My Inbox Pro Review – Scam or Legit Email Marketing Service?

Welcome to My Inbox Pro review. Is My Inbox Pro a scam? There are many options when it comes to choosing a good e-mail marketing service.

Many of them offer a free service when you are just starting out. Then as your subscriber list builds, you might have to start paying some fees. It really does depend on what your needs are at the time. And since the choices are aplenty, you can change from one service to the next, if and when the need arises. 

But today we are going to talk about My Inbox Pro. It's one of those services that has been around for a while. Yet, there are still a few things that do not add up and I will be sharing them with you today.

Congratulations on taking the time to do your research before you go all in with this particular opportunity. 

There are tons of scams online. But on the other side of the coin, there is a legit way to making money online. 

I am here to help you make an informed decision on whether or not it's the right business fit for you. So please at any time if you want to ask me something, feel free to use the comments section below. Or you can even contact me.



Creator : David. M. Beeson and Robert Jones

Price to join : From $34

Do I recommend it? No

My Inbox pro picture

My Inbox Pro is marketed as an e-mail marketing service or as they call it an autoresponder. However, it's done with misleading marketing that lead to another service. And they priced it higher than the normal selling price. They owners have previous two email marketing companies that are mediocre to say the least.

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What is My Inboxpro All About?

My Inbox Pro Review

The official InboxPro website was registered back in 2016. 

MyInbox pro review when was the domain name bought

The registrant for the domain is DE Marketing, Inc.David. M. Beeson and Robert Jones listed as President and Vice President respectively of the company.

I did some further digging and learned that two other e-mail marketing companies, namely MyEmailMentor and are also owned by the same company.

MyInbox pro is a scam run by owners who shut down operations
Myinboxpro is a scam as the owners have shut down two operations

What does mean?

Firstly, after having visited, it does not allow anyone to create a new account.

As for the site, it's not really a traditional e-mail marketing service but rather a squeeze page to get you to purchase their offer. 

The Offer : It's a subscriber account and apparently it comes pre-loaded with 10,000 subscribers. And every week, they will add 500 new subscribers.

You have to pay $34 for the offer, and they have a timer to get you to take swift action. But that's a sales tactic, it will renew again.

So do not jump in on impulse.

Gimsystemtraining is scam

The main point according to the owners of this website, is to send e-mails to the list. Should anyone buy what you are promoting, then the owners will split the commission with you.

It does not make sense at all.

Why would they want to split commissions, when they can market to the list themselves and take the full commission?

I know that I drifted a bit from the topic of the feature product, which is My Inbox Pro. But trust me there is a point here. It will all come together in the next section.

To summarize this is what we know :

  • The owners of all three e-mail marketing services are the same
  • MyEmailMentor is not fully-operational
  • GIM is offering a mediocre service without any real testimonials

What happens when you sign-up to MyInboxpro?

Take a look in the next section.


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How Much Does My Inbox Pro Costs?- The RipOff?

My Inboxpro is a scam with misleading prices

There are three plans from which you can choose. If you notice, the only difference between these three plans is the number of subscribers.

Package One : $34 (500 subscribers)

Package Two : $97 (1000 subscribers)

Package Three : $197 (2500 subscribers)

If you would like to purchase any of these plans, then there is a short form that you will be requested to fill out.

My inboxpro registration

And here is the really interesting part...

Once you fill out the form, you will be re-directed to a website of another email marketing service called Sendloop.

MyInboxpro redirects to Sendloop

What is sendloop all about?

Sendloop is an e-mail marketing service that has been around since 1999. They claim to have "one of the biggest email delivery infrastructure, exceptional and one-on-one customer service, tailored email marketing service and platform based on your needs can be a few our unique service offerings."

And you would think that from what Sendloop was offering, it might be a pretty expensive service, right?

MyInbox pro is a scam

They have expensive packages. But they also have affordable plans starting from $9 per month!

Why then go through the hassle of paying $37, according to the MyInboxpro official website, when you can register directly for the product at $9?

Red Flags of My Inbox Pro

1. No  Testimonials

The site does not have a record members' experiences. I could not find any reviews from third-party sites as well.

2. Their  Blogs  have not Been   Updated

The last time the owners of the site published any new information to their blog were in 2011.

3. No   owner information

Only if you dig deeper as I did, will you learn more about the owners.

4. Refund Policy   is not Coherent

From the GIM website, it's apparent that they will honor refunds. And they supply a email as a contact address.

Red flags of myinboxpro with gimsystemtraining there is a refund policy

Yet when you check out the term and conditions of My Inboxpro. they do not allow any refunds.

Myinboxpro red flag unable to process refunds

4. No Trial Packages available

My Inbox Pro VS Other Email Marketing Services

What is My Inbox Pro Really all about?

Email marketing services or commonly referred to as autoresponders are an essential tool for businesses. 

With an autoresponder, you can build an e-mail list of subscribers once they opt-in to your offer. The idea is then to build a relationship with your subscriber base and offer them valuable information. 

As time goes by, you can market products or services to your following.

My Inbox Pro, in my opinion, is not a true autoresponder service. They advertise that they offer the following features as part of the package :

  • List Segmentation
  • List import/export
  • Template gallery
  • Custom templates

But it's not really true.

My Inbox pro is just an affiliate for another automated email service company called Sendloop. As you have seen they are selling it at a higher price as well.

Speaking of price, there are various autoresponder services out there. You get MailChimp, Getreponse, and Aweber to name a few. I tried Aweber. Did not find it very user-friendly.

I now use Convert Kit for all my campaigns. They have good support. You can hop in the live chat, and they have a super friendly service.

And you only start paying until you reach the 1000 subscriber mark!

Convertkit is a better option than myinbox pro

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Is My Inbox Pro a scam? My Personal Opinion

At the end of the day, they are promoting a legit e-mail service, namely Sendloop. 

However, I do not think that the manner in which it's done is right. It's misleading, and they asking for a higher than the normal price. 


  • My Inbox Pro is connected to other mediocre systems
  • The owners use unethical tactics to market their businesses

The best option would be to go directly to the source and take it from there.

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Thanks so much for joining me on this My Inbox Pro review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wish you everything of the best in your online success,

Kind Regards and Take Care


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