Ebesucher Review- Is Ebesucher legit and is it Worth your while?

When it all Started

Officially eBesucher launched back in 2002. It was only in 2011 that they converted their primary German site into English and Russian languages in order to cater for the worldwide market.

In a nutshell, eBesucher is a traffic exchange system that allows website owners an opportunity to register their site to get exposure.

In this eBesucher review, I will also show you how you can use their platform to earn money online, without having a website of your own.

Yes, that’s right! You don’t need a website. The big question here, is “is it worth your while, or not, to use eBesucher and is eBesucher legit?”

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons.

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The Pros and Cons of eBesucher


  • FREE sign-up
  • Payment is via PayPal
  • Don’t need a website to earn


  • Need fast bandwidth
  • Earning potential is not consistent.
  • ‘Assignments’ are limited
  • Need to pay for advertising

How can you earn money with eBesucher?

The heart of eBesucher is their traffic and mail exchange system. By actively participating in this system, you earn points(BTP and MTP). These points can then be exchanged for money.Only once you have made a total of 100 000 points are you then eligible for your first payment, which is 2 euros.

You can also earn points by referring family and friends to their platform. 8% (on direct referrals) and 5% (on indirect referrals).

Is it easy to use the eBesucher system?

The sign-up process was pretty straight forward. Initially, you have to confirm a few things in the settings. Things like your personal preferences are needed for the ‘surf bar‘, ‘mail exchange‘ and ‘ personal interests,’ sections.

eBesucher Review- Personal Interest sign up process


They need this information to send you relevant assignments and not material that you would not be interested in reading at all.

Now, onto the part of earning money.

My Experience with eBesucher

As I’ve mentioned earlier on, you can earn money after first earning points. The two main ways of earning points are by:

  1. Traffic Exchange, and
  2. Mail Exchange

When I clicked on the traffic exchange button, I was excited to see that the Surf bar was ‘running.’ However, my excitement was short lived as I got the following response.

eBesucher Review- Internet connection is slow

My internet connection was too slow!

What! This is crazy! Because of my limited bandwidth, I am unable to earn any points using this option.

What a bummer!

What about the mail exchange? Did that work out for me?

At the time when I tried, there were currently no e-mails to be read. So, I figured that I would just need to try it later on.

The next day, to my delight I was surprised to find an e-mail waiting for me.

eBesucher Review - New mail from mail exchange

I followed all the instructions, opened the mail and had to wait for all the images to download to qualify me to earn those valuable points.

In less than 10 seconds I was done! I had earned my first few points.

Tried the traffic exchange again 

As much as I had hoped that this feature would work on my laptop as opposed to my previous unsuccessful attempt on the iPad, I was still getting the same reply. This was a ‘door-shut’ result for me.

eBesucher Review- Slow Internet connection

My Final Opinion of eBesucher

In this eBesucher review, I promised to you that I would reveal whether this system is legit or not.

The truth is that I did not come anywhere near to earning 100 000 points. So I have not earned a single dime as yet. As you witnessed, with some challenges that I had along the way, it was a little difficult to earn points.

Added to that, I was not getting enough mail to read. Hopefully, as time goes by, it is my hope that this will change.

This does not mean that eBesucher does not work. There are folks who can testify that eBesucher does work and that they have made money from it.

ebesucher reviiew


eBesucher is legit. Unfortunately, being legit does not necessarily mean that you can earn lots of money from it.

It is my opinion that to earn a fair amount of money, you have to have your computer running for long hours and leave it to ‘automatically’ surf to earn you points.

eBesucher Review


If you reach the mark of a 100 000 points, you would get paid 2 euros. If you were just surfing and doing nothing else, then you could reach this mark in about 11 days. That’s around 1.6 points every 15 seconds. This is just a rough estimate.

For me, it is certainly not a way to earn decent money. Personally, I would rather opt to have an online business whereby I could earn higher commissions and have multiple income stream avenues.

This is what I am doing currently. It involves a little more hard work, but I believe that it is more financially rewarding. I am into the business of affiliate marketing.

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Coming back to eBesucher, there is no doubt that it is still a source of passive income. If it’s money coming in with the least amount of effort then it is still something that you may want to consider.

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Thank you for joining me today on this eBesucher Review. I hope that you enjoyed the read and that it has helped you.

Have you tried eBesucher before or have you heard of anyone who has? What has helped you so far in earning a passive income online?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Regards and Take Care






4 thoughts on “Ebesucher Review- Is Ebesucher legit and is it Worth your while?”

  1. I like how you did the breakdown of the system and showed your own experience even though it wasn’t completely positive you still showed some of the other people that say it is legit. You also give people a great value by shedding light on some of the scammers out there as well as proving info on some of the good products.

    • Hello Trent

      Yes, as I mentioned in the post, this program is NOT a scam and perhaps for other folks it may be worth their while.

      Thanks for stopping by



  2. Very comprehensive review mate. Some people may have earned money with this program but my advice is that they shouldn’t rely on it fully as their major income source because I have been a victim from one of the program called MAP and now I’m totally root out myself from joining the companies where we need to purchase so called adpacks or credit packs and on return we get paid our daily shares. Well, these companies can be advertisement companies but from my perspective they are only ponzi schemes. Thank you for this post.

    • Hi Ankit

      Thank you very much for your comment. Sorry to hear about your experience with MAP.

      Sometimes we just need to be extra cautious with whom who we sign up with.

      Wish you all the best.

      Kind Regards and Take Care



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