What is the SEACRET DIRECT BUSINESS about? Get Your Answers here!


Overview of the SEACRET MLM Business

Seacret started back in 2005. The company features products that are concentrated within the skincare industry. The main ingredients within them are said to contain sourced minerals from the Dead Sea.

The business concept is built on the selling of these products as well as building a downline that will do the same thing.

Is this a good business for you to get into? 

Welcome to my review of the SEACRET direct business. In terms of whether or not joining the business will be viable for you, I am going to show you more about the business compensation plan, the products itself and some marketing elements, that you need to consider before signing up.

It is my hope that at the end of the article, things will be clearer for you and the decision will not be a hard one to make.

So, let’s get this show on the road.

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It is said that 12 of the 26 minerals cannot be found anywhere else but in the Dead Sea. Stories have been doing the rounds that products that contain these particular ingredients have shown healing properties.

Do SEACRET products really work?

I researched a number of reviews regarding the customer satisfaction after they had used the products.

It is my opinion that people who had purchased these products were more or less happy with using them.

I guess it boils down to testing them out for yourself and seeing if it really works or not.

I do however think that the products are a bit pricey. Take a look at some of them below.

NOTE: I want to let you know that SEACRET products can be purchased from the Amazon online marketplace as well.

  1. SEACRET Body Spa Butter 


RETAIL PRICE: $49.99                                  VIP/ELITE : $28.99

The price that I saw it at the Amazon store is $31.

2. SEACRET Clarifying Mud Musk

SEACRET Clarifying Mud Musk

RETAIL PRICE: $94.99                             VIP/ELITE PRICE: $69.99

The price at Amazon is $48.90

3. SEACRET M4: Magnetic Mud Musk

Seacret M4: Mineral-rich Magnetic Mud Mask

RETAIL PRICE : $249.99                                      VIP/ELITE PRICE: $139.99

The price at the Amazon store is $69.88

As you can see, there is quite a variation in the prices. I will talk to you more about the SEACRET VIP and ELITE customer program in the next section.

How does the SEACRET Compensation Plan Work?

Seacret mentions five ways in which you can earn money.I have listed them below.


1.Retail Profits

This is the profit you earn by calculating the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price. Seacret states that one can earn up to 150% profit with each product that is sold.


By registering with these programs, one is then entitled to receiving, holiday promotions, birthday gifts, anniversary and ‘just because’ gifts.

The perk of a VIP Customer is that you get up to 60% off your products. You need to either accrue 500 points by the end of the next calendar year or make a purchase of $99 to qualify.

Becoming an ELITE Customer would qualify you to earn all the benefits of the VIP. In addition, you get free shipping and 3 points per dollar spent, as opposed to 2 points on the VIP program.

To qualify you would need to accrue 2000 points by the end of the next calendar year.

Bonus payouts

Get a 25% payout, of the dollar amount, of every VIP AND ELITE customer’s first time order that is under you.SEACRET Enroll 4 program

Get 4 VIP CUSTOMERS and you get a total of 25% of your ELITE and VIP sales back in Product CREDIT


This is a binary compensation plan that works on a 2:1 payout.

Say if you make 500BV(Business volume) on the left leg, you would need to get 1000BV on the right leg to qualify for commissions.

Your earnings can be anywhere between 10-15% from retail orders, agent customer orders and preferred customers.

As your downline grows and more people join you, you earn more money.


As the people within your downline build their business and start climbing the ranks, you get a check match equivalent to a percentage of their sales generated on that respective rank.

For instance, if a person achieves the status of a BRONZE AGENT, you would earn 20% of the sales that they make.

As you climb the ranks yourself, you would qualify to earn on depths greater that just your personally sponsored prospects.

If you progress from BRONZE AGENT to SILVER AGENT, then not only would you be able to earn 20% of the person you directly sponsored but also 10% of the person directly below him or her.

This becomes the second generation. So you can earn as follows,

  • 1st Generation – 20%
  • 2nd Generation -10%
  • 3rd Generation-10%
  • 4th Generation-10%


This way allows you to earn bonuses, gifts, and exotic location incentives.

You earn FAST START BONUSES by personally helping agents to sell their 1st FAST START PACKAGE.

You could earn up to:

  • $30 for Basic,
  • $100 for Premium, and
  • $300 for Special Agent Set.

When you qualify for the BRONZE AGENT, you get an iPad. If you achieve the ROYALE LEVEL, you would qualify for the ‘DRIVE YOUR DREAM,’ incentive.

Seacret Compensation Plan

Each rank has their own associated bonus. The highest is the CROWN AGENT which qualifies you for a $6000 bonus.

