Origami Owl Review: Is Origami Owl A Scam or Is This Jewelry Biz Legit?

Hi there and welcome to my Origami Owl Review. These days, there are so many jewelry MLM businesses around, that it can be a bit overwhelming when one has to decide which one to sign up with.

I have reviewed another opportunity called Sabika Jewelry and thought that Origami Owl would be similar. During my research, I discovered a lovely surprise that I would like to share with you. Is Origami Owl a scam? Is Origami Owl(or O2) any different?

More importantly, is it the right business for you?

It is my hope, that this review will help you to make an informed decision.

Ready? Great!

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WEBSITE: www.OrigamiOwl.com

OWNER: Bella Weems, and three other founders

WHAT IS ABOUT: A Jewelry MLM business opportunity.




Origami Owl is the brainchild of Bella Weems. It all started with a simple ambition- she wanted to have her own car for her 16th birthday.

She was told by her parents that she had to work for it. That's when, with a budget of $350 and her family's support, she started selling the 'Living Lockets' to her family and friends.

Today the company comprises of 4 co-founders, including her two family friends and her mom,Chrissy, by her side.

Origami Owl review who are the founders of the company

At the time of writing this review, Origami Owl is an active member of the DSA(Direct Selling association).

They've also attained a #29 ranking position amongst 855 other MLM ventures in the MLM RANKINGS.

The origami owl MLM rankings

Not bad for a 'home party company' that started back in 2010 with their own line of personalized jewelry, wouldn't you say?

Speaking of the products, is it worth it to buy them?


The Origami Own product catalog features quite an extensive portfolio. Their custom jewelry range covers categories such as, 

  • Charms
  • Living Lockets
  • Bracelets/Watches
  • Bangles
  • Chains
  • Necklaces 
  • Earrings, and Pendants

Check out the video below, if you would like to learn more about how these products are made.

the origami owl charms

The regular charms retail at $7, whilst their Swarowski Stardust Crystals and Locket figurines range from $10 to $16 respectively.

Their signature Living Lockets range from $20 up to $45, depending on the style you choose.

Are the origami owls products expensive and worth it

I've made mention of two products within my review. Should you want to know more, you can check out the Origami Owl official website.

Are Origami Products expensive?

I don't intend to make this post about a price comparison with other companies. However, in my opinion, since this is an MLM business, it may not be surprising to find that their prices may be higher than normal.

Should you buy these products?

I confess. I do not know much about jewelry. 

However, I do believe that when it comes to buying jewelry, it is a personal thing. I think that one is in a better position to buy, if one sees, touches, holds or even fits on a jewelry piece.

The only way you will know if these products are for you, is to try them out for yourself.

Then you can take the second step. You can then market them to fellow friends, and family members. 

What about on the money side? Can you really make money with Origami Owl?

Let's talk about the compensation plan and find out!

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


One of the main ways that one can grow their Origami Owl business, is through the hosting of 'jewelry bars.'

These are 'home parties' that give you an opportunity to share the products with friends and family.

Depending on how much sales you make at these 'parties,' you can qualify to receive some free jewelry or a discount on future purchases.

For instance, they have a 3 TIER rewards level system. 

LEVEL ONE- should you make sales ranging from $250-$499, you can receive a free product ranging from $37.50-$75.

The Origami Owl Compensation Plan

Apart from hosting jewelry bars, you can market your business via social media platforms or engage in community projects.

The starting point is the Designer rank.

At this point, your job is to generate sales that will total or be higher than 75 PV(Personal Volume).

Achieving this, will allow you to receive from 20%-50% commissions on retail sales.

As you start building your team, you start accumulating TV(Team Volume). Your goal is to reach the 300TV, when you have a single member on your team. Achieving this goal, qualifies you to receive an additional 6% Sponsor Bonus.

Recruit two members, and achieve 500TV. Then, not only will you be awarded the 6% sponsor bonus(as indicated above), but you get a 4% L1(LEVEL ONE) MENTOR BONUS.

You can unlock up to 4 levels of mentor bonus.

Origami Owl Compensation plan-how do you make money with Origami Owl

Hope that you are with me so far? 

Apart from the DESIGNER rank, you can climb the ladder through 4 additional rankings namely,


Helping your fellow DESIGNERS(in your team), to advance to the TEAM LEADER level, will qualify you to receive a $65 cash bonus.

Basically, the more leaders you develop, and the higher your PV and TV levels, the more successful you can be.

