Is Amare Global a Scam? [Mental Wellness MLM, Is it Worth It?]

Hi and welcome to my Amare Global review. Is Amare Global a scam or it is a worthwhile business opportunity for you?

Amare Global is unique in that it is focused within the mental wellness niche. A niche that is trending, yet at the same time can be competitive. Can you make it a success at Amare?


Let me help you to decide by showing you what this company is all about and what it is that you need to do, should you sign up as their business partner.

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WHAT IS ABOUT? : A US-based company that is focused on selling products that helps to improve mental well-being. The founders believe that by making a difference in the consumers life with their products, they in turn would become wellness partners and help to uplift other people.


PRICE TO JOIN : $69.95 (to become a wellness partner)



The founder and CEO of Amare Global is Hiep Tran. Hiep faced some challenges that I think many people can relate to...

Amare Global review who is the founder of amare global

His family did not have much money.He wanted to change the circumstances. At times he found himself chasing after money,luxury homes,cars and basically wanted a life of abundance. He admitted that at some point in his life he had  struggled with alcoholism, and ultimately lost the way to finding true happiness.

As I watched the video of him relating his story, I could see his sincerity and feel that his emotion was genuine. 

Along with Hiep, you will also get to hear Mike Brown, the founding executive of Amare. He too shares his experience of having endured a stressful period of been a co-founder of a previous company for 12 years.

Rich Higbee, President of Sales, and Founding Executive and his wife have had to undergo the stress of having one of their kids to be treated for drug abuse.

The video also shares stories from other key figures who are involved in Amare Global business.

The commonality is that these people have had to deal with some kind of mental illness,be it stress, anxiety, depression and so forth. 

Together, the team use Amare global as a 'vehicle,' to help uplift people whose lives are affected by mental illness.

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Hiep's vision for the Amare Global business is to "lead the global mental wellness revolution."

The main idea is to inspire people to love and believe in themselves. Hiep believes that much of this can be accomplished through using the various product lines produced by the company.

Once people have seen and felt the difference, they can set forth a path by creating a successful business if they so choose by becoming an Amare Global wellness partner.

The company offers their Wellness partners incentives, rewards and commissions via their MLM-type compensation plan.(more about this later on)

For now, let us take a look at their products.


Dr. Shawn Talbott the Chief Science Officer for Amare, states that the science behind the Amare Global products, is not to work solely on the brain to treating mental wellness.

Amare global who is the owner of amare global

Rather one should look inside the gut, which he believes is the location of 'the second brain.' According to him, within the gut are nerve systems which are equally as complex as those that are within the spinal cord.

He goes on to state that they have as much neurotransmitters or chemical messengers as our brain.

Such neurotransmitters include serotonin and dopamine, that are produced in such high levels that they can impact on how we think and feel. Therefore, it makes sense to treat this area when treating mental illness.

In addition, we have trillions of bacteria within the gut, referred to as the microbiome.Dr Shawn believes that these bacteria helps to govern our mood, mental focus and overall well-being.

Therefore when we suffer from mood state disorders such as depression, anxiety, tension or stress, its because our microbiome is out of balance according to Talbott.

This is where the Amare products comes into the picture. Shawn believes that they help to work on the GUT-BRAIN AXIS.

Is amare global a scam, mentabiotics

They have products like mentaBiotics that addresses the 'second brain.' They have concentrations of probiotics that help to normalize the gut flora.

Amare glbal review mentafocus

The mentaFocus works on the brain itself.Its supposed to help with memory, focus and cognitive function.

Amare global review mentasync products

They also have a product called mentaSync. Dr. Shawn says that this product "optimizes communication between the First and Second Brain."

These three products form the Amare Fundamentals Pack, which is their flagship product. The pack retails for $134.95.It comes in a sugar free formulation as available as well.

In addition, they have other products as well :

  • MentaTherapeutics - supports mental energy and performance, supports the body's natural pain response system.
  • MentaEssentials - provide GI support with probiotics. They also have an omega supplement to help with cognitive and cardiovascular support.
  • Amare Kids - provides all-in-one gut-brain axis nutrition for kids.
  • Project b3 Pack- a complete pack that covers treating the Body, Brain and Biome.

All of these products comes with the standard disclaimer.Like for instance, if you are pregnant or are on any chronic medication, you should first consult with your doctor before using these products,

Do the Amare products really work?

​You probably would find some positive reviews if you were to head over to YouTube. I found one upon visiting the BBB(better business bureau).

Is amare global a scam? the positive comments from customers

On the flip side, there are folks who feel that the products did not work as intended.

amare global review customer complaints

Taken from Ripoff report, click on the image to see full complaint.

Amare global review customer complains on youtube

From Youtube,click on the image to see more

Are these products really worth your money, or are they just placebos?

I believe that the Amare global products may not be affordable for everyone.

What can the person who cannot afford these products do to help with their mental well-being?

In my honest opinion, I believe that out minds are really powerful.Our beliefs have the power to create or to destroy us. If we believe strongly that a medication or pill, is going to help, then I think that there is very strong chance that it will do that.

I also believe that lifestyle modifications can play an important role in the healing process. The food that we eat and the exercise that we engage in has an overall impact on our mental well being. 

Am I saying that you should not buy these products?

I am not saying that you should buy or you should not buy. What I am saying, is that these are the alternative methods that one can implement.

Let's not forget that these products are not tested and evaluated by the FDA. 

Can you take Dr Shawn Talbott's word as the ultimate truth?


Back in 2004, the Federal and Trade commission(FTC) charged marketers of two dietary supplements with falsely claiming that they can 'cause weight loss and reduce the risk of, or prevent serious health conditions.'

