How to Start an Online Coaching Business, It’s Not out of your Reach.

Interested in starting up an online coaching business, but not sure where to begin? What about learning how to transform an online coaching business into a lucrative passive income source?

Would you like to learn how to do that?

Welcome folks, today I am going to outline to you a model on how to start an online coaching business from scratch. I will also show you how you can get your very own coaching business off the ground, hassle free and easy as A.B.C.

But more about that later on. Let’s first see if online coaching is a good idea at all or not.

Ready? Great, lets start.

Is it really worth it to become an online coach?

Let me answer this question by asking you another one..

Did you know that…

There is online coaching for:

  • making money
  • depression
  • personal fitness and health
  • meditation
  • personal development and romance
  • yoga
  • mental and sports psychology
  • divorce
  • ADD and ADHD and
  • pregnancy?

Wow! That’s quite a list, and I am willing to bet that there is online coaching for tons of other aspects that we have in our lives.

The point is, that online coaching is gaining momentum and people are taking on their services quite rapidly.

The big question here is, “Why would someone sign up in the first place for an online coaching course?”

Is there any benefit to doing an online coaching course?

Online coaching can make a difference in someone’s life because of 3 Important Reasons:

  1. People don’t feel alone

You are one-on-one with the client, taking them through the process and guiding them.This makes their journey feel less isolated knowing that someone is there to back them up.

 2.Feedback is Immediate

You can give them feedback immediately and answer their concerns which sometimes cannot be achieved if one had to simply read a book.

3.Quicker Results

It can help someone to achieve their results faster as they are constantly motivated and supported throughout the process.

How can you start your online coaching business?

To be successful in online coaching, you would need three things:

  1. A website.
  2. A passion for the field in which you choose to coach in.
  3. Observe the trends and service clients accordingly.

Lets take a look at these aspects in a little more detail.

  1. Website

If you want to take your expertise to a whole new level, then it would be wise to get your own website.

I recommend using the SiteRubix platform from Wealthy Affiliate.

How to Start an online coaching business

Why them?

They offer you:

  • TWO FREE websites when you sign up.
  • The sign up is FREE.

Once you get your website, then work out the basic framework. Next is the building of that solid foundation.

Another great part about Wealthy Affiliate is that Your Free membership entitles you to 10 Lessons, that will take you through the process of showing you how to start building your online business. This is extremely crucial especially when you are brand new to the internet.

Later on, you can decide to get your own domain name. The important thing for now is, that you have an amazing opportunity to jump start your online coaching business today. It can be quite an exciting experience.

Go ahead. Try it out. Enter the name of your website and see if it’s available and start your first free website today!



2.Show a passion for your work

If you have helped folks in your field within the offline world, then you would have realized that people have gravitated towards you because you showed them that you cared.

Bring this same mentality to the online world, and the opportunity to have a really solid and lucrative online venture will be in your hands.

Don’t think of the money, that will come.How to start an online coaching business Create high-quality content and show people that you are an authority in your field.

Write blogs about common pitfalls that people encounter. Talk about the various challenges that you have seen people go through.

Then offer them sound and useful tips or advice that can help them. In this way, it will help to build trust with your readers.

Your following will start to Grow….

As more people start visiting your website, they will get to know you and will be more inclined to take up the coaching course that you have on offer.

The great part is that since it’s all online, your business will incur much fewer overheads compared to a ‘brick and mortar’ enterprise. As your following increases, you will also get to choose whom you would like to take on as a client.

On the same note, as your demand increases for the coaching, so too will you be able to charge higher rates!

Are you starting to get excited yet!

Remember, “Your Time is Valuable to You, so Charge Your Worth.”

3. Observe the trends and charge accordingly

Within the initial phases of your online coaching business, you may want to first observe common areas that folks are struggling with and use them as coaching topics.

When you are new to the game, consider offering your services for free.

I can hear you screaming at me, but this will get you some valuable experience, and testimonials that can boost your business.

Later on, start looking at your competitor’s and then you can go ahead and start charging market-related prices.

Screen Clients- As far as possible, try to take clients that show you their willingness to do the work and see the process through. You would want to help the people that show commitment and the drive to change without making excuses.

