Is Profit Reign A Scam? Will the ‘Profits’ really ‘Reign’ on You?

Is Profit Reign A Scam or is it the opportunity that you need to grab? When I read the words, " it's a brand new method," "you don't need an email list," and "it only takes a few minutes and you can make money from day 1", it got my attention.

I decided to give it a shot and see for myself exactly what Profit Reign is all about. This is my honest review of Profit Reign and I hope that it will help make your decision much easier.



OWNERS: Paul Rissick and Mark Barret




Profit Reign is marketed as a 3 step money making machine. Apparently all that one has to do, is (1)Set Up a Reign Campaign(more about this later) in under 30minutes, then (2)Use their secret method of making passive income, and finally (3) wait for $200 cheques to roll in!

Profit Reign Review is Profit Reign a scam

Sounds pretty straight forward doesn't it? Apparently this system succeeds where other affiliate marketing methods have failed.

I earn money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing works and it will, in my honest opinion, help many folks make money online. Read my success story here.

Nevertheless, let me take you inside Profit Reign and show you exactly what is going on here.

Is it 'HOT' or just 'HYPE' , let's take a look, shall we?


Before we dive straight into what the system is actually supposed to do, let me first talk to you about solo ads.

What is Solo ads?

Solo ads is sort of e-mail marketing. It's all about you promoting your offer to an e-mail list that belongs to vendors or more commonly called, solo ad vendors.

What are solo ads

Usually these vendors will have various packages that you can choose from.

Using Solo Ads is thought of as being a quick way of getting onto the 'traffic bandwagon.' The point of a solo ad is to get traffic to your initial squeeze pages or offers and then follow-up by promoting ongoing affiliate offers.

Do solo ads work? Can one get good traffic and conversions from using them? Honestly speaking,I do not know as I do not use them.

I personally, have been getting traffic to my website by writing content and following SEO guidelines.I know that it's the long road, but in the end I think that it's worth it. Read more on how to get started here.

Is profit reign a scam

The thing with Solo ads is, that many people might be buying these packages. You can imagine, if your name were on that list, how many offers you'd be getting as a result of that!

So, the big question is? How do you make your offer stand out? How do you get people's attention to your ad? This is where Paul Rissick, co-founder of Profit Reign, claims to have found a solution.

He modifies his squeeze page to look a bit different by placing a pop-up banner right at the top.

How doe profit reign work

Once folks see his ad, and click on the 'YES' button, they are automatically added onto his 'PUSH LIST' 

This means that he is able to send out broadcasts or other affilliate offers to these prospects.

Does this stratedgy work?

Apparently, after having implemented it, he claims that he was able to get 300 plus people on his 'push list.'

Does profit reign work

The slide after the one above shows that he apparently made some money from these initial 300 prospects by cross promoting his affiliate offers on three different occasions. Here are his results,

  • First one made: $137.51
  • Second time:$243.17
  • Third time: $118.80

And he states that it only took him 5minutes to put it together!

The rest of the training talks a little on how to go about setting the actual push notification, once you have subscribers. He shows you how to cross promote offers using direct linking and review pages.

In a nutshell, that covers the core training on Profit Reign.


There is no such thing as a 'Get Rich Quick System,' but there is a 'Get Smart, and Work A Legit System That Pays You Passively'. Let me Show You How I Got Started!


The price is relatively cheap to get started. $2, in my opinion, is not going to break the bank.I hope that it stays that way. If you are interested, you can click this link.

Mr. Prassick gives some additional tips to marketing affiliate products. For instance, in the Underground Super affiliate training,he shows you how to market products even if you do not have an existing e-mail list.


The training does not go into great detail. For instance,they do not reveal the Solo Ad vendors that they are using. As you can imagine, there are tons of Solo Ad companies out there. 

Therefore to find a Solo Ad company that has got a solid e-mail list and is not just rehashing from other Solo ads(this is called a Solo Ad Vendor chain), is not an easy task.

To implement these strategies, you need to pay for additional services.To start off, there is the expense of buying the actual solo ads. Then, if you do not have a squeeze page or landing page, you have to register with click funnels or one of those type of companies. 

To send your notifications, you can use an e-mail service provider, which is an additional cost.

Finally, they talk about having a website, in order to write product reviews. In this respect, not much is revealed on how to go about doing this.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


I do not think that Profit Reign is a scam. You're getting a product and they provide a fair overview of what one has to do. One still has to do additional research as I believe that the training is somewhat vague.

Is this product suited for newbies? In my opinion, no.

Think of it this way, as a newbie, you would want to be taken step-by-step, lesson by lesson on what to do(Here is a teaching platform that you may want to look at). Everything may seem foreign initially, and you would naturally want to take it easy, right?

Well, this product does not really cater for newbies.They talk about e-mail marketing, solo ads, squeeze pages and product review marketing. The newbie needs to firstly attain this kind of knowledge before being able to implement it.

I believe that if you are already in the game of internet marketing, then some of the information might be of value.


Starting an online business does not have to be a case of jumping through hoops.

How to start an online business

You do not have to register for different services in order to get the information regarding what to do or where to begin.

Life can be made easier and I would like to show you how.

There is an online teaching platform that has everything you need in order to get started. It has all the tools, the resources, step-by-step training's, support and up to date technology to help you. In fact, it's my NR.1 Recommendation and I would like to show you how it compares, to this product that is being reviewed.

Wealthy Affiliate vs profit reign

You can sign up for the free trial and see for yourself, if its something that you would prefer doing.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Profit Reign review. It was awesome to have your company. 

I hope that this review has helped you out. If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will be happy to answer them.

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You are a star!

Thanks and Take Care


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