limited to only one Facebook account. So, make sure that when you sign up, you use the e-mail address for the one you using for your Facebook.
      As far as additional account, you can syndicate content to Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIN. However, this is an additional $37.

      I always have the problem of having my post getting posted under my account rather than my FanPage ID.
      Hope that this helps.


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