PointsPrizes Review- Is PointsPrizes Legit?

Hi there and welcome to my PointsPrizes review. PointsPrizes is a GPT or 'Get Paid To' platform that offers you the opportunity of playing games, watching videos, and completing survey's in exchange for points.

Is PointsPrizes legit or should you join this venture? Is it really going to be worth your effort and precious time to join PointsPrizes? 

It's always a good thing to do your research beforehand. It's my hope that this review will help you in your research and make your decision easier.


Great! Let's get started.


WEBSITE: www.PointsPrizes.com

WHAT IS ABOUT: A platform that offers prizes in exchange for completing various tasks or challenges.




The PointsPrizes dashboard is filled with loads of options that one can click on, in order to earn points.

What is pointsprizes all about

I tried my hand at the 'Mystery Points' challenge first. It was called the 'Spelling Bee Challenge.' 

The pointsprizes mystery prize challenge

It consists of a series of 40 Multiple Choice questions. All that is required of you to do, is to select the word with the correct spelling.

Initially the questions were easy, but as you go on, they become a bit tricky. Nevertheless, it was fun and I scored a 83%. Not bad, wouldn't you say?

The downside, is that it took almost 20 minutes to complete this task, and I earned only one point!

Then I decided to try something that has more 'point potential'.

I checked out the offer where you can earn by listening to your favorite music. Unfortunately, the link was blocked by my computer's antivirus. No luck there as well. 

I then went through each of the items within their side bar menu.

It looks something like this.

The pointsprizes side bar challenge

I have seen a menu structure similar to this one, when I reviewed other get paid to sites such as Treasure Trooper and Mingle Cash.

Some of the items in those programs granted me access whilst others were restricted to certain countries only. 

Is it going to be the same story with PointsPrizes?

This is how it went down.....


(This was a redirect to the main dashboard)


The OfferWalls section consists of various offers that you need to complete, in order to earn points. 

Offers include, 

  • Signing up with other websites
  • Subscribing to certain offers, (some of these are paid offers),and
  • App installations.
is pointsprizes a scam, check out the offerwall section


This section is pretty self explanatory. I have never been a fan of doing online surveys.

I found that on many occasions, too much time was wasted on the 'screening' survey, only to be told at the end, that you did not qualify for the main survey.

I have reviewed survey programs to avoid like this one, whilst the better one to use is this one.

Coming back to PointsPrizes, if surveys are your thing, then maybe you might enjoy this section.


If you are a gamer, then you are welcome to try these ones out. Be warned though, this is not your God of War, or Legend of Zelda 'graphics' and 'playstyle' type of game.

I found the gameplay to be in a 2-D format which offered very little interaction with your environment, unlike the ones you get on Xbox and the like.

How do you earn points with Points prizes games

One point is earned per level completed. The SwordArtOnline, would give me a total of 42 points, if I complete all the levels.

How to earn points with pointsprizes


Unfortunately, I could not do any of these offers, as my country was excluded.


The last part, is a quick and easy survey. All you've got to do, is to tell them how you rate your overall PointsPrize survey, and you will earn an additional 10 points.

There are two other ways in which you can earn FREE points. The first, via redeeming coupons. As you visit the selected sites, these coupons will be 'hidden.' Once you find the code, you can redeem them for points on the official PointsPrizes site.

How to redeem PointsPrizes coupons

The second way, is by referring others to PointsPrizes. As a free member, you are granted access to their affiliate program.

They provide you with your unique PointsPrizes affiliate link. All you have got to do, is to share it with friends and family on FaceBook or any other Social Media platform that you fancy.

That summarizes how PointsPrizes work. Notice that up to this point, we have only been taking about points. 

Whilst earning points is all nice, I think you will agree with me when I say, that 'money is better.'

So, do you make money with PointsPrizes?

Wealthy Affiliate review


The cool part is, that once you have achieved a certain amount of points, you can exchange it for prizes with over 40 merchants.

For instance, should you acquire 3000 points, you can redeem them for a Playstation code.

what to do when you have achieve points with pointsprizes

You can choose from a host of merchants such as, 

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • XBox
  • Google Play,etc

What about the money? What is the threshold limit until PointsPrizes pays you some cash?