Ready to start your Coaching business,

Get your free website here and start your online journey today.


Can I earn a Passive Income from my Online Coaching Business?

Absolutely. This is the exciting part of having a website. There are some really cool ways that you can monetize it.

Here are just two powerful ways,

  1. E-book publishing
  2. Affiliate Marketing


You can write a small e-book, covering the topic that you are coaching about.

How to start an online coaching business

The book can be around 35-45 pages long, or longer depending on the content.You can sell them on your website for $3-$5.

This is relatively inexpensive and over time the sales can accumulate to a nice figure once people start showing an interest.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a very powerful and effective way of making money online. The basic principle of affiliate marketing is that you earn a commission by referring a customer to purchase a product that belongs to someone else.

What are some good niches

⇒Learn about Affiliate Marketing here⇐

One of the main ingredients for affiliate marketing to work is that you need traffic. You need people to visit your website.

This should not be a problem when you decide to use affiliate marketing at this stage.


Because by then you would have already had people visiting your site and reading your blogs or taking up your coaching classes. All that is left for you to do, is to find quality products that are related to your niche, and to promote them on your site.

You don’t have to sell just products. There are tons of courses and programs, that you can promote. Just make sure that it’s relevant to your niche.

Don’t Stress if you don’t know much about affiliate marketing. This is where I learned it all. At the Wealthy affiliate Training Academy. They are the same guys that you can get your FREE WEBSITE from.

Read my detailed review of them right here,

⇒Wealthy Affiliate- My Experience, It is Something you Should Try⇐

Make your site an income generator

Let me show you an example of how your site can look. Let’s assume that you are into the healthy living field and want to coach people to stop binge eating.

This is what a simple framework of the site would look like.

How to start an online coaching website


As I mentioned, this is just some of the ways that you can start your own online coaching business.

The main thing is to get yourself a website and start building some content. Let the site gain an authority and you can then start marketing your services.

That is how to start an online coaching business.

Are you ready to give it a Go?

If you’re ready to take the plunge, then give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

Their training platform is perfect for newbies and the technical aspects are explained to you in easy to follow, step-by-step lessons.

You don’t have to stress about things like

  • Hosting
  • Website back-up
  • Downtime or crashes of your site

In fact, your sites (if you choose to get your own domain name), will have FREE SSL certification. This means that it is secure and it qualifies you to take credit card transactions in the future, when you are ready.

The best part is, that you can try out the FREE lessons and see if you are comfortable with it, without having to incur any financial expenses or having obligations.

Go ahead. Give it a try. It may what you are looking for.

⇒I want to sign up and test the membership for FREE⇐


Thank you for joining me today on learning how to start an online coaching business. Hope it helped you and it made things a little clearer.

Any concerns or comments, please leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you timeously.

Wishing you tons of success in your online journey.

Regards and Take Care




14 thoughts on “How to Start an Online Coaching Business, It’s Not out of your Reach.”

  1. Hi Roopesh

    I really like the idea of personal coaching as this can make a big difference in progress and productivity.
    When we work alone we often get stuck and if we don’t get an answer, we tend to give up or lose interest so
    having a community and individuals that support you is very important.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful opportunity with others and for exposing the scams.


    • Hello Kamil

      You are spot on.

      Glad you enjoyed this article.

      If there is anything that I can help with, please let me know.

      Take Care


  2. Hi, Roopesh!

    A lot of great info on your website.
    From what you wrote, there is coaching for every field of life. Do you coach online yourself?

    I’ve been thinking about coaching, but as a shy introvert, I’m a bit scared. 🙂 I think that I prefer to communicate by writing, so e-books and affiliates programmes are more appealing to me. I like the fact that you showed every step that is necessary to start coaching online.

    • Hello Adriana

      Yes, as a pharmacist I use my knowledge to help people deal with a specific health condition.

      Its absolutely normal to be shy and scared. For many folks this is a new adventure and can seem very intimidating at first.

      If you are comfortable with the writing and promoting via affiliate programmes, then stick with that. The main point is to be comfortable with what you are doing.

