Is Jewelry in Candles a Scam? ‘Burn’ Your Way To Consistent Profits or Not?

Can you make money from selling candles that have jewelry or money hidden within them? It certainly sounds like an exciting product, doesn't it?

Is Jewelry In Candles a scam or will it be worth your while to join this company? My Jewelry In Candles review looks at their compensation plan,profit margins,growth potentialother inside company workings to give you a deeper understanding of what is going on.All you have to do is decide whether it is for you or not.


These days there are many business opportunities that look good from the 'outside' but once you sign up, you realize that it is nothing but empty promises. Then you get those that are legit but pays small compared to your hard work and energy that you put in.

Despite this, there are real ways to making money online.

NAME OF COMPANY : Jewelry In Candles


WHAT IS ABOUT : A direct sales company that offers its representatives the opportunity to earn commissions by selling candles that have jewelry hidden within them. They have an extensive range of other products such as bath bombs, jewelry roses and slimes.

PRICE : The products are prices from $16 up to $70



The idea behind Jewelry in Candles is inspired by the classic movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that starred the late Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka(I actually prefer this version over the Johnny Depp version. Which one do you like?.)

Instead of golden tickets and chocolate bars, the surprise comes in the form of jewelry pieces that are hidden within these soy based candles.

Apparently some of these hidden jewels can be worth anywhere between $10 and $7500.

The company has a range of products from candles, to bath bombs, to wax melts, slimes and jewelry roses. As far as their jewelry pieces are concerned, you can find anything from a ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet or a pair of earrings. 

The official Jewelry in Candles website was registered back in 2013. Unfortunately the site does not reveal any further info as to who the founders of the company are. 

I tried to find out some more information about the company by visiting their social media pages. Unfortunately I had no luck.

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I must admit that their products looks pretty exciting. They have candles that have real money hidden within them!

They call them the Cash Money Candles. They retail them at $24.99.

jewelry in candles cash money candles

Then they have bath bomb candles(from $24.99) with jewelry pieces in them. They have jewelry roses(priced at $39.99) as well.

The wax melts are the cheapest products within their product line retailing at $16.95. You can buy them either in a jewelry or cash hidden variation.

They also have Jewelry slimes which are slightly higher priced than the melts and they go for around $17.99.

Are these products really worth the price? It's a bit hard to say.

On one hand it does sound like they are asking too much for a candle. They have candles that are priced at around $79.

It may not be affordable for everyone. Perhaps if one were to buy it for a special occasion, then it might be worth it.

On the other hand, it can turn out to be a very lucrative purchase. You can end up finding one with a high valued jewelry piece or a good cash amount.


In order to earn money with Jewelry In Candles, you have to sign up as a Jewelry Candles representative.

The benefit of becoming a Jewelry Candles rep, is that you can :

  • receive a 20% discount on all of your personal purchases, and
  • receive a 20% commission on all orders that are place via your personalized website.

Whilst this is a direct sales company, they are unique in a sense that you do not have to maintain an autoship or make recurring purchases in order to keep your account active like the CTFO business.

In addition their contract is not binding, which means that you can choose to leave the company at any time.

As a representative, you are given your own Jewelry Candles website. 

However to become an active member, and qualify to earning commissions, you would need to purchase a starter kit.

How much do these Jewelry Candles starter kits costs?

It is not exactly cheap to get started with the Jewelry in Candles business.

There are 4 different starter package options which you can choose from. They range in price from $99.95 up to $499.95.

How much are the Jewelry in Candles starter packages
  • Bronze Starter Package Jewelry Candles Rep Kits - $99.95
  • Silver Starter Package Jewelry Candles Rep Kits -  $149.95
  • Gold Starter Package Jewelry Candles Rep Kits -  $249.95
  • Platinum Starter Package Jewelry Candles Rep Kits - $499.95

Let's say that you do decide to go ahead and sign up as a jewelry Candle consultant, can you make decent money? 

Let me show you in the next section.


One of their most expensive item is the 'Red and Yellow Jewelry Roses Twin Bouquets.' This product retails at $74.90.

Jewelry Candles most expensive item

The commission that you will earn from selling this item will be around $14.98.

Since the majority of the products of their website are much cheaper than $74.90, it means that you are going to be earning commissions less that $15.

Therefore the best way to make money with this kind of business, is to sell huge quantities. The more you sell, the more profit you make.

Which leads us to another question, is there really a market for Jewelry Candles or will it be a waste of your time?

Before I share with you my opinion, let's quickly take a look at the pros and cons of Jewelry in Candles.


I like the fact that they have a diverse and exciting range of products.They are unique and can appeal for a variety of occasions.

There are no recurring fees or autoship.

There are no binding contracts.

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You are limited to only one country of business operation.You can only work and earn within the US.

Their shipping fees are expensive.It is calculated on each item that you order. Hence it can make the overall delivery of the product/s expensive.

Their minimum PayPal payout is $25 or more. You have to reach this threshold in order to claim for a withdrawal.

Limited passive income earning potential. Customers have to purