Easy Cash Club Review- Automated Software? 2K Per Day! Really?

Hi there and welcome to my Easy Cash Club review. A software that promises you $379 per day!

The best part is that you can start raking in these sort of profits within minutes of using this automated software. Is there really such a software behind the closed doors or is Easy Cash Club a scam promising you the world and offering very little in return?


Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you are doing your research before jumping into the opportunity. I went deeper into this business and would like to offer you my comprehensive Easy Cash Club review, so that it can help make your end decision easier.

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WHAT IS ABOUT: Using YouTube and Affiliate Marketing

PRICE: $37(+upsells)




The Easy Cash Club sales video hints that a 'secretive millionaire' by the name of 'Steve' (no face shown, only back of his head, sorry), has developed an automated software that is capable of generating 'generous' profits for anyone!

Profits in the region of $2,000 per day!

Easy Cash Club Review what is Easy Cash Club all about a secret automated software

However, the licenses for this software are available in limited quantities.

In my opinion, if I was a multi-millionaire (am slowly getting there, LOL), why would I limit quantities of a business system that has potential to enrich as many lives as possible?

I mean, it's not like its going to make me poorer, right?

Anyway according to 'Steve' this software is capable of automatically creating videos and uploading it onto YouTube.

Is Easy Cash Club a scam? Can it automatically create YouTube videos

Furthermore, they state that this software takes the headaches out from creating YouTube videos.

The founders claim that by using the Easy Cash Club software there is,

  • No need to have any video recording software,
  • No need for a camera,
  • No need to even write out a script, and
  • No need to even lend your voice to do the recording.

From what I understand, the point of Steve's software is to create 'AI' or artificial intelligence videos, that has a computer generated voice and automatically displays 'plain' graphics.

According to him, these plain videos make him big money as he is capable of making videos within any niche, and he claims it gets lots of followers, and ultimately sales.

The really interesting part of the sales video, is that when it comes to them showing you the Easy Cash Club software in action, it's all blurred or censored.

Take a look at what I mean,

Easy Cash Club review demonstration of the software is a hoax

A Demo of The Easy Cash Club Software- Blurred and censored(Your eyes are fine, trust me, do not panic)

Exactly how is one supposed to make money once these videos are made?

The answer is, in two ways.

The first way is by promoting Clickbank products. You will need to register with Clickbank first. After doing so, you can embed the affiliate link of any Clickbank product into your YouTube video description.

Essentially this method of making money online is by using the affiliate marketing business model. It is a legit way of making money and I got started with it 3 years ago. It definitely works. You can check out my story here.

What is Affiliate Marketing


The second way in which they suggest that you monetize your YouTube video is by accepting ads on your video. For this to happen though, you would first need to register for a Google Adsense account(this is the first drawback of the Easy Cash Club system. I will tell you why in a few moments time).

As far as making these so-called 'automated profits' are concerned, they do not reveal much more. You do however get to see flashy cars, lovely mansions, and unverifiable bank balances. They also throw in some emotional triggers, to work on you.

If you want to know more about Easy Cash Club, you have to sign up.

'Is there really such a software once you pay the $37 membership fee?'

Let me show you the truth about Easy Cash Club.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


The core training area of the Easy Cash Club is made up of some video tutorials. They are not long in duration. I completed watching them in around one and a half hours.

is easy cash club a scam inside the easy cash club members area

The purpose of the videos is to teach you some basics on YouTube. They introduce you to some trending videos on the platform, and talk a bit on how to go about selecting a particular niche to market.

Once you have done your research about a topic or niche, your next step is to insert relevant information(about this topic) into the software, to create a video.

Yes, you read right! There actually is a software this time!

I was surprised too. Previously when I reviewed certain Clickbank products like the Money Looper, there was no software as advertised. Looks like, Easy Cash Club are telling you the truth.

So, does the software really work the way they said it would? That is different story altogether.

The software works as follows.

You first research trending topics by using Google and Google trends. Once you find a suitable article or articles, (they recommend you use around 3 or 4 articles), you simply copy the text from these articles.

how does the easy cash club software works , easy cash club review


You are advised to copy chunks of text from each article. Once you're done, simply insert these 'chunks' into the EEC(easy cash club) software. Then add suitable images (they show you some royalty-free image sites that you can use).

Finally select a voice to narrate the text. You can choose from a range of 'voices' that the software allows.

And you're done!

That is how the Easy Cash Club video is made. In fact, as part of the training they create a 'dummy YouTube video' using the software. It was uploaded onto their channel.

This is what it looks like...

Can you really make money with these types of videos? Is there proof that the Easy Cash Club actually works!

Coming up next..


Apart from the 'dummy' YouTube video, there is no real proof that the Easy Cash Club software works.

They make mention in the sales video, that they've created a number of successful videos, but you do not get to see any within the member's area. 

I always believe that if you want to join a business program that makes money, you need real proof that shows it works, like my NR.1 Recommended business opportunity.

What about the testimonials on the site?

These are not real as well. Take for instance, these two 'so-called' success stories.

Easy cash club is a scam with fake testimonials

Testimonials for the Easy Cash Club homepage

It turns out that the lady on the left is not Mary. Her real name is Joy Anna Duggar.

Easy Cash Club is a scam with fake testimonials

Does this mean that Easy Cash Club is a scam?

