Mingle Cash Review: Is Mingle Cash A Scam? $57 Per Day! Is It Possible?

17 Year Old's are making $100 000 a Year with MingleCash!

 At least this is what you will hear in the initial sales video. Is this really possible? Is Mingle Cash a Scam or should you give this opportunity a go?

MingleCash is a 'get paid to do' online opportunity. You have to carry out tasks such as playing games, watching videos and taking surveys for which you will be compensated. Signing up to Mingle Cash is free.

Do they really pay their members or are there some restrictions or clauses (like other programs) that will leave you feeling cheated? What about their 'tasks' or assignments? Are they open to everyone all over the world? 

Allow me to show you what is going on at MingleCash. After you read my post today, it's my hope that it will help you make your own decision about MingleCash.


WEBSITE: www.MingleCash.com

WHAT IS ABOUT: You get paid for watching ads, videos, taking surveys and playing games.







Mingle Cash pays users cash to play games and view ads from their computer and phone and win from 250 daily cash prizes.
Mingle Cash allows users to earn money to surf websites and earn cash

The above statement is taken from the the MingleCash forum. They are spot on with the playing games and viewing ads part. They do have lotteries where you can earn money prizes. So that part is right too.

However, the part that I highlighted in red, "earn money to surf websites", I am not so sure about. I could not find anything of this sort. Perhaps they might bring it to the platform at a later stage.

There are various 'get paid to do' platforms that are out there. I reviewed some that pay you to solve 'captchas' like the Captcha Club and Megatypers. Then you also have Treasure Trooper that works very similar to Mingle Cash.

From my experience you need to be an active member to earn money. Let me take you deeper and show you how you can earn money at Minglecash.


Basically there are 5 ways in which you can earn money with MingleCash.

How do you earn money with MingleCash

They are; 

  • PC Play and Earn
  • Watch and Earn
  • Hourly and Daily Lotteries
  • Offer Wall
  • Refer and Earn

In my case, the first (PC Play and Earn) and the fourth (Offer Wall) were the two primary ways that I could try out.

PC Play And Earn

This was relatively easy. You do not even need to play the games. All you have to do to earn here is, to open the game that catches your attention.

Then watch the accompanying ad for 90seconds. That's it. Money will be credited to your account.

What is MingleCash


This one is about taking survey jobs. I personally am not a fan of online survey jobs. I found that on many occasions they reject you on the screening surveys and you end up wasting lots of precious time. 

In addition I learned that there are some companies that over-promise and under-deliver like this one. However, you do have some legit survey companies such as this one.

What is Minglecash

Coming back to MingleCash, my experience was not any different. I was rejected on three of the four surveys. The one that I did eventually qualify for, paid me $0.14

how does the minglecash offerwall work


Unfortunately this part was off limits to me. This is the section where you get to earn money by simply watching video clips.

It came to my knowledge that only if you are a resident of one of the 11 'delegated countries', then only will you be eligible for the WATCH AND EARN.

MingleCash watch and earn

As mentioned within the image above, they have plans to open this feature to ALL countries in due course.


To gain entry into these lotteries, you would have to have completed watching a certain amount of ads or played a certain amount of games.

Example, for every 20 ads you see or games you play, you gain 1 entry ticket. (This is for the daily lottery).

How much do you win in these lotteries?

Hourly Lottery

The prize money is $.50. 10 winners are drawn, each win $.05

Daily Lottery

The prize money is $5. 10 winners are drawn, each win $.50


This method is the most popular way, and is recommended by members and the owner as well.

They say that its the best way to earn money within Minglecash. 

All you have to do is promote Mingle Cash using your free affiliate link. The more people you sign up to your downline, the better it is.

Here is how it works.

They have a 10-referral system. You can earn a percentage of your entire downline up to 10 levels.

Keep in mind though, that the percentage that you earn is relative to the amount ads that you viewed or games that you played.

the  minglecash compensation plan

I interpret this as meaning only one thing. That even though you have built a downline, you still have to work to earn your money. In other words, it is not passive income.

That is the way that I see it.

What do you think?

Lets see if people are earning with MingleCash.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


I was happy to see that the member's forum is pretty active. Lot's of members were joining. When I signed up the member count was around 50 000 people.

As for testimonials, they have compiled a video showing their member payouts. In addition there are a number of member's themselves that testify (on Youtube) that Minglecash have paid them out.

MingleCash video testimonials

However there was one part that did not quite make sense to me.

As you have witnessed, the earnings that I made were not significant.

Minglecash has a $2 payout threshold. That means that only once you reach $2, can you qualify for your PAYPAL payout.

Their official video testimonials, showed majority of the payouts were below the $5 mark. I am not saying that 'no-one' has earned more.(I have seen a YouTube video of someone getting paid $20).