      The nice part about an online business, is that you can try different strategies with minimum financial overheads or stress, and see what works and what does not. Having said that, you can try out the ‘coaching’ aspect and see what it is like. No-one said that you have to stick with. Perhaps it may be something you find enjoyable. You never know until you give it a shot.

      All the best in your online business



  3. Looks like Online Coaching is one of the big trends right now on the internet, and that’s why one should take advantage of it right now. I have started an educational website recently. I wouldn’t call it an actual “coaching” website but it’s close. The point is: there’s so many people out there looking for training to improve so many different skills that each of one of us can give a contribution and become a coach. Even people who think they have nothing to offer have in reality experiences of knowledge that somebody else doesn’t have and would be happy to gain. How like how you summarised the process through which you can monetize your website. It really is that simple, all you need is the will do it!

    • I agree with you. You need the’ will’ to stick with the process and not give up.The sky will be your limit in terms of earning potential.

      All the best with your business, let me know if there is anything that I can help with.



  4. Wonderful post. Thanks a million.

    I think there must be something missing in the following sentence just before the conclusion: “Go ahead. Give it a try. It may what you are looking for.” It should be : “Go ahead. Give it a try. It may be what you are looking for.”
    I also have questions:
    What do you mean by a wbsite gaining authority? What is required for that and how long will it take for a website to gain authority? What are the benefits behind that? What does a website without authority lose?
    I will be waiting for your answers to my various concerns.
    Once more, you did a wonderful job. Congrats.

    • Hello Alberic
      Thank you very much for your comments.
      Passive income is income that you earn passively. This is a source whereby you set up an ‘income stream’ once with all the effort and hard work necessary and it earns for you on a consistent basis. Its different from active income, like a job, whereby you have to work at it regulary, to earn that income.

      Check out my post, ‘Passive Income versus Active Incomee’ if you would like to know more.
      As for your question on website authority. This simple means that over time as you keep adding content and actively engage with your audience, people will recognize your online presence and you will start to gain more attention to your site. As for how long it takes, that is hard to say.It depends on a number of factors.

      Take Care

  5. Thanks for the great information. How would you suggest someone interested in starting an online coaching career connect with potential clients? Is social media the best way to connect with most people? I see ads on Facebook all the time and from time to time I’ll click on a link but mostly I scroll right by them. So, I guess my question is what is the best way to engage potential clients?

    • Hello Wenda

      These days, people are taking to the online world, for information , help and purchasing stuff. I know that it is easier said than done, but find out where your ‘potential clients’ are spending most of their time and you can build an authority and a lucrative online business from there. Lets not forget that it would certainly take some time, remember at the end of the day, you would be building a solid online enterprise.

      For example, if you had to use Facebook, join groups pertaining to your online coahing topic and offer valuable advice and support. People will start to recognize you and start following you. from there onwards, start you online campaign.

      Hope this helps



  6. Hi Roopesh,

    As far as starting a business in online coaching indeed as you said people have made good money in such a business.

    In also promoting Wealthy Affiliate in the manner that you did Roopesh, the program provides a person interested in pursuing this endeavor the training and particularly the tools regarding website design to make this a distinct possibility.

    I would think in looking at some of the categories that you mentioned regarding coaching: depression/anxiety, (mental health), ADHD, ADD, pregnancy, alcoholism; to lend credence to the person’s business he/she would need to have some sort of validation through educational degrees that offer proof as to the individual being legit. Wouldn’t you think?

    I say this because with so many scams that pollute the Internet con artists who masquerade as mental health counselors would do more harm than good to whoever this individual would be coaching – and most likely taking some $$ from the person seeking treatment.

    You approached using all that WA has to offer through owning a business from a very unique perspective however.

    As with anything legit regarding owning any online business it does take time to build up a following. It is something that you discussed in your article.


    • That is some really brilliant topics that you have contributed to my list. They are more specific and I am sure some of my readers will get ideas from them.

      As you mentioned, building a business, whether it be online or offline certainly takes time, and not to mention some hard work. At the end of the day though, I would like to think that its worth the investment.

      Thanks for your valuable comment.




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