It's time to end my Easy Cash Club review with my verdict.



Firstly, Easy Club Cash are talking about YouTube. YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google. So, they are going in the right direction by recommending using YouTube. 

I would use YouTube and would recommend it too. Check my channel here. Secondly, when you sign up to Easy Cash Club, you are getting access to a software as advertised, no lies there. And thirdly, it is a Clickbank product, so you can always get your money back.

Should you join Easy Cash Club?

Here is my concern.

Easy Cash Club Review you do not need to invest lots of time to make money online

The marketing of Easy Cash Club is misleading. They will have you believe that you have a done-for-you system, which will rake in money in seconds.

Once a YouTube video is made, there are ways to optimize the video to get it to rank. Such ways include using keywords, inserting tags, and even mentioning your keyword phrases within your video. They do not teach you these and other important strategies.

So, it's not going to happen overnight as they claim.

Furthermore, they only teach you about marketing Clickbank products. You can build an affiliate marketing business from any niche or hobby, so why limit yourself to only promoting Clickbank. Learn how to make a passive income online here.

They then recommend using Google ads on your videos. Many YouTuber's are making a killing from this source. The problem is, that Google will only consider your channel if you have 4000 viewed hours or a 1000 subscribers.

Once again, it shows that this is not a 'get rich quickly' business. Lastly, there is no proof that Easy Cash Club works.


Yes, you can definitely make good money online. Yes, it is fun. But it does require effort and time to build a solid online business, just like any traditional 'brick and mortar'enterprise.

Except that, the biggest advantage compared to a 'brick and mortar' business is, that with an online business the overheads and start-up costs are significantly lower.

You can actually start building a solid online business with the best training, and top notch support and tools for the price of a cup of coffee a day!

Bottom Line: There is no such thing as easy money. If that were true, we would have millionaires running all over the place.

If you would like to start from scratch, then check out my review of the best affiliate marketing training course for beginners.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Easy Cash Club review.

You having been amazing! Do not forget to leave any questions or comments below.

Please share this article with friends or family whom you think it will be of benefit to.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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11 thoughts on “Easy Cash Club Review- Automated Software? 2K Per Day! Really?”

  1. From the word go easy cash club smells like a typical scam that about to make someone else very rich and the fact that upsell are involved it’s another bad indication.But the two most tell tale of easy scum club  is the ranking of  two stars that is way to bad  and the non existent owner who just showing the back of his head that is clear indication that easy cash club is a scum.

  2. Wow, this might seem to good to be true however, it is the great deal. With the features of this software, making passive income online is achievable because you don’t have to grow through the stress of writing a script or getting a camera to shoot your video, the software will. What I want to ask is that the software, can it be built personally for an individual. Good job here. Thank you. 

    • Hi 

      I just like to point out, that is what the software states it can do, however, there is no real proof that it actually works.

  3. Hi Roopesh! Thanks for your Easy Cash club review. Any well thinking individual that comes across such software that promises $379 per day should do well to do a little or even a detailed research about the company. There are so many online scams these days, to me any program that promises quick cash is a symptom of scam. The funny thing is that the owners are usually unknown (just like the case of the owner of Easy Cash club software). I laugh out loud at them showing blurred or censored video when they want to show the Easy Cash Club software in action. It is only gullible and greedy people that fall for such tactics. Due to the fact that their programs doesn’t work, they often recruit people to do fake testimonials for them. Everyone doing online business should be guarded.

    • Thanks for stopping by.

      You are right, and the best way to guard oneself’s when it comes to ‘not falling for scams,’ is to do research before signing up.

      Armed with knowledge allows one to make a better decision.

      All the best and take care


  4. hi Roopesh, thanks so much for this article,I learned quite a bit on top of your review into this system.A fact that blew my mind was that youtube is the second biggest search engine to google!!That is amazing !! Its really good when folks like you post content that takes a good objective look into some of the schemes that are there in abundance on the internet today.Yes you are correct,if there was easy money,we would be surrounded by millionaires!! Great post Roopesh,thanks heaps !!

  5. Thanks for sharing your review about Easy Cash Club. It seems like a lot of these opportunities out there tend to make us believe that it can be done so easily. You shed some light that it takes time for the YouTube video to rank. From what you laid out in your review, I personally would just upload YouTube videos without their software. There could be other uses for my money. Thanks again!

    • I think that the biggest advantage of uploading your own upload YouTube video, is that it is your property and your own piece of ‘real estate.’

      No one can take that away from you.

      Let me know if you need any help with your videos.



  6. The first red flag for me was the word, “Easy”. Not much in life that is profitable is also easy. They just don’t tend to go hand-in-hand. The second is never getting to see Steve’s face (unfortunately we share a name!). Why, if this is so good, is he not proud of it enough to show himself? 

    I also can’t stand when programs try to use stock photos and try to pass them off as real people telling real success stories. It’s dishonest and wrong, in my opinion.

    As far as how toe software works, my concern is finding articles and copying their text. Is that not some form of plagiarism? Can you get in trouble for stealing other people’s information? 

    • Thanks so much for those true words. Yes, you are right when it comes to starting a business and making money online, it does not happen ‘easily’ overnight.

      I think that when the Easy Cash Club systems asks for one to insert pre-written articles into the software,it does not sound right. I personally would not feel comfortable doing it.




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