Let's say that you have reached the top, the EXECUTIVE FIELD VICE PRESIDENT rank. Having met all the criteria, you can make a $13 000 cash bonus.

Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Its evident that the more you recruit, the more money you will make. 

Are you a fan of the recruiting business?


To become a DESIGNER, you will have to purchase a starter kit.

There are four options from which you can choose from.

  • ON THE GO KIT : $49
  • THE BASIC KIT : $99
  • THE OWELETTE KIT(for young entrepreneurs): $99


The company shows us transparency in terms of who the owners are, unlike other business opportunities like this one, that lie to you. Origami Owl have a decent product portfolio, so its evident that it's not only about money exchanges as in the case of pyramid schemes.

In my opinion, I do not think that Origami Owl is a scam?

Should you sign up? Here are my two concerns.

Concern one: Origami Owl is not a worldwide business

Whilst they do provide you with a generic marketing website, you are only limited to do business in a few countries. 

So, you will not be able to expand your business.(Click here to find out how to start a worldwide online business, even if you are a beginner.

Concern two: A Profitable Origami Owl business, means Serious recruiting.

From the compensation plan, it's safe to say that your efforts are largely dependent on the building of your downline.

If you take a closer look at the Origami Owl income disclosure, you will notice a pattern.

The origami owl income disclosure shows that the higher earners are in smaller percentages

Notice, the percentage of the folks earning the bigger paychecks are way lower than those earning the smaller commissions.

This means, that recruiting is tough. Not trying to put you off here! Merely pointing out that it is a challenge to grow a business this way.

Bottom line: If these two concerns do not matter to you, then Origami Owl may be your 'cup of coffee'.
Wealthy Affiliate review


I mentioned in the beginning, that there was a surprise that I discovered when I researched Origami Owl.

That surprise is that Bella catered for the young entrepreneurs via her Owelette program. She opened the door to getting the young ones(from age 11) to start with their own business.

Teaching someone how to grow their own business at a young age, is one of the best ways that you can empower the next generation, I believe. They do not become dependent on a job, and are able to have financial intelligence and security. This is my opinion.

Should you want to learn to build an online business irrespective of your age or experience, then I would like to invite you to check out my NR.1 Recommendation.

I started 3 years ago. I came from the pharmacy background into the online world,(read my story here). I would like to show you what works.

Click on the link below, to learn more.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Origami Owl review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Should you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the section below, and I promise to get back to you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


5 thoughts on “Origami Owl Review: Is Origami Owl A Scam or Is This Jewelry Biz Legit?”

  1. Hi Roopesh,

    I always like reading about online income streams debunked, and I like your honest review on this jewelry company. To me, it seems like more of a hassle than it is worth, because of the serious and active recruiting that needs to be done. That turns it into a full time kind of venture, and therefore not exactly a passive source of income. That being said, I do like the transparency with the owners and their mission to help young children learn important business management skills. 

    Thank you for the interesting read!


  2. I was actually starting to research origami owl for my teenage daughter as she wants a hobby and to make money.  Thank you for pointing out that this would mean serious recruiting for my daughter versus selling.  I would much prefer something where she doesn’t have to focus on recruiting.  

    Your #1 recommendation has me curious.  Can you let me know if your #1 recommendation is something that is suitable and worthwhile for a teenage girl?

    • Hi there and thanks for stopping by.

      I think that its awesome you are looking to get your daughter started in the world of entrepreneurship.I think teaching them this at a young age can provide them with a good start.

      My Nr.1 Recommendation does not require for one to do any cold calling, or recruiting. We have many younger members within this amazing teaching community.So, I can tell you that she will not be alone. I would be happy to help.

      You can contact me here, or sign up for your free account and get started here.

      Looking forward to helping you and your daughter.

      All the best, Roopesh

  3. When I first heard of the Origami Owl I had no idea that it was a jewelry MLM business. My wife mentioned something along with her friend trying it out.

    I can totally relate, Roopesh. I also do think that when it comes to buying jewelry, it’s extremely important to able to touch it, hold, it, examine it, and, yes as you said even fit it. There’s nothing worse to order a piece of jewelry online and get this horrible, low-quality, miserable thing. At least so I’ve observed from my wife’s point of view. And I totally get that.

    The only exception to this probably might be buying jewelry for upwards of 1000$ a piece. But then again, would you not rather take a look at it in real life setting?

    I liked your explanation on the compensation plan. I found it easy to follow.

    All in all I really loved all the insights you provided, will forward this to my wife!

    Cheers and have a Great One, Roopesh!



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