Traffic AdCoins Review-Can You Make Money With Ad Packs?

Hi there and welcome to my Traffic Adcoins Review. There has been some hype around this ad revenue sharing platform and therefore I thought I'd check it out.

Is Traffic Adcoins a scam? It’s been marketed as a platform where one “will be able to achieve success, and increase your lead lists, referrals and commissions.” Sounds like a 'hit two birds with one stone,' story going on here.

Is there sufficient proof to back this statement and can you really make money with Traffic Adcoins?

I am glad that you stopped by and would like to share my findings. At the end of the day, you would want to make the right choice, and that can only be done after doing thorough research.

It is my hope that this review will help to make your choice all the more easier!

NAME OF COMPANY : Traffic Ad Coins


OWNER: Cleiton Maronni

WHAT IS ABOUT : A platform that sells Ad packs, and allows the members to earn commissions from selling these packs.




Initially, it was not easy to find out who was behind the Traffic Ad Coins project. I visited the Traffic Ad Coins Facebook page and was hoping to find some more info, but no such luck there either.

They did however make mention that Traffic ad coins was recently launched. I recall reading that the official launch took place in September 2018.

Traffic adcoins is a scam

Upon further digging, I came across some interesting information. It turns out that Cleiton Maronni, who is the owner of TrafficAdBlast is also the owner of

Cleiton Maronni is the founder of TrafficAdcoins and Traffic Ad blast

Why all the secrecy? Why no transparency? Are they hiding something?

Read on, let me show you more about this platform.


The positive part is that it's free to join TrafficAdCoins!

However, this positivity is shortlived.

Here is the real deal.

When you take up the free membership, there is not much that you can actually do!

The member’s area is fairly basic.There are no introductory videos, or tutorials or any guides on what one should do.

How does the traffic adcoins members area look

The only option, is to click around and you will most probably end up clicking on the “PURCHASE POSITION,” Tab.

You get a referral link, that you can use to ‘recruit’ more people and earn from their membership (more about the comp plan shortly).

In fact, this is the place where you will find their ‘one and only' product, which is,

Ad Packs.

 There are four different adpack plans that one can choose from.

  • Ad Pack Plan 1 : $5.00
  • Ad Pack Plan 2 : $10.00
  • Ad Pack Plan 3 : $25.00
  • Ad Pack Plan 4 : $50.00

There are various Ad Pack options to suite your budget.You can choose to market a specific business or product using these packs.

what is the traffic adcoins product all about

What is an AdPack?

An AdPack is simply a ‘marketing package’ that consists of 'traffic credits, banner impressions and text ad impressions.' Basically with an adpack, you are able to place ads on their site.

Unfortunately, to get started with the purchase of one of these revenue sharing packs, one has to have a bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency.

They take Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum as forms of payment. 

I did not have any of these, so there was not much more that I could do.

Can one actually make money from TrafficAdCoins?

Coming up next.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


According to their earnings disclaimer, Traffic Adcoins does not regard themselves as an “MLM” program.

However, they do pay out commissions to their affiliates. All that they mention further, is that their payout extends to all your referrals, down 5 levels.

They go on to state that their payout is 10% on purchases made by referrals which run 5 levels down.

the traffic adcoins compensation plan

The very next line thereafter gets a bit confusing, when they mention that the payout of 10% is not applicable to AdPacks, but it will rather be dropped to 5% and is applicable on only one level.

Exactly what other purchases are they talking about that will qualify for the 10% commissions? There are only the Adpacks.

At this point, it also becomes a bit clearer that the only source of revenue is from the member’s investment.

Is this very same money being used to pay the people’s commissions? In other words is there a 'Ponzi' thing going on?


The official website makes a claim that Traffic Adcoins does actually work and that they have indeed paid out members. On record, they show you payments made out to a guy by the name of Josh Domsky.

traffic adcoins has fake testimonials

The problem here is that their 'one and only' testimonial, is not real. It’s a complete fake!

Take a look at where else you can find this image.

traffic adcoins is a scam, they have fake testimonials

It’s available on stock image websites.

They claim that they have been operational since June 2018, and on record Traffic Adcoins has only paid out $450 to its ‘so-called’ 430 members!

you can very little with traffic adcoins

Even if this were the case, to me it means only one thing. That the system literally pays out ‘peanuts’.

What do you think?

So, is Traffic Adcoins a Scam?


I feel that this platform has very little if anything to offer. There is no substantial evidence to back up that people are earning any money. The owner does not want himself to be known and there is no ‘real business asset’ that one is investing into.

During my research I read many other Traffic Adcoin reviews labelling Traffic Adcoins as a ‘Ponzi Scheme'.

If you were to look at it, one may 'think' that they are investing.The danger here, I believe, is that once new members stop investing, the organization will cease. All one’s efforts and time invested will be a complete waste.

In my honest opinion, I think that one should steer clear of Traffic Adcoins.


Not every online business that you come across is a scam. In fact, one can build a solid passive income business, if one is directed to the right platform.

Three years ago, I knew nothing about website building, or where to even get started with making money online. As a pharmacist, you can imagine, how foreign all of this stuff was to me.

Today, I help people all over the world thanks to this awesome teaching platform. If you really want to build your own online legacy, and are prepared to give it a fair amount of effort and time, then click on the link below, and let me guide you.

I hope that this Traffic Adcoins review has helped you out.

Please do not hesitate to leave any comments or questions that you my have below.

I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


7 thoughts on “Traffic AdCoins Review-Can You Make Money With Ad Packs?”

  1. Hello Roopesh. I hope you are having a good time with the season and merry Christmas in advance. Thank you for your honest review of Traffic AdCoins. Of course seeing the payout vs the number of members I certainly know I cannot make money with their ad packs? I hate the idea of fake testimonials and I have decided a long time ago not to waste my time with sites that pay peanuts. I’m currently working on building my own business online.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I have heard of Traffic Adcoins once before, but I have not looked into to too much. Really appreciate your review on this topic. I am surprised that they do not offer any video tutorials or guides on how they operate. It is interesting how you need to have some form of cryptocurrency to get started. I fully agree one should not invest into something that does offer much value to begin with.

  3. Online businesses is a big thing and its so sad that there are a lot of people taking advantage of it in negative ways,thank you so much for doing this research because i have no doubt it will help many people make informed choices and not end up losing their hard earned cash to shady individuals and companies. I have checked out your recommendation on your link and it looks pretty exciting, can you please to a review on it as well?

  4. This is a total scam, just looking for innocent people’s money, so sad that there are people who still fall into such traps like Traffic AdCoins. From the moment you mentioned that they want payments to be made in cryptocurrency, I was disgusted. How can an online platform demand payments in cryptocurrency when it is really known that its only a very tiny fraction using such currency. Paying $450 bucks since? a group with 430 members? Meaning if it was paid to each of the members in the platform in one month, each member was getting slightly above $1.  Its a none starter

    Thank you so much for a great review 

  5. Sometimes it is hard to tell what is a scam or not.  We really do need to look deeper into the matter and read reviews like your to figure out if it is even worth our time.  Not everything is a scam but somethings are just not worth the time it takes either.  


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