Is The Lexington Code a Scam? See What It’s About Before Signing Up!

Overview of the Lexington Code

CEO, Michael Lexington, opens his sales video in the first few minutes holding some documentation that he claims is proof of the ultimate trading software. A software that would get you to earn from $500 to $5000 a day!

This software, according to Michael, is in the final stages before its launch to the public and if you act immediately, you will be one of 25 lucky beta testers that would be granted full access.

And the best part is that you get the Lexington App for FREE! Is this for Real?

How exactly does this trading system work? More importantly, is it a legitimate business opportunity or is the Lexington Code a scam?

My review will help you answer these questions and make it easier for you to decide whether or not to sign up.

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  • Software is FREE


  • No Trial
  • Misleading Advertising
  • No Training or Tutorials on what to do

Who Exactly is Michael Lexington?

Well, apart from seeing him in the videos, there is not much evidence to verify his identity elsewhere.

Who is Michael lexington


I scouted across all of the major social media platforms and could not find any trace of him. This sent some alarm bells off in my head. My first thoughts were, ‘If I do not know with whom I am doing business with, how can I trust them with my MONEY?

This makes one wonder. ‘Is Michael Lexington for REAL, or is he just an ACTOR?”

Let me show you how the software actually works.

How does the Lexington Code work?

It’s kind of confusing at first, as on the home page of the site, you are made aware that the software is FREE…..

Get the Lexington App for Free Later on, however, within the sales video, Mr. Lexington states that after all spots for the beta tester are filled and ‘things go according to plan, ‘ he would have to resort to selling the software for $3500 to the general public.

The point that I am trying to make here, is that this could very well be a ploy to get folks to sign up and take action. In other words, to work on one’s emotions and make them feel like they would be missing out if they do not do anything. More about these red flags later on.

Getting back to what “The Lexington Code System” is all about.

It is a Binary Option Robot that does binary options trading for you and gives you back a return on your investment. The software is advertised to make trades on both ‘automatic’ and ‘manual’ functionality.

Mr. Lexington and his team claim that this particular software is capable of throwing out a 100% return every time!

I find this very hard to believe, as even the most ‘legit’ binary option robot would go as far as declaring an 80% success rate.

The other point that I want to make is that binary option trading is in my opinion, not as ‘simple and easy’ of a way of making money online.

How a call or put option works?

It involves you putting your money up against a commodity or stock. You then need to DECIDE whether the price of that asset would go up(CALL) or the price would go down(PUT).

You would gain a return only upon ‘ a SUCCESSFUL prediction of that stock, within a specified timeframe.’

As you can see, this can become risky trading and you need to know what you are doing or you could end up losing money  REALLY fast.

A while back I wrote a review of a legit software that allows you to do paper trading, that means you can use virtual money and see how binary option trading works. Try it out and see it for yourself. See how to trade binary option without risking nothing at all.


I decided to sign up and see what things would be like from the inside.

The one thing that I was disappointed about, was the fact that there were no video walkthroughs or tutorials, to show you how to get started. What you would notice though, is the bubble of so-called ‘successful trades’, that keeps on changing from time to time.

It looks like this:

How does the Lexington Code work?


The idea behind these mini-testimonials is to get you all excited, to take the final step. The step that would lure you into the real ‘modus-operandi’ of the Lexington Code.

Where is the catch?

Upon sign-up, the video keeps on harping on you to make a deposit of a $250 activation fee into a brokerage account that is assigned to you.

What is the story of this activation fee?

Why must you pay, if you don’t even get to test drive the system and see if it really works? Would you buy a car without test driving it first? No, of course not!

This is typical of those binary option trading robots that claim you will make it big.

The truth is, this system is not about making you money but rather trying to get money out from you.

This is what the broker’s job is all about. Once that first deposit goes through, they will be calling you and hounding you for more deposits.

I tested it out for myself.

When they first called me up to congratulate me into the system, they were ‘kind and friendly’ and you would mistake them for being your new best friend.

However, the second I told them that I would only be able to do a deposit at the end of the month, as I was strapped for cash, they put the phone down on me and ‘never called me up again!’

So you see, the more you deposit, the more they make. That is what the Lexington Code is all about. On many occasions, you would find that the broker that is assigned to you, would be unlicensed. This is something else that you need to watch out for as well.

