Infinity Profit System Review- 100% Commissions?or Is There a Catch?

Welcome to my Infinity Profit System review. This system is advertised as one that does not require of you to sell anything or for you to do any presentations to earn?

Sounds cool right? So, how then do you make the money?

What is Infinity Profit System all about? A platform that offers courses on 'how to become an online marketer'.

Are their products really as "high-value" as they say? Is Infinity Profit system legit and can it help you to earn that 6-figure income as stated, with 100% commissions?

Its important to do your research before you 'dive into' a business opportunity.Today I will share my opinion with you on Infinity Profit System. It is my hope that it will help to make your end decision all the more easier.

NAME OF COMPANY:Infinity Profit System


OWNER: Mr. Dale Payne Sizer

WHAT IS ABOUT: An online business marketing course with a built-in 'MLM-type' compensation to reward existing members for recruiting others.




You can choose from two different packages,

  • The Starter Plan: Costs $25
  • The Basic Plan: Costs $100

The starter plan is an e-course consisting of 9 video tutorials.

It covers aspects that pertain to the branding of your company. Some of the topics include personal vs company branding, how to go about selecting colors, themes, and custom logos, to mention a few.

How much does the infinity profit system costs?

The basic package on the other hand, offers training on how to automate your business. You get some tools that help with the marketing as well.

how much does the infinity profit system costs, the tools in the basic plan

Some of the tools include using their SMS broadcast and SMS autoresponder services.They also have an e-mail autoresponder and a broadcast feature. You also get SMS funnels and opportunity funnels that allows you to integrate it into your campaigns.

Personally, I think that the products are a bit expensive.

In addition to the membership charges, there is an additional $10 admin fee. Should you decide to join their basic plan, then you're looking at forking out around $135.

Building an online business does not have to be expensive. In fact, there are legit teaching platforms like this one that cost less than a cup of coffee a day.

Are the Infinity Profit System products really worth it? I will show you in a moment.

For now, let me show you how one is supposed to make money using IPS.


In the video below, it is mentioned that the owner Mr. Dale Payne Sizer, is giving you 100% COMMISSIONS on the referrals(or recruits) that join your downline.

So, one is given the impression that if people were to join either the $25 or $100 plan, they would in turn earn, $25 or $100 respectively, right?

It turns out, that it does not work that way.

Who is going to give you a 100% of sales?

On further investigation, this is what is really going on.

Basically, the compensation plan works on a pass "1 up" system. Allow me to illustrate with an example.

When you sign up your first recruit, you will get your $25. Then you will pass up the second person's commission of $25 to your upline and receive the 3rd person's commissions. The 4th person who joins you, will have their fee passed up and so forth.

It's not really a fair way of getting paid in my opinion. What happens should you take up the $25 package and a member of your downline upgrades to the $100 plan?

You lose out on a $100 commission!

That's a lot of money, and someone else is going to reap the benefits of all your efforts.

Infinity profit system scam

You may argue that you're still getting $25 or $100 and even though they 'skip' you, you are still making something. True, but wouldn't it be great to earn every commission. After all, it's you that introduced the person and no-one else.This platform teaches you how to get paid for every sale you make.

What about the products that you are going to be selling? Are they really worth it?

As I had mentioned, the products are focused on building an online business. One of the tools that they supply you with are the 'capture pages'.

One of the capture pages looks something like this, as shown below...

The infinity profit system products

These tools are certainly useful tools within the 'internet marketing' world.

Some tools, like a website, you will need at the very start of your journey, whilst others, like an e-mail marketing service, you will need later on.

Are the products worth it?

From my experience as an affiliate marketer, starting an online business takes time and hard work. Yes, branding is important and so is automation. However, the core ingredient for a successful website is having content that is SEO friendly and provides the reader with help or answers.

Not much mention has been made of the benefits of any of these products.

The one thing that is certain, is that if you get folks to sign-up under you, you earn a commission.

Wealthy Affiliate review


Is there an Infinity Profit System Scam going on here?

Let's face it! You would not want all of your hard work to go to waste! Truth be told, it's not a 100 % commission paying story.

As for the so-called "high-ended" products that you are actually purchasing, it only gets a 3-second mention in the video.

Where does it all lead up to?

The focus is on recruiting. The danger I believe, is when ''one's only goal'', is focused on achieving sign-up after sign-up. If all the member's were to start thinking this way (of merely gaining $25 and $100 respectively), it can be interpreted as being a pyramid scheme.

Another question to ask is, "what happens should the member's stop investing?" How do the existing members get paid?

That in theory, could mean that the business may have to shut its doors.

Just some food for thought.


Building a solid online business takes time. The key to earning a passive income online is to have a business that will thrive through the good and bad times.

The idea is to build something that you can call yours and is not dependent on whether someone joins your downline or not. You would also want to earn all commissions that are due to you.

If you are looking to start your own online legacy, simply click on the link below.

Thanks for joining me on this Infinity Profit System review.

I hope that it has helped you out. Have you tried the recruiting business before? Did you enjoy it?

Would love to hear from you.

All the best and do take care.


3 thoughts on “Infinity Profit System Review- 100% Commissions?or Is There a Catch?”

  1. I don’t get this commission business.  You get skipped for another person to claim your commission?  This doesn’t make any sense to me.  Are they just trying to come up with different weird ways to do this stuff?

    I also don’t like the up sells these companies use.  I don’t believe a system like this is worth the money they want you to pay just to be able to participate fully.

    To me it’s another scam.  Nothing more

  2. This article is great. There are so many Ponzi scheme going on on the Internet, and everyone is vulnerable. This article clearly exposes  how Infinity Profit System deceives people with a a money making process or model that does not make sense. 

    The main question I have about this article is the sources or materials use to sustain the arguments developed. It is important to remember that people will not just take our word for it. Can you please make available the references use to develop this argument?

    I absolutely agree that people willing to create an online marketing business usually go on the Internet to find some effective resources. Very often they fall into various traps and end up loosing their time and money. I have been a victim many times. Resources like Wealth Affiliate are very rare.  

    Moreover, these scams present their scheme in such an attractive way that, very few people can uncover the deception before hand. Your article is very revealing. 

  3. The main reason the focus is on recruiting is because this is obviously a MLM company and the pay structure proves it.

    So they are being deceptive because they really dont care if anyone learns anything about affiliate marketing.

    It is because of companies like this that the industry gets a black eye so often

    Im glad you are a hard hitting truth telling writer because people need to know the truth.

    Thank you for taking the time to write a great review.


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