The Conversion Pros Review- Is it the Best Marketing System for Your Business?

NAME: The Conversion Pros


PRICE: $0 Trial 7 days, thereafter $50 monthly

OVERALL RATING: 7 out of 10

Can ‘The Conversion Pros,’ take your business to a higher level? Are the leads of quality or just ‘passing by traffic’? Is it just hyped up or is there something of substance in using this platform?

The Conversion Pros review that you are about to read will take you through my personal experience of having used it. As I show you the answers to those questions above, I will also give you an idea of how the training works, and what the various tools are that are available to you within TCP. I will also touch upon their famous affiliate program.

An Overview- What is THE CONVERSION PROS all about?

The main idea behind The Conversion Pros is to help you boost the marketing of your existing business.

Whether your business is within the MLM’S (multi-level marketing) sector, or you’re selling a product of your own or you have an online business and want to see more conversions, the tools available within this platform are geared towards helping to make your business a greater success.

Such tools include things like a webinar builder, landing page creator, autoresponder, generic and local marketing videos and text or e-mail broadcasters.


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  • FREE 7 DAY TRIAL– Gives you access to the entire system
  • Lots of Tools and Training Material
  • Software is easy to use
  • No coding needed
  • No Upsells
  • Decent affiliate program


  • Monthly Subscription may seem pricey for some
  • No Video creator software

What does the Inside of The Conversion Pros look like?

When you sign up, this is what the back office looks like.

What the inside of The Conversion Pros Looks like

As you can see on the left-hand side, there is quite a bit of stuff that you can go through. It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you watch the introductory webinar, it gives you a nice rundown of how things work.


How good are the Tools and Training within The Conversion Pros platform?

Landing pages already created

This is one of the coolest things that I have come across. Landing page templates that are already built and ready for you to use within your marketing campaigns.

Mind you, some of them actually look pretty great and give your marketing pages a professional feel. At the end of the day, you want your page to capture people’s attention.

I think that these template’s do a pretty good job making things look different and unique. Check some of them out for yourself.

A sample of some of the landing page templates at the conversion pros

Customizing your own landing pages was a lot of fun and easy to do.

You can choose a simple landing page template or have one with a video. If you want you can actually get a landing page with up to three videos, imagine that!

Changing the style, the font, the background image (with a picture or a video), etc. was easily done with a simple click of a mouse.

Not only does it make your message stand out and make things look ultra cool, but the chances of someone else having the exact same page are next to zero!

Let the experts show you how things are done. Enjoy this video.

The Conversion Pros Training Videos- It’s Not Just one Video, it’s Dozens

This is just two main areas, the TCP TRAINING and THE WEBINAR SECTION that are loaded with tons of training videos.


This is training that is dedicated primarily towards teaching you how to make maximum use of the available tools within The Conversion Pros.

The TCP training of the CONVERSION PROS

All of these training are conducted via YouTube videos.

(b) The WEBINAR Section

This section teaches you additional ways of how to go about marketing your business.

The webinar section training of the conversion pros looks like

Is the Support at The Conversion Pros any Good?

There are two ways that you can get help within The Conversion Pros platform.

  1. The FaceBook Support Group 
  2. Submit a Support Ticket within your back-office area.

The Facebook support group of the Conversion pros

I think that the support within the FaceBook group is not bad. There is a decent amount of conversation and activity going on there.

Lots of folks share their landing pages with one another using ‘share codes.’

People share their ideas, as well as what works. Interestingly too, one of the co-founders, David, pops in now and again to bring some interesting developments to the group.

What will it Cost to Join The Conversion Pros?

You can trial them for FREE without having to submit any credit card or Paypal information. The trial lasts for 7 days, giving you FULL ACCESS to all their services and training.

Thereafter, if you choose to remain a member, the fee is set at $50/monthly.

There are NO UPSELLS or further programs that you are forced into buying.


Earlier on I mentioned the ‘LEADS PROGRAM.’ This is optional with regards to whether you’re interested in buying leads for your business.

These leads are not just visitors. The Conversion Pros supply you with real leads, with their NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER, and e-mail address. These are people who are looking to make money within a specific category and would be open to listening to what you have to offer to them.

The cost would depend on the number of leads that you are looking to buy. NOTE: buying leads are NON-REFUNDABLE.

The Conversion pros- the expense of buying leads

The Compensation Plan of The Conversion Pros

The Conversion Pros offers an interesting affiliate program. Very simply put, for every person you get signed up to TCP, you will earn $20.

That means that after referring just 3 people, you would have earned $60 which already covers your monthly subscription of $50 giving you a $10 profit!

This is a recurring income as membership is ongoing. As time goes on, and you get more people to sign up, your earnings naturally go up.

Check out this video on the compensation to learn more.


How difficult is it to promote and market The Conversion Pros?

Like the previous sections of TCP training and the webinars, discussed above, there is a separate section called ‘TCP AFFILIATE TRAINING.’

It takes one through the process of learning how to successfully earn from using their affiliate program.

The affiliate training of the conversion pros

My Final Opinion of The Conversion Pros

Is the conversion pros a scam? In my opinion, I don’t think so.

The fact that the owners show transparency with regards to what their system offers and how things actually work, tells me that they are confident of their platform.

The other fact that is worth mentioning is that the membership already includes an autoresponder.

If you had to sign up with a separate one on the lowest plans, that is $20 alone. (By the way, if you already have an autoresponder you can always integrate it into the TCP platform).Taking into account, you get split testing, e-mail and sms/text broadcasting as well as a link rotator, a blogging platform and marketing videos, I would say that $50 is a fair asking price.

Let’s not forget that your membership is FREE if you sign up three other people to the program.

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There is one thing that I did not particularly like, and that is the absence of a video creator. I guess that asking for that would shoot the entry price through the roof, but it would make TCP a powerful force to reckon with.

Say for instance that you want to include a video of a product or service that you are marketing into a landing page created with TCP. You decide to make a video of your own, since there is nothing that you like from Youtube.

This is why a built in video creator would make things a game changer.

Overall I am happy with using THE CONVERSION PROS.

I give them a 7 out of 10 STARS.How does Shopify work


I hope that you found my version of THE CONVERSION PROS review helpful?  At the end of the day, its all about discovering what works the best in terms of marketing your business.

I firmly believe that the success of online business is a road of ups and down. Its about testing and re-testing. It can be a headache at times, but once you find the formula that works for you, its simply a matter of scaling it up.

Thanks for your time

Wish you tons of success in your online business

Kind Regards




8 thoughts on “The Conversion Pros Review- Is it the Best Marketing System for Your Business?”

  1. The Conversion Pros seems a very legit program. My usual test to know if a program is legit our not is whether there are any unrealistic promises. Anything they promises easy money in short time it’s almost surely a waste of money. And this program seems to belong with the good ones.

    I really like the landing pages templates as it really make things easier. Website building is something that I’ve never really become good at and the yse of templates will really save my time. But, I’d have to disagree with you on the video creator though. I think there’s a lot of free software for video editing out there that we can use.

    • Hey Isaac

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, I think a company that puts ‘get rich claims’ WITHOUT any effort is one that you need to have your guard up against.

      I like the landing page templates and since I never registered with any autoresponder before, this is a really cool bonus to get upon signing up with The Conversion Pros.

      I agree with you, that there are plenty of free video creators out there, but personally I don’t enjoy using them. Here are two reasons why. The first is that since the software is free, the developers put limitations as to far you can use it. For instance they may limit you to the amount of recording time for your video.They may also put watermarks or company logo on your video, which to me does not make your video look neat and presentable

      The second thing is that once your first video is made, you may not be able to download it, until you purchase the full version of the software.

      Thanks so much for stopping by



  2. I looked at the page The Conversion Pro Review. I understand the page and the information is good. My concern would be the legitimacy of the product and what is your involvement if any. Also as a link I see you also are promoting W/A. My concern there is this. If I promote W/A as one of my sites and I haven’t produced any income from any sites how can I say W/A works in good conscience. I am assuming you are further along than me and your testimonies are solid based on a profit stream you have created from other sites. Do you work within the W/A community assisting members generate income based on the products you are promoting and your experience?

    • Hi Gary

      Thank you for your comment.

      Your concerns are understandable.

      My reviews of both The Conversion Pros and Wealthy Affiliate is as a result of having worked with both of them.

      Take Care


  3. iam a seasoned mlmer on scale of 10 iam solid 8 in recruting was wondering if anyone can give me conversion ratios say on 100 leads how many i can expect to talk to? give me idea of closing ratios

    • Hi Don
      Thanks so much for stopping by.
      Let me answer the first part of your question, if you choose to buy 100 leads using the conversion pros system, you will get the name, e-mail and the telephone number of each of these 100 people.

      Now for the second part of your question. I wish that it were easy for me to give you a good idea of the closing ratios. This would depend on a number of factors, for instance, how good your offer is, your follow-up, are the capture/landing pages enticing, etc stuff like that.

      The one thing that I can tell you is that these leads are people who are looking to starting making money.

      As you mentioned you are solid on the recruiting side, perhaps with the amazing tools and training at the conversion pros, you could scale things even higher.

      I hope that this answers your question.
      Regards and Take Care

    • Hi Bruno
      Thanks so much for your comment.
      I think that the compensation plan is great as well. All you got to do, is find two people who will sign up and use the platform, and your membership is paid. Anybody else who signs up after this, is money in the bag for you.

      Thanks for stopping by


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