Is PrizeRebel a Scam? Legit Survey Site or Waste of Your Time?

Hi there and welcome to my Prizerebel review. Is Prizerebel a scam, or is it a legit 'get paid to' opportunity? There are platforms that promise attractive rewards for your efforts but in the end, they offer you very little, or nothing at all.

Is Prizerebel legit,can you trust it? What about the money side of things? Can Prizerebel help you to make good money online? 


Today, I will share with you my experience of having used Prizerebel. You will see what the earnings potential are and what sort of effort you need to put in. It's my hope that this review will help you to make an easier decision on whether or not to sign up for Prizerebel.

Despite the rise in online scams, there are still legit ways of making money online. 




OWNER: Unknown

WHAT IS ABOUT: Earn points for answering surveys, completing tasks, and playing games.Points can be converted for gift cards or PayPal Cash,

DO I RECOMMEND IT: If you are looking for a way to serious money, then I do not recommend Prizerebel.



Basically PrizeRebel is a ‘get paid to’ platform that allows you to earn points by completing certain activities that they have on their website.

The activities consists of taking surveys, downloading apps, and playing games, to name a few.

The points that you earn can be used to redeem towards various rewards,You can choose these from their catalog.

Such rewards include Amazon gift cards and Prepaid Gift cards.Their highest Gift Card is a $300 Visa Prepaid Card which requires 30000 points.

Is Prizerebel a scam this is their rewards catalog

In addition, you also have the option to convert your points into PayPal cash.

Apart from the activities and tasks, they have a referral program as well. According to the official Prizerebel website, you can earn 15% referral points on anyone that joins through your referral link.


I confess,I am not a fan of survey jobs. One of the main reasons is simply because I feel that it's a waste of precious time. Mind you, this comes from past experiences.

On many of occasions, I have had the unfortunate experience of spending a great deal of time answering screening surveys, only to be told that I did not qualify for the main paying survey.

I am not sure if you have had a similar experience, but it can leave you feeling both frustrated and disappointed. Imagine that you have dedicated so much of your time, only to told that it was not worth it, and that you need to try again.

Is it the same story with PrizeRebel?

I went ahead and gave it a go.The first thing that you will have to do, is to fill out a profile questionnaire. You earn 10 points for doing so.

is prizerebel a scam how does prizerebel work

I got my 10 points, and then I was presented with some survey options.Take a look below.

is prizerebel a scam how does the survey jobs work

I tried the first option, the 5minute survey for 76 points,I got a response like this, "we appreciate your interest,but unfortunately the survey is closed."

Fair enough, I then tried the second option, the one for 1260 points. I was refused entry to the main survey.

Sad to report that upon trying for the third time, this time the 20 mins one for 84 points, I did not qualify.

So, case shut for me. I was going nowhere with these survey jobs.

What about the other opportunities?

is prizerebel a scam the offerwalls

The next section is called the Offerwalls. I did not find it to be any different than the survey section.

In addition to the traditional surveys,there are other offers available that allows you the opportunity to earn points.

Such offers included,

  • Playing games,
  • Answering Trivia,
  • Registering with online programs, and
  • Completing tasks

Did I have much success in these departments?

I tried the 'Color and Vision' test. It was fun. You had to pick out the lighter figures between two images, or try to find the hidden words, or try to spot  the various differences between two images, and so forth.

As I said though it was fun, it took me almost 30 minutes to complete. Actually 25 minutes to be exact. And the really sad part is that I only earned one point as a result.

is prizerebel a scam the tasks section

The last section are the 'Tasks.' There is nothing new here. It simply reverts you back to the 'Offerwalls' section.

So, is it worth it to join PrizeRebel?

Let me tell you what it is that I like and do not like about Prizerebel first.


I like the fact that registration is free.

Its great to see that for once a 'get paid to' platform has a series of training videos to help one understand more on how Prizerebel works.

Is Prizerebel a scam training videos

Unlike other 'get paid to' platforms this one does show us some authentic testimonials.


There is no owner or founder that stands responsibility for Prizerebel. You can call me old-fashioned, but having to see a REAL person adds a personal touch. I feel more at ease and inclined to trust the opportunity.

You have to work really hard to qualify for automatic prize claiming. They have 5 Levels. You start off on the basic or bronze level. Only until you reach the Gold Level, can you qualify for automatic prize claims, provided that your prize is in stock. To reach Gold level, you need to earn 4500 points.

You have a time limit to earn points. Once this time limit expires you have to start all over again to earn the required amount of points in order to complete the challenge at hand.

Is Prizerebel a scam time limit on offers

Time Limit on offers


I do not think that Prizerebel is a scam. As you have seen folks are getting their rewards for completing tasks.

Is it really the best way to earn money online?

In my opinion, I do not think so.

For one, the survey jobs are not guaranteed. I was refused various times from taking the main paying survey jobs. I found it hard and time consuming to earn a few points.

I guess that it depends on the country that you live in. With survey jobs it depends on the specific market that they want to target. Perhaps you may have better luck than I.

I guess that the same applies to the the other tasks, and activities that they have lined up for you.

What if you want to make a passive income online? Is there a way that you can get started with a real online business teaching platform ?


Whilst I believe Prizerebel is a fairly decent platform to join, I do not think that it’s the best way to build a solid online passive income business.

Yes, you can earn a few bucks, but I do not think that it will help to pay for your major expenses or set you on the course to financial freedom.

If you are looking for a way to make lasting changes for the better, and are willing to put in the time, then you can really build a fully fledged sustainable online business.

If you would learn on how I got started with earning a passive income online, and how I can help you get started, check out my NR.1 recommendation to making money online here.

Thanks so much for joining me on this PrizeRebel review

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Kind Regards and Take Care


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