These two products are Cortislim and Cortistress respectively.Amongst the marketers on the FTC's complaint, is product formulator Dr. Shawn Talbott.(you can read the full story here)

Ftc allegations against dr. shawn talbott

As the story unfolded, it turned out that the three defendants have had to give up $4.5 Million in Cash and Other Assets to settle the Federal and Trade commission charges.

Is amare global a scam? dr.shawn talbott and the FTC

My intention is not to discredit the company or Dr. Talbott, but to merely make you aware of what has happened.

When one joins a company of this nature, one may be tempted to 'incorrectly market' a product in order to generate a lead or a sale. As you can see, this can get one into some serious trouble.

Which brings me to the next point-How can you earn money with Amare Global?


You can choose from three options when joining the Amare Global company.

You can join as a :

  • Retail Customer,  ($0 to join
  • Preferred Customer ($24.95 to join)
  • Wellness Partner. ($69.95 to join)

Only Wellness Partners can participate in the commission plan. There are basically two main ways that can you earn with Amare. 

The first way is from retail profits. You buy the products at wholesale price and sell them at the retail price. The difference is your take-home profit.

The second way, is via bonuses and commissions. These bonuses are paid based on the Personal Volume(PV) that are assigned to each product. 

There are six main bonus categories namely:

  • Personal Customer Volume Bonus
  • Heart Start Bonus
  • Me and Three Bonus
  • Unilevel Bonus
  • Revenue Bonus Pools
  • Go Forward Infinity Bonuses

The personal customer volume bonus is calculated on the total PV that you and the people that you personally enroll make within a calendar month.

The rest of the bonuses that I mentioned above is dependent largely on how well you can grow your team.In other words as you start enrolling more members,and get them to purchase from the company, the more money you can make.

You will also ascend to the various ranks ranging from the Partner rank, Mentor Rank, Leader Rank up to Servant Leader Rank. 

Its a bit complicated, so if you like to know more, you can check out their detailed PDF here.


The founders and other members of the company share their stories and offer transparency into the company.

Their product line is based on an evergreen niche. Mental illness is a common disorder. According to Wikipedia, 46% of the US population get affected by a mental illness at some point in their lives.

Their products carry a 30-day money back guarantee.

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The products may not be affordable for everyone.

You cannot build a global business. You are restricted to operating within the United States only.

You have to maintain an auto ship or make regular product purchases in order to be an active Wellness partner and qualify for any commissions and bonuses.

Apart from earning retail profits, to earn the higher commissions and bonuses you have to recruit more members to building a sustainable business


Is Amare global legit? At this point in time, its hard to say whether Amare global is a scam or not.

The company is relatively new. They came into operation in 2016. As we speak they are not registered with the Direct Selling Association(DSA).

As far as making money with them is concerned, it is based within a competitive and trending niche.

amare global review mental disorders are trending conditions

Google trends shows that mental disorders such as depression and anxiety are trending topics

Not to say that one cannot make money from selling their products, but if customers are already on existing medication, they may be resistant to switching over.

Then if you are planning on building a lucrative business, you have to focus your energy and time on building your team. The main problem here, is that I believe that not everyone in your team can and will perform the way that you would like them to.

In other words, within the MLM type structure, your success is dependent on the effort of other members.

I could not find an income disclosure report for the companies performance. Therefore its hard to tell how well members are really performing within the group.

Having said that,if you enjoy recruiting and are experienced with sales and marketing, then perhaps you can give Amare global a try , if it interests you.


That concludes my Amare Global review. I hope that it has helped you out.

I would like to end this article by telling that you can earn money without having to recruit, or cold call or make regular stock purchases.

You can build an online business based on your hobby or passion. You can start without any experience and you can work on your business in your free time(flexibility).

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Thanks once again for your time.

It was awesome to speak to you.

Should you have any questions or comments , just leave them below. I promise to get back to you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


5 thoughts on “Is Amare Global a Scam? [Mental Wellness MLM, Is it Worth It?]”

  1. I am quite wary of companies that you have to join and pay to sell their products. In most cases, you end up spending more than you end up earning. The products may be good but are overpriced as the salaries are high, so they need to make up for that.

    The problem when you have to find a downline to work under you is that most of them either don’t do much work or give up and you have to constantly have to chase them up. 

    I definitely prefer your method of making an online income, as you can work alone and for yourself and not have to rely on the work of others to get paid.

    • You are right, When you have a downline, its not that easy to manage and get people to work at the same pace as yourself.

      Thanks a million for stopping by.

      Do take care



  2. HI Roopesh,

    Like the layout of your site, and is very informative about the products you are promoting.

    Its great the way you have incorporated your education, professional life  into promotions of what you are promoting.

    this would make the buyer more confident in the products that you are promoting.

    well done cant wait to see your next chapter


  3. Thanks for the detailed review and drill down into the Amare Global business opportunity. I had not heard about this company until coming across this review, and after reading through your findings carefully, I think I will stay away. I do believe that the founders are tapping into something solid, but perhaps what they are offering is less than what it appears or is being sold as.

    I agree that there are alternate and cheaper methods to address the issues that their products are intended to address, and also the Doctor Talbott has a tarnished reputation already so it does not give me confidence about the claims or their products.

    Lastly, I am not a big fan of the MLM business model. There is too much pressure on recruiting, and the monthly purchases to stay qualified to get the commissions just is not something that I have found to be beneficial. Generally, you end up with a lot of product that is costing you money in the hope that you will make some money. Most people do not make much with this business model.  

    So for me, this opportunity is one that I will have to pass on. I agree with your recommendation at the end of the review. Affiliate marketing is a much better business model and the platform you recommend is great. I have been with the Wealthy Affiliate program  for four years and it has helped me grow a full-time online business.

    • Its awesome to hear that you have been with WA for 4 years, My username is RoopeshG. Let’s meet up and chat within WA.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.




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