Does it sound like a legitimate business system to you?

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Red Flags of the Lexington Code

Red Flag Nr 1: Counter Resets Itself

Using a counter system or limited spots strategy is not unheard of in new business or product launches.

In fact, there are some legitimate brands out there that employ this tactic, where they have an offer or promotion that is valid within ‘a limited window period’ only.

But what happens if you refresh your browser or revisit the same official page later, and find that the counter restarts or resets from the top! You need to question the possibility that perhaps, there is no such thing as, ‘limited spots or limited availability.’

The first red flag of the lexington code

Try it yourself, refresh your browser and revisit the page and see what happens….

Red Flag Nr 2: Fake Testimonials

Here is the first example of a Mr David Webber from Germany. Second Red Flag of the lexington code

On investigation, it turns out that his image was used elsewhere online. Here, he is a Mr. Dennis from Netherlands.Second Red Flag of The Lexington Code

Let me show you another example.

We have a Floris Koning from Amsterdam. Second Red Flag of Lexington Code-Fake Testimonial

It turns out that she also goes by the name of Sophia and she is from Canada.

Fake Testimonial of the lexington Code

Which one is believable? Are any of them to be trusted? Your guess is as good as mine.

My Final Verdict of The Lexington Code

The final verdict on the Lexington Code, is the lexington code a scam?

This is how much they claim you can make in a month. Is it really possible?

Firstly, no-one is here to guide you and show you anything about how the system works. It’s all just success stories that you hear about. And as I have shown you above, none of them are believable.

Furthermore, the only way to see how things would work is to put down money and that too is not small change. There are no guarantees, that you will ever see that money again, should things not work out!

Is the Lexington Code a scam? Well, it is something that I personally would not sign up to.

The one thing that I do agree with Michael, or whoever he is, is something that he had mentioned earlier on- “the key to financial wealth is by building sustainable and long lasting wealth.”

And by that, he means the building of an asset. Of making sure that you can invest in something now, that would generate returns for years to come. In other words, start by building a passive income stream.

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Building an Online Business is Not Rocket Science

One of the best ways to start doing this, is by investing in knowledge on a business system that is capable of giving you a passive income. However, knowledge is not enough! You would also need to take action.

With the internet, there is an amazing amount of opportunities available, that make it easier for ‘ordinary people’ to realize their dreams by starting to build an online business. This allows folks to eventually leave their day job altogether and make lucrative incomes in their own time.

I am witness to this and have had the privilege of working from home as well. I started an online business about 3 years ago and it is the best move that I have made.

I joined a powerful business platform that combined both ingredients, knowledge, and training. They showed me what action I needed to take, every step of the way.

It’s a platform that is:

  • Perfect for the beginner,
  • Has top notch support and training,
  • Has an awesome community to help you along the way.

If you’re interested in starting something, part-time or full time, I highly recommend that you check it out.

It’s FREE TO JOIN, so you can take the trial and see exactly what the system is all about before committing.





Thanks for joining me today on this review of ‘The Lexington Code.’ I hope that it has helped you out.

Have you had experience with binary option trading? What was it like? Would you give it a go in the future?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Once again, it was great to have your company and please share this article with family or friends, whom you think it will be of benefit to.

Kind Regards and Take Care


4 thoughts on “Is The Lexington Code a Scam? See What It’s About Before Signing Up!”

  1. Interesting article. Im always skeptical of those claiming they can help you make money online especially when they put a dollar amount in there as if to say “its at least this much” – it gives off that scam vibe like theres actually away to make money without working for it. This was a good insight into lexington code however. Thanks.

  2. Hi Roopesh
    Another site about Binary Options. I have read a lot about this trading idea, and it is all fictitious. There is no independent market, but a ‘manufactured one’.
    They take your money, create fictitious winning trades, and your account balance goes up. This is to entice you to put in more money. But try taking out your winnings, you won’t get any money bank. The brokers aren’t licensed, and they all offer the same marketing material.
    I have read many sorry stories, about these binary options.
    Thanks for exposing another one, there is probably no legitimate binary options at all.

    • Thanks so much for your comment.Its sounds like you have been burned pretty bad with these kind of opportunities.

      Thanks once again for stopping by.




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