Is ASEA a Scam or Not, Should you Sign up as an Associate?

Overview Of ASEA Global

ASEA Global, a company that launched into the MLM industry back in 2010.

What got me to writing this ASEA review, is the fact that the company has an interesting product line.The patented products have been getting a lot of attention recently, and I wanted to see what the story is all about.

At the same time, I am going to talk a little about the business structure as well. Should you sign up with ASEA? Is ASEA a scam or not?

Stick with me for the next 6minutes, and you will know if ASEA is a viable business option for you.

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What is so Special about the ASEA Products?

Apparently, they contain redox signaling molecules.

What is redox signaling all about?

It’s a fact that the cells within our bodies get damaged on a daily basis. Things such as,

  • Sunlight,
  • Stress,
  • Exercise and
  • Disease can cause the cellular damage or oxidative stress.

Our bodies have the intrinsic ability to heal itself with our very own redox signaling molecules.

However, as times goes by, and we age, our bodies tend to lose the cell signaling ability ( which repairs and replaces cells).

This is where ASEA claims, it can fill in the gap, By producing their own consumable product that is capable of performing this task.

What is the REDOX supplement?

This is ASEA’s patented product, that they advertise is capable of delivering redox molecules into our bodies.

They state, that the product was made by altering the molecular structure of water and consists of 190 milligrams of chloride and 123 milligrams of sodium. In other words, salt water.

It’s not just any salt water, this is what ASEA had to say about their product

ASEA Product info on water

What is the price of the ASEA products?

The ASEA Redox supplement comes in three different price variations.ASEA Redox Supplement

1. 2 Bottles –   RETAIL PRICE: $ 75 

                          PREFERRED CUSTOMER: $65 

2. 1 case (4 Bottles)-   RETAIL PRICE: $150

                                         PREFERRED CUSTOMER: $120

3. An athletic case –  RETAIL PRICE: $160(16 sachets)

                                     PREFERRED CUSTOMER: $130

ASEA recommends that you use the redox supplement for a month.This would cost you around $300.

There are other products that make up the ASEA range.

They are as follows:

ASEA Renu 24 

This is a topical formulation that apparently also contains the redox signaling molecules.ASEA Renu 24 gel

The company states that the product helps to;

  • Reduce eye wrinkles,
  • Improve facial texture, and
  • Increase skin elasticity and moisture.

PRICE : REGULAR RETAIL PRICE : $50 (80ml/2.7oz)


ASEA Renu Advanced Skincare System 



This is a combination of products consisting of;RENU Advanced Skincare System

  • A Gentle Refining Cleanser
  • Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer
  • Intensive Redox Serum
  • Renu 24 Revitalizing Gel

ASEA states on their website, that some of these products like the CLEANSER and BODY GEL may show some immediate benefits, whilst the others may take up to two to four weeks, to show a result.

The purpose of this system, is to cleanse, repair and replenish the skin.

Do ASEA Products really Work?

Some athletes (who are ASEA ambassadors) claimed that the ASEA recovery product and supplements had helped them in their respective sporting fields.

As for ‘ordinary ‘ folks, some claim that ASEA products are a Scam and DO NOT work. On the other hand, you get positive testimonials where people have said that it has helped for some rather serious conditions.

The official website does not make any product claims except that it’s good for one’s general ‘good health and well-being.’

As a pharmacist, I hear stories of people who swear by vitamin supplementation, copper bracelets, oxygen drops etc, whilst others say that it is pure hogwash.

I personally believe that our mind is very powerful. There’s tons of proof about this on the internet.

Having said that, if we tell ourselves and firmly believe that a medication will work, It will work. We have seen that with the placebo effect.

I am NOT suggesting that ASEA products are placebo.

This is only my take.  At the end of the day, the choice is up to you.

Let me show you the business side of things.

The Asea Compensation Plan

To become an associate, you would need to place an order for any product package. The cheapest product package is $120(30CV)

How to enroll with the ASEA Program?
Choose from these ASEA’S product packages

First things first, if you are interested in getting starting with the ASEA business, then you need to ALWAYS maintain an active status.

By this I mean, you need to have a minimum of a 100PV on a monthly basis.

The best way to do this, is to register for autoshipping of products. This means that you are okay with paying for and receiving products on a monthly basis.

You then qualify to earn via the 7 Ways that ASEA describes on their website.

How to Earn Money With ASEA?

1. RETAIL SALES-purchase products at wholesale price. Sell at retail and bag the profits.

2. PREFFERED CUSTOMER BONUS– if you get preferred customers and they order a case on auto ship, you get $25.

3.FAST START BONUS – If someone you sponsor into your business buys an enrollment product pack, you get this bonus.


4. DIRECTOR BONUS– Climb the ranks and get a one time $50 for reaching the DIRECTOR LEVEL.

5. TEAM COMMISSIONS – This is a binary compensation plan that pays you out as you build your downline.

  • You need to have a minimum of 300 GV in your team
  • You will get paid only on the volume on the lesser leg
  • You earn 10% of the volume on the lower leg

6. EXECUTIVE MOMENTUM BONUS – you earn a share of the Global Volume for a limited time as you move up the rankings.

7. CHECK MATCH – you earn check matches on people you directly sponsor as well as the people that they sponsor (indirect).

Point of Interest: There are two things that I personally did not like about the TEAM COMMISSIONS,

  1. Even though you may have built a nice downline, you would ONLY qualify, if BOTH people who are directly under you, on the right and left leg, are ACTIVE associates. This means that even if the rest of the down line is active, you WON’T GET PAID.