Unlike other 'Get Paid To' websites, the points-exchange compensation at PointsPrizes was not clearly explained here. However, I found out that once you achieve a total of 3000 points, you would qualify for a $20 pay out via PayPal.

The site features a 'few shots' of folks earning the $20 payout.

Can you really make money with PointsPrizes?

To me, earning 3000 points sounds like an enormous amount of work that one needs to do, just to earn 20bucks!

What do you think?

Does this mean that PointsPrizes is a scam?

Coming up next, my verdict.


According to the official PointsPrizes website, they have been around since 2016. To date, they claim that they have a member base of 11 million subscribers. If that were true, then I think that that's quite impressive for close to only 2 years of business.

How many members of Points prizes

The positive part is, that it's Free To Join and anyone from any part of the world can join. They also have a fairly active FaceBook page and Twitter profile that one can subscribe to.

In addition, there is no exchange of money going on. From this perspective, I do not think that PointsPrizes is a scam?

Should you join PointsPrizes?

Here are my thoughts. 

If you are looking at making money with PointsPrizes, then consider these points first.

POINT ONE: Your Earnings Are Restricted

According to their site, PointsPrizes maintain that most of their codes are "for use in US ONLY."

The opportunities that you get to earn, are also higher, if you are located within their so-called, 'wealthy countries region'. 

These include United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and to lesser extent, countries such as France, Germany and Netherlands.

Can You really earn much with POINTSPRIZES?

POINT TWO: Is it Really 11 Million and Only $20?

Earlier on I mentioned that they have around 11 Million Active users. I also said that they have an active FaceBook page.

However, the FaceBook page shows only around 80 000 plus members. That's not even close to a million members. 

How many folks are really active here?

How many members are active on FaceBook page?

As for the $20 payment, I have not seen any higher amount than this being paid out to members.

Bottom Line: PointsPrizes is not a scam. However, in my opinion, the earning potential is NOT going to provide you with a passive income. You need to work hard and spends lots of your time doing tasks only to reach a 3000 points threshold. It's not a reliable or stable source of income.


They say that MONEY is a commodity that comes and goes, but TIME is more PRICELESS.

Once TIME goes by, you cannot get it back. How precious is your TIME to you?

Would you like to have a solid, sustainable online business, that can last for generations to come? 

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Thanks so much for joining me on this PointsPrize review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions or comments, simply leave them below and I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Kind Regards and Take Care


6 thoughts on “PointsPrizes Review- Is PointsPrizes Legit?”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to review PointsPrizes.  I have to say, having my antivirus trigger and block one of the point making options would be a huge red flag for me (yes I know that false positives are possible but still).

    I have to say, yes I could make some money there but the effort to pay out ratio is was off for me to make real money at it.

    Your review saved me some time.

    Thanks again!

  2. I’ve seen LOADS of websites like this and they all tend to be similar to what you’ve described here. There’s definitely SOME legitimacy to their claims and you can earn money, but it’s hugely limited and you’d honestly just be better off trying to find a part time physical job if you’re looking for extra cash. Do you think there are any GPT sites like these that offer a better opportunity than part time work, or not? Thanks!

    • Hi Benji

      I think that it depends on the part time work you talking about and the salary that you are getting from it. If one finds that the opportunities are rolling in on the GPT sites(providing its has a good pay structure), then maybe it might pay more than a part time salary.

      Take Care


  3. Hi there, that you for your review on PointPrizes, I have never tried it but I do play something similar called Big Time game, it is a game app on my iPhone. 

    Totally agree, these platform will not make you achieve your passive income but I do enjoy playing them when I have some downtime. This is my logic, I am going to play games why don’t get par for it even though the pay is little but a penny makes a dollar. Nothing serious for me though I play games only when I am bored from work or from a lot of reading.

    Thanks for recommending the Paidviewpont, I will check it out.

    Take care

  4. Hello Roopesh and thank you for this amazing review. Points Prizes looks legit but it is one of those options where you would think twice before actually investing time. This GPT does not look scammy but rewards are not fulfilling in my opinion.

    From what I read, it is clear that they have a lot of options you can choose from and start doing tasks. What I do not like is that the most rewards are coupons or some kind of redeem options. I prefer getting paid for what I do. Also, there is limit to earning money. 

    That is frustrating. 

    I will check your recommended option and I am really glad I found your website.




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