Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit? Let this Video Review FINALLY put your mind at Ease

What is Wealthy Affiliate all about?

Should you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate or not? I can only imagine how you must feel at this point in time. With the internet, there comes a vast amount of options and it can make it difficult to choose which business opportunity to go with.

As far as Wealthy Affiliate is concerned, you may have come across various Wealthy Affiliate opinions. As a result, you probably asked yourself, questions such as, “Does Wealthy Affiliate Really work?” or “Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or Not?”

Well, today, it is my hope that with this video that I have made, it will answer all your questions and give you clarity as to what to do.

Wealthy Affiliate University ReviewA VIDEO to Help You Out

There are things like the Wealthy Affiliate FREE Starter membership and Premium membership, I will show you what the differences are. You will see first hand, how the various communication channels work within this platform and what the interactive community is all about.

How do you actually end up building a business here and what sort of training is on offer, is something that you will learn as well.

And finally, the most important question, Does Wealthy Affiliate show Results at the end of the day? – Watch this video and find out.

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Hey there. It's awesome to meet you. I started with affiliate marketing around 3 years back. Ever since, I have learned a considerable amount of stuff when it comes to online scams, mediocre online jobs and well, the decent paying ones. The best part is that I have met some amazing friends all over the world as result and I enjoy helping people build their very own successful business.

  • Marc says:

    Thanks for your great insight into Wealthy Affiliate. I have seen a lot of information out there about the program and I’m intrigued because they let you start without having to pay up front. I’ve had my money taken too many times only to be let down. Your review shows me this system is more transparent than most of the other out there. Thanks again!

    • Roopesh says:

      Yes, with Wealthy Affiliate you get to trial their entire system, without the need of having to pay anything.

      Here is the direct link to giving the trial a go, : Start WA TRIAL TODAY!

      And sorry to hear about your bad experiences. I know what it feels like.

      All the best and I hope to be able to help you out.



  • Helen says:

    I LOVE Wealthy Affiliate. It has provided me access to the knowledge I needed to finally start my online business which is an outlet I’ve been looking for for a very long time. I really wanted to help people using my experience with holistic medicine, but who’s going to trust a 20 year old undergrad with no certification? WA helped me find a way to share my experiences with exactly the people that need them. My favorite part is the unwavering support of a vast community all in the same boat as you. I highly recommend checking it out with the free trial!



    • Roopesh says:

      Absolutely Helen

      Wealthy Affiliate give anyone the opportunity to take their talent,hobby or passion and build it into a successful online business.

      You have an amazing amount of knowledge over the 20 years in your respective field. Its just a matter now of following the training here and learning more technical stuff and you are on your way to reaching your audience worldwide.

      Wish you tons of success,Give me a shout if you need help with anything.



  • Rudolph says:

    Hi Roopesh

    Thanks for the video review. It made it so much easier to follow you on the video about Wealthy Affiliate. I found the over the shoulder show and tell method very useful.

    The information to read is short and sweet and I saved some time there since i had less reading to do. I just thinking that someone who can multitask would love it.

    Thank you again and best regards.

  • Alice A. Anacioco says:

    I love that you used a video in your review. Not most people giving a review will resort to video presentations.

    Anyway, being a premium member of WA myself, I definitely agree that it is not a scam. I’ve only been a member for almost 3 months but I’ve already learned a lot. I have two websites which I am working on. And although I haven’t actually made some cash yet, I know that I will in the future. I believe that wealthy affiliate is the best way to start an online business and establish your authority in your niche. I highly recommend this to everyone who is hoping to learn the basics of making money online and wants to succeed.

    • Roopesh says:

      Hi there

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

      It was fun doing the video. Though it took me an incredible amount of time, it was something that I enjoyed doing.

      Congrats on taking the step to becoming a premium member. Give it time, ask questions and have fun along the way. You will certainly get there.

      Wishing you the very best.



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