The Training of the SEACRET business

I believe that if you are considering becoming a part of any business, you should not overlook the training and support that it is offering. Do not take these important aspects for granted thinking that it is up to scratch.

The company may have an awesome product line as well as an exciting compensation plan. This, however, will not do you any good if the training offered is not adequate enough to help you grow and market the business.

SEACRET has marketing materials that you can buy, from their SEACRET supply section on their website.

SEACRET Marketing material

The materials that I am talking about, include things like:

  • Roll-up banners,
  • Opportunity Brochures and
  • Business cards.

There is also a prospecting kit, that comes with samples. You can give them to customers and get them to try it out and see how the product works.

You also get your own SEACRET replicated website.

In a nutshell, to market SEACRET, you got to hold ‘product parties,’ get people to love the products(and buy), and advertise your business on various platforms.

Does becoming a SEACRET AGENT sound inviting? Hold that thought.

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My Personal Opinion of the SEACRET DIRECT Business Opportunity

If you had to Google. “SEACRET DIRECT REVIEWS,”  you would probably come across tons of information related to this company’s business opportunity.

So, you may ask yourself, ‘why did I dedicate a lengthy portion of my article to the compensation plan which it is readily available elsewhere?’

Answer: To make you aware of some important things about the business.

As you have noticed, to make money from RETAIL PROFITS, you need to first buy the product lines. Whilst this may sound fair, remember that you would also be competing with Amazon giants for potential sales.This can make things a bit of a challenge.

Apart from your family and friends, to help you grow your business you would need to consider marketing ‘outside,’ to expand your reach.

If you think that just posting a link on social media platforms will solve the problem and get you business, then perhaps you should re-think the strategy.

How many other distributors are doing the exact same thing? You need to stand out and market differently to bring in the sales.

There are ways of learning how to market to leads that would be interested in what you have to offer. The big question here is, ‘Does SEACRET teach you this sort of thing?

As for earning the TEAM COMMISSIONS and the other ways that I’ve explained, it is evident that the success depends on getting more folks to join your downline. In other words, recruiting is key.

This is the traditional way that MLM operates and once again it depends on how good your sales and marketing strategies and skills are.

I am not saying that you should NOT become a SEACRET AGENT. I believe in different strokes for different folks.

We all want to make extra money, and the path that we take to get there may not always be the same.

What if Recruiting is not For Me?

Then it is not the end of the world.Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

You can make money online without having to recruit a single person.

I have followed a concept called affiliate marketing. This is a process where you earn commissions by recommending other people’s products or services.

The great part about affiliate marketing is that anyone can learn this concept. Even more amazing is the fact that one can build an affiliate marketing business based on their own hobby or interest.

I learned to build two online affiliate marketing businesses, by using the easy to follow steps at an awesome Online Teaching Platform.

The highlights about this platform are that:

  • It is FREE TO JOIN

If you would like to learn more, check my review below.



Thank you for joining me today on my review of the SEACRET DIRECT business. I hope that it has helped you out.

Which one would you join, MLM or Affiliate Marketing and Why? Would love to hear your take.

All the best to your online success.



6 thoughts on “What is the SEACRET DIRECT BUSINESS about? Get Your Answers here!”

  1. Hello there,

    I have a question.
    Is this a business based on MLM?
    It all seems legit and the products appear to be of a high quality.
    My mother always wanted to have a mud mask for her face so I might recommend her the SEACRET Clarifying Mud Musk.
    Have you ever tried some of the products yourself?

    • Yes, this business is a MLM-type of business.

      No, I have not tried these products. Let us know what your mom thinks of the mud musk.

  2. Excellent description of the MLM system, Roopesh.

    These programs are fine as long as you buy products to move yourself … up the line!

    A complicated system that I would quickly lose interest in.

    Do you find that all these models are similar?

    What is the lifespan of the average person in this sales model?

    Thanks, Paul

    • Hi Paul

      I have seen a similar pattern that goes on with some of the newer MLM’s. Though they are variations to the model, it really depends on which company you look at.

      I think that its a little hard for me to answer your second question. The reason being is that everybody is different and some folks may prefer MLM over other business ventures.In this case, they will stay much longer in the business.

      It just depends on how the whole concept resonates with you.

      Hope this answers your question.



  3. WOW! I’m having flashbacks of Amway and Herbalife. You give a very good representation of what looks to be another MLM company where you may need to purchase inventory.
    These products also look pretty pricey. One thing I know about human nature is that people are not going to bad mouth products in which they’ve had to shell out significant money. I would follow your alternative path.
    Thanks for the good info!


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