ReferABit Review : Read This Before You Join!

Overview of the ReferABit Business

ReferABit capitalizes on the ‘thought’ that one day, cryptocurrency will be a major player in the financial sector. As such, they’ve built a business model which claims that it will make you a return in a short time frame of 90days.There is also a referral program, that they’ve got going on.

Is this really possible? Or Is there something else that is going on?

Welcome to my Referabit Review. Want to know how their ‘make-money’ formula works? I will show you. There were also some rather interesting things that cropped up during my investigation that you need to know of, before signing up with ReferAbit.


Great! Let’s start.

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Who Is Running ReferABit?

On the introductory page, we are given a name to go along with. Mark Hauser. Apparently, he is the MD of ReferAbit. You will be told that he has been a ‘Wolf of Wall Street for many decades….’

Other than that, no Picture of the man. Nothing! In fact, there is only one photo on the entire site. That is this one below.

Who can you trust at Referabit?


This photo could be a stock image snap taken from a stock photo site.

Nevertheless, let me show you more interesting stuff as we continue with this review.

The ReferABit Compensation Plan

How can you make money with ReferABit?

To make an investment with ReferAbit, you first need to become a member. There are three different membership options. The STARTER, PROFESSIONAL, and EXPERT.

Referabit Compensation Plan

What is the main difference between these ReferAbit Investment plans?

Answer: The investment amount and the respective percentage payout. 

If for instance, you invest $2000 or higher, you would stand to gain a 2.25% on your return. Roughly on 2grand, you’re looking at getting $45. Does that sound like good money investment to you?

From the table above, there is an additional way that you can earn. That is via their referral program.

Honestly speaking, I could not find much information regarding this pay plan. Some reviewers talked about a binary compensation plan that goes a few tiers down. The truth is, this is all the information that you get on the official website.

Next up, let me show you what I found out about their support.

What is the Support like at ReferABit?

I tried on two separate occasions to get a hold of someone using their LIVE CHAT functionality. Unfortunately, I did not have any luck.

Referabit double support ticket submitted

This resulted in me needing to use their official support center. I submitted a site ticket as shown below.

Submit a Site Ticket to Referabit

As soon as I hear anything from them, I will update this space.

Before I conclude this review, I would like to point out some additional things that I picked up about ReferAbit.

Some Red Flags of ReferABit

Red Flag Nr 1: No One to Trust

For me, the number one rule before I sign up with any company is to know who it is that I am doing business with.Who can you trust?

As you have seen with respect to ReferAbit, there is no ‘face’ to the company name.

Whether it is $10 or $50, would you feel comfortable in investing into any company, if you do not know who to trust?

Red Flag Nr2: Real Testimonials….I think not

Within the site itself. I searched high and low and could not find any testimonials. I even searched YouTube and found absolutely nothing!

My Final Opinion of ReferAbit

I have an uneasy feeling about this one. The fact that I did not get any reply to my support queries and that there is no one to identify this company with, makes it hard to give ReferAbit my vote.

Honestly speaking, if you look at the ROI after 3 months with a $50 investment, that money is really not that much.

If you have $50 bucks right now, I can show you a business that will help you get a better return. Sure, there may be some work, but you would be putting that money to better use. That is my opinion.

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At this point, I ask myself where does the money that I invest into ReferAbit go? Since there is no ‘tangible’ product, is it possible that the same money is used to pay the very members that join?

What happens when members stop joining? How do existing members get their pay? My guess is that the owners may probably cut losses and go AWOL?

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With all these question marks looming around this business, you know where I stand. What do you think?

Will you join the ReferABit business? Would love to hear from you.

Thanks so much for joining me on this ReferAbit review. I hope that it has helped you out.

Take Care and Kind Regards






3 thoughts on “ReferABit Review : Read This Before You Join!”

  1. You are absolutely correct. There are a lot of scams out there. We all have to be very careful. Majority of them will promise a high return and when you invest your money into their program, as soon as you try to withdraw your money, they won’t let you. My advise is never do any business without any credibility.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. I have always wanted to get into currency trading and day trading. I found the information that you provided informative, and I will be returning to your site to read up on other ways to earn a passive income. I’m always looking for way to make a little bit more money and I think others are as well.

    • Hello Tanya. Glad that this article had helped you out. You always welcome here. 

      All the best and take care.




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