Explode My PayDay Review- A Simple Loophole and 3 Weekly Checks, Scam?

Can you make $237/per day with this system? Is Explode My Payday a scam?

Hi there and welcome to this Explode My Payday review. There are many many ways to make money online. When someone tells you that you can make good money on a consistent basis with just 15-minutes of your time or with little or no effort, then that 'business' begs a deeper investigation.

It's great to see that you are wanting to know more about this opportunity. It shows that you are not going to be easily duped by what folks have to say. I respect that. 

Having said that, it is my hope that this review gives you all the information that you need to make an informed decision.

Ready? Great, let's get started!


WEBSITE: www.explodemypayday.com

OWNER: Unknown




When you eventually sign up, you will be directed to an orientation video. At that point, I started to feel some hope. Perhaps, I will actually be given an inside scoop as to exactly how the Explode My Payday system works! (As the initial sales video, showed zip).

This is how it went down....

They start by showing you an account that is set up in your name. And naturally, this account of yours has got zero dollars to start with. It looks something like this....

Explode my Payday review free account is a lie

Then they simply press the "Activate" button, and claim that the Explode My Payday system generates "traffic over the internet," straight to this 'done for you website.'

Sounds cool, doesn't it?

Anyway, a few minutes later into the video, they show you a screenshot of how your account has grown to the value of $240.

explode my payday is a scam

Then a couple of minutes later, they show you the amount having grown to $625.

Sadly so, the video does not reveal any juicy information as to 'how the Explode My Payday System actually works.' 

It's just more chatting on how 'Meaghan'- (the creator) worked so hard to create a system to empower other people. She claims to have helped them make thousands of dollars. The video(just like the first one), is loaded with 'emotional' work-ups to get you to take the bait.

The bottom line is, that for you to know further you have no choice but to sign up and pay their $47 asking fee.

Are people really making money from using Explode My Payday? Let me show you.


Over time, as I have got accustomed to reviewing make money online opportunities on my site, it has become more easier to spot fake testimonials.

I learned that many of them end up using the same actors or actresses from the Fiverr platform. Basically, Fiverr is a place where you can hire folks to do most 'gigs' for your online business.

Explode My Payday ended up using a lady by the name of Megan Elizabeth, from PA.

Explode My payday is a scam by using fake testimonials

She claims to have made $1,117 from having used Explode My Payday. The next screenshot shows her auditioning her acting services on Fiverr. 

Millionaire Bizpro is a scam

In fact, awhile back I reviewed another mediocre 'make money' opportunity called Millionaire BizPro, and that is where she read the exact same script as Explode My Payday.

Millionaire Bizpro is a scam

'Megan' giving the same testimonial on Millionaire BizPro

Can you really believe that the system actually works?

There are a couple of other red flags that I would like to show you.

Wealthy Affiliate review


Apart from the fake testimonials, there are other red flags that you need to be made aware of.


Is Explode My PayDay a scam, yes they have countless red flags going on

This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book. They tell you that if you do not act fast enough, then you will miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

In fact, they go as far as telling you that the video is only going to be up for the day that you are watching it, after which it will be taken down.

That is complete hogwash. Try visiting the site the next day, or on a different browser. You will find that you can still access it. 

In other words, its a lie.


As you watch the sales video, you will come to know of the owner or founder of Explode My Payday as Meaghan Harper.

Who is the owner of Explode my Payday

Once again, it is another lie. This image was bought from a stock photo library site called Shutterstock.

Who is the owner of Explode my payday, complete fake taken from a stock photo website


Explode my Payday is a scam by stating that it only takes 15-20minutes of your day

You need only 15-20 minutes of your time with this system, and you will be making $1000 per day according to 'Meaghan'.

So, is Explode My Payday a scam? It's time for the verdict.


Like most Clickbank products, Explode My Payday carries a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. In other words, these guys are not going to run away with your $47 bucks.

However, I feel that the marketing is overly hyped up, and the sales pitches are based on unrealistic claims. 

Can you make $1000 per day?

Yes, you can. However, it cannot and will not happen overnight. They showed you a brand new site making $625 in a few minutes. From my experience as an affiliate marketer, I can tell you that it's impossible.

Firstly, no one is going to give you a money generating site, just like that. It takes time to build. Google is smart, and they will rank sites that offer value and helpful content. Google gives authority to sites that they trust, like those that rank on page one. Explode My Payday fails to mention these things to you in the sales video.

Secondly, according to 'Meaghan' they're going to give you 'a done for you site.' A site is never done. It's ongoing work, maintenance and requires looking after- just like any REAL business.

I believe that an opportunity that promises overnight fortunes does not exist. One should approach it with extreme caution and not let their emotions get the better of them.


Let me bring you in on the secret to making money online. You really need only three things to make honest, passive income.

Want to know what it is?

The first thing which I think is the most important is- a strong desire. Not just a wish. A strong desire coupled with the willingness to work hard and put in effort is needed.

The second thing- Time. You need to put aside some time. It takes time to build a solid business. 'Get Rich Promises' will have you believe otherwise.

The third thing- a legit teaching platform (like this one that I personally endorse), with all the resources, training, support, tools and up to date lessons. You need to have the best mentorship and training in your corner.

So, have you got the strong desire? Have you got the time? 


Click on the link below, and let me help you get started by showing you the best training.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Explode My Payday Review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Should you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards and Take Care.


4 thoughts on “Explode My PayDay Review- A Simple Loophole and 3 Weekly Checks, Scam?”

  1. You really know how to do your homework when it comes to reviewing sites Roopesh. Finding that those where fake testimonials using an actress and finding the owners photo on shutter stock makes you a really good investigator.

    I have also been burnt in the past by these sorts of sites, and I never believe what they say anymore, especially the make money in 15 minutes of work a day part. Most of us know that to make money, there are not short cuts, unless you win the lottery. It takes consistent work and training, and then over time you can start earning an income.

  2. The authenticity of a program is questioned when there are red flags all over the place. For starters, for anyone to make use of fake testimonials shows that the program is not authentic and that their claims are false. Secondly, for the owner of the program not to reveal their true selfs also makes trust to be a problem.

    Third, when you make outrageous claims about making really quick money with very little effort is the worst claim out of all and should immediately tell you that there is something not right about this program. I can assure you that I did not really know this earlier on but as I have seen a lot of these scams I have become better at identifying them and all these things I mentioned were all present in the explode my payday program. It is rather unfortunate that people still fall for these sought of scams

  3. WOW!! That is insane! People will do shady stuff to get money from unsuspecting readers. I’m glad that I came across this article as I have been looking into programs to help folk’s make money online.

    I have seen the testimonials from them and thought it was too good to be true! Other reviews I came across weren’t so forthcoming with the negatives about the program.

    May I ask you how you were able to find the image on shutter stock and how you were able to find the testimonial gig on fiverr from the video?

    Thank you for the warning!

    • You are most welcome.

      Sure I used Google Images, As for the Fiverr one, I done it the old fashion way. Searched and searched….

      All the best 



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