   2. If you, for some reason are unable to maintain your active status of 100 PV, you will forfeit        the volume built on both legs.


The main reason that you are here is that you are probably looking for a way to make money.

How to Clothes Online
If you have a great passive income system, whether you work or not, your money keeps Growing!!

Which sort of income would you prefer?

Active Income, where you have to actively work to earn, or Passive income, where the money keeps coming in after some of your hard efforts.

I am sure that you would go for the 2nd option. So, the big question is, Can ASEA give you this opportunity?

You know now how the compensation plan of ASEA works, and you can see, that the success of building the business lies within the recruiting part.This is normal and is characteristic of a typical MLM.

I personally feel that getting involved in the business side of things can be financially taxing on one.

You may say, but Roopesh, isn’t any business going to cost you money?

True, but when you’re starting out, you would want to minimize your overheads. In this case, you have to maintain 100 PV on a monthly basis.That means spending a minimum of $120 a month.

If you can sell your stock quickly, then I guess you would be okay.

The real success within this business’s lies in getting people to join your downline. If you are great at sales and marketing, then perhaps ASEA is the right business for you.

I believe, that apart from using your replicated website, you would need other ways to get interested leads to your business.


I personally have tried the MLM concept. I did not fair very well. For one, the company that I was involved with had expensive product lines. I had to maintain a constant Autoship to get the products at discounted prices.

The second thing is that I really wanted to build my downline and grow the business. At that time, there were no additional sales and marketing tools at my disposal to help me promote the business.

I am not saying that this will happen to you. It can be a reality and I want to make you aware of it.


I found my peace and passion in building an online business that does not involve recruiting.

Very simply put, you earn a commission by recommending products and services to people.

There are various advantages of this online business,

  • HUGE CUSTOMER BASE -worldwide market

I learned this through an awesome online teaching platform.

Its FREE TO JOIN, and you get access to the first 10 lessons to check things out and see if it is suitable for you or not.

So, if ASEA, does not sound too appealing to you, you’ve got another option.



Is ASEA a scam? No, I do not think that it is a scam. Should you sign up with them?

That, only you can answer. You know yourself best and you know your strengths and weaknesses.

Whatever choice you make, do not let anyone put pressure on you to join.

The best option is the one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Wish you all the best in your future success.

Kind Regards and Take Care


7 thoughts on “Is ASEA a Scam or Not, Should you Sign up as an Associate?”

  1. Hi,

    The one thing I didn’t notice you mention, maybe I missed it, was the important point about the cost to the end user of MLM products. Due to the bonus structure involved the price of the products is ALWAYS over-priced to the end consumer and for this reason I never buy products from MLM companies.
    About MLM, it is a great concept but unless you are the right type of person, or can adapt, it really is not for you unless you want to lose a few quid and suffer a lot of heartache. Just my opinion . . .


    • Hey Dean

      Thanks so much for that very important point. You are absolutely right. I have experienced it with the MLM’S that I was involved with previously that also had extremely high prices on their product lines.

      Your opinion is very valued here.

      Thanks once again.

      All the best 


  2. Thanks Roopesh, this Asea system sounds interesting, but I’m not a fan of MLM so as soon as I read that it turned me off. But something’s sound good, the products seem to be good and their little compensation plan is intriguing.

    Also thanks for giving such an unbiased view, too many people just promote the he’ll out of these kind of things, but you left the final up to the reader which is a great sign if your authenticity.

    Great work!

    • Hello Marley

      Thanks, man, appreciate the compliment.If I come across a business opportunity that DOES NOT sit well with me, I will reveal write about it in my post.

      In this case, I want folks out there to see this business but at the same time look at other options. I believe that not everyone would resonate with the MLM concept. So, why not give them an alternative and let them choose for themselves.



  3. Personally,
    I do not believe in the Asea products so I would not join the company as I would have a hard time promoting products that I do not believe in.
    I am not a fan of MLM marketing either. The most successful ones are always the ones who started out first and got a SH*** load of referrals. If I have to refer people to a company to earn some real money from the business opportunity then I am going to look the other way. If it is offered as supplemental income then fine but if it is the main way to earn, I think not.

    Thanks for your honest review of Asea. I am in affiliate marketing but I am looking for some products to promote on my heath and Wellness Website. That is the only use a MLM company has to my affiliate business and I only join the ones with little or no start up cost and I prefer companies with a wide variety of products to review on my Websites.

    • Thanks Crystal

      I respect your opinion fully. One should NOT join any company if they do not believe in the products they are going to sell or promote. At the end of the day, it should be about talking about something that you love or passionate about.

      In that way, the customer will see that you are sincere in your actions and you will most likely stand a better chance of getting a sale.

      Great to hear that you doing affiliate marketing. Wish you tons of success in your health and wellness website.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  4. Hi Roopesh

    Thank you for this interesting article. I must admit that I’ve never heard of ASEA. However, I hate MLM! I don’t believe that you can really make any money with MLM unless you first spend your own money – many people looking for ways to make money don’t have the money to spend, to begin with.

    As you mentioned as well, often you have to retain a certain level of income so you don’t lose everything you’ve worked for. And that may mean you have to spend your own money buying products you don’t need and sometimes can’t sell quickly enough before you have to buy the next lot…a very bad idea!

    Your idea of starting an online business sounds like a much less risky idea for sure!


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