This is my argument.---- The initial sales video makes mention of 17-year old's having made $100 000 within a year!

Can it really be possible, considering that the payments are small? Secondly, MingleCash only opened its doors in October 2017. It's still not a year.

The official MingleCash launchdate


The initial marketing is somewhat misleading.They also made mention that this is a business that will run on 'full autopilot.'

In my opinion, I do not think that is accurate, as one still has to be very much 'active' to earn higher commissions.

The other issue that I have with these kind of platforms is that one ends up depending on it for a source of income. I am not trying to get you scared, and say that it will shut down. But what happens if it does? What happens to all your efforts and the time that you have invested?

Nevertheless, I do not think that Mingle Cash is a Scam.

Should you sign up with Mingle Cash?

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. I would like to ask you a question before you make that final decision.

What do you define as success within the online world?

  • Is Success for You having your own online 'real-estate' asset?
  • Is Success for You having built a legacy?
  • Is Success for You having something that is yours that nobody can take away?
  • Is Success for You having a passive income stream that pays?

I make money online by writing content. It becomes my property, my own online 'real-estate' asset.

I do not have to depend on other platforms to make money, as my website generates that income. 

I started from knowing nothing at all about building an online business, and this awesome platform taught me everything that I know today. It's FREE to join this platform, you can trial them here.

If you would like to learn more on how I got started, simply click here and I will be happy to show you.

I hope that this MingleCash Review has helped you out.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Kind Regards and Take Care.


8 thoughts on “Mingle Cash Review: Is Mingle Cash A Scam? $57 Per Day! Is It Possible?”

  1. Hmmn.. I find this misleading too. And if the payout is so small, how is one able to earn a decent income. I also earn money online but currently as part-time blogger. And what I did is to create good content before I monetize. It takes a while to see result but at least can earn decent income. If anyone want to earn passive income online, I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate which is also my no. 1 recommended program.

    • I agree with you that one does need to invest the time and effort, but at the end of the day, it’s all towards building a sustainable online business that is yours.

      It will definitely pay you the dividends in the long run.

      All one needs is to have patience and be consistent. Wealthy Affiliate helps anyone who wants to get to this point. I am glad to hear that its your recommendation as well.

      All the best and take care


  2. I have been with MingleCash for a little over a month and even though it does not pay a lot, this is the only internet income that I have been involved with that is 1. free to join and 2. it actually pays on time and consistently. I think people don’t see the silver lining with this and unfortunately we are in a mindset of getting rich quick. Internet marketer newbies are too stuck on the shiny object syndrome of all the flashy sales pages with claims of hundreds of dollars possible with only a few hours of work. Then they see the $49 or higher price tag and BUY NOW button at the end of the page and either click away or do sign up, then find out there’s more fees along the way. MingleCash is nothing like that. I like to treat my MingleCash as seed money for traffic to either promote it or educate those on the fence that it indeed can be a game changer with the power of active referrals. One of my referrals actually told me she is using MingleCash to pay for her Wealthy Affiliate monthly fee.
    Hope this helps.


    • Hello Scott
      Thanks so much for your comment. I am glad to hear that its working out for you at MingleCash. As you said, even though they do not pay alot, it’s free to join and they do pay on time.
      Appreciate your input.
      Take Care

  3. This is a really informative and well done review Roopesh!
    I think I will steer clear of this offer because I have done the survey stuff on a couple of websites and ended up wasting time and effort for peanuts!
    I also tried the apps thing with a product called AppCoiner and had absolutely zero success!
    I guess if people just want to do surveys because they enjoy them and don’t want to earn much it would be a good option.
    But I was interested in the other offer you suggested called Wealthy Affiliate! It sounds like it might be the real deal!
    Are there any catches?
    Can I really get started and get the training I need to build a website and learn how to make money with it?

    Thank you

    • Thank you Mike for the compliment. Really appreciate it.

      As for Wealthy Affiliate, they have a free trial. You can try out it without having to commit to any financial payment. I will be there to show you around if needs be.

      They have all the tools and training and the community support is amazing. I am with them for over 3 years now. I guess, you have to try it and see you for yourself.

      Click here to check it out.



  4. I agree that most of the online work at home businesses are or seem like scams or they are on the border line. Are there any out there that actually pay a descent salary to make a monthly appointment rent payment. If so hit me up. Mean time as a WA member, I will continue to work on my website but I could do both if there is a decent online job out there. I have searched and come up zero.

    • Hey Willie

      Nice to hear from a WA member. How are things going?

      I know that if you work consistently with the training at WA, you can build yourself a full-time passive income business.A business that would be more than able to cover your expenses.

      However, it’s not going to happen overnight. I know that you got what it take to see it through.

      See you at the top.




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