Pinnacle Institute of Trading and Investing Review- Sam Siden New Course.SCAM?

Welcome to this Pinnacle Institute of Trading and Investing review. Is Sam Sieden's Pinnacle Method a scam? 

The one thing that is for certain is that this course is a reboot of his other trading courses. Whilst reboots are okay, in this case the previous companies that Sam introduced to the public were red flagged by the authorities. And that's why you need to know what is going on here before you go ahead and invest your hard-earned money.

Congratulations on taking the time to do your research before you go all-in with this particular opportunity. 

There are tons of scams online. But on the other side of the coin, there is a legit way to making money online. 

I am here to help you make an informed decision on whether or not it's the right business fit for you. So, let get started with the Pinnacle Institute review.


Creator : Sam Seiden

Price to join :  from $9,000

Do I recommend it? No.

The Pinnacle Method Review

It's an investment trading course. It's a reboot of two other trading courses released by the same founder. The founder has got into trouble with these ventures. The Pinnacle Method has no real proven success stories. It's very expensive and there is no trial membership option.

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What is the Pinnacle Institute of Investing and Trading All About?

According to Sam Seiden, this investment course is supposed to deliver where other courses fall short of. It is marketed as one that offers a "simple trading and investing strategy" that works.

As a member of the course, you will be able to reap the following benefits :

  • learn the financial markets in a less confusing way
  • learn REAL Strategy that actually works!
  • be able to work with people that you can trust
  • avoid the pitfalls that are causing 90% of active traders to lose day-in and day out.

Are these claims true?

No doubt it sounds comforting and reassuring. But before you go ahead and pull out your credit card, let's take a deeper look.

Let's see if Sam's success results actually make sense.


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Does Sam Seiden's Success Results Add Up?

On the official Pinnacle Institute website, Sam posted the results of his trades over the past month.

Is Sam Seiden a scam? Pinnacle Institute success result

My image above might not be very clear. However, the key point to take note of, is that in all the different investment sectors, he made a minimum of 55% wins across the board.

In one sector, it was a 79% success rate. During this one month alone, he executed around 513 trades. 

In the previous two months, it was 763 and 603 trades respectively. None of them was a bad month and that's the part that is a bit unsettling

Sam paints a picture of just wins all the time. Surely, there must be some bad days.

Posting some results of bad days would offer more credibility. If one could also see what the losses are it would offer a fairer picture of the investment game.

The site does not go into further detail revealing more what the course is all about. There are no trial options as well.

If you want to learn more about Sam's method to his "trading performance," then the only option is to register for his free workshop.

Thereafter, there will be an option to purchase his premium course.

How Much Does The Pinnacle Method Cost?

There is no list price for the course on the website as well. One is forced to go through the free workshop funnel. From there, if you so choose you can do:

  • PART ONE : Build a Foundation Through The Pinnacle Method (a 4 part lesson to learn how money is made using their strategies)
  • PART ONE : Join the Investors on their Team (consists of live trading and investing sessions by their market specialists that identify high-probability, low -risk opportunities in the market)

Apparently, previous members have bought the course for $9 000.

Is it really worth the price tag?

Let's take a closer look at Sam Seiden and his previous ventures prior to this one.

Who Is Sam Seiden?

Sam has been in the industry for a long time. However, his previous ventures were not viewed in a favorable light.

Who is the founder of the Pinnacle Method

According to his LinkedIn profile, Sam started at the Chicago Merchantile Exchange. This is where he learned about how to predict market moves.

During this time he started teaching his "supply and demand," strategy. And you will easily find one of his educational videos on YouTube. 

The profile stated that for the past 12 years he was behind the Online Trading Academy(OTA) project.  

The OTA project was not a cheap course. Apparently one had to fork out $50 000 to get in. He and the other founders were founded guilty by the Federal and Trade Commission(FTC).

Pinnacle Institute Sam Seiden found guilty

OTA Founders Pays the FTC

The lawsuit was massive and FTC reported that OTA was allegedly scamming victims up to $370,000,000 since 2014.

But that's not the only investment school that Sam was involved with. 

The Seiden Strategies is another version of the OTA. 

And if you were to type into the URL, it would re-direct to The Pinnacle Institute. 

Even the image below shows that the Pinnacle Institute and Seiden Strategies are the same.

The Pinnacle Institute and the Seiden Strategies are the same same

This means that the Pinnacle Method is likely a reboot of the older systems. 

Let's take a look at some of the red flags of this investment course.

Red Flags of The Pinnacle Institute of Trading

1. No Money-Back Guarantee

9K is a hefty price to pay. But there is no talk of a money-back guarantee.

2. They Covered their Tracks in Trade Suggestions

Sam made sure that the members cannot hold The Pinnacle Institute for anything.

The clause below shows that clients are prevented from suing the company, even if the company gave hypothetical data. 

Pinnacle institute is a scam and they protect themselves in a hidden contract from other to sue them

Basically, it means that you are okay with being misled and scammed. Which me think back to those trades results we saw earlier....were they real trades or fabrications?

We will never know.

3.Unable to Provide Verifiable Proof to Claims

The website proclaims that Sam Seiden is

  • " one of the most sought after on the internet."

or that Sam donates a portion of each members contribution to 

  • "the pinnacle foundation"

Both of the above cannot be proven.

Is Pinnacle Institute of Trading and Investing a Scam? My Personal Opinion

I believe that Pinnacle Institute is a reboot of the other ventures that Sam introduced to the public.

You only get to see positive trades which happen on a consistent basis without hearing of the losses. This is not what the world of realistic trading is about. Therefore  I believe that Sam is misleading people.

Sam is also known for taking his students to court. 

And then you have all the tight clauses, the past history, expensive packages, and unverified success results, it's my recommendation to stay away from this one.

Only time can tell how it will pan out. And might not be a pretty picture.

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Thanks so much for joining me on this Pinnacle Institute of Investing and Trading review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wish you everything of the best in your online success,

Kind Regards and Take Care


5 thoughts on “Pinnacle Institute of Trading and Investing Review- Sam Siden New Course.SCAM?”

  1. Hi Roopesh and thanks you so much for sharing this awesome review. I have not any ideea about this company Pinnacle Institute of Trading and Investing Review- Sam Siden New Course,  nerve hear. Not even my relatives. I couldn’t believe my eyes whe  I read it.!  How other people try toncatch you just for even few bucks. I love when you explained so sincerely to your audience, the good and the bad about this company. Thank you for this.

    my question have you encountered problems with them? Which one do you think is a reliable company in this field?

  2. Roopesh:
    You have a done a great service to all those looking to create passive income online, by posting your in-depth review on Pinnacle Institute of Trading. The creator of this website, Sam Seiden has had a long history of questionable trading platforms and online businesses; and bringing his latest trading platform into focus is a service to all those looking to improve their lives.

    As you point out, there a several red flags that should grab people’s attention, like his no money-back guarantee, his release from indemnity for anything Pinnacle may recommend and there is no way to verify in fact, there’s a number of unhappy customer complaints from people who have lost money from his shady trading school; and let’s not forget he has been investigated by the Federal Trade Commission.

    And I think it was really helpful of you to post up how affiliate marketing works, some training materials available online and a strong recommendation for those interested in creating a passive income stream, to get the training before you start. It will only expedite your success while not wasting your time with trail and error methods. I took your advice and found an AA affiliate marketing company with a great training program.

  3. This is a really expensive platform. And it’s just built to take away people’s money. I wish there were some type of police  online that would catch these guys so they stop staling people’s money. I am looking to get into trading. But I know I can not join any site without researching about it. I hope to find a good site. 

    • It’s great that you are doing your research. If you come across something and you are not sure, just let me know. I can take a look at it for you.

      Wishing you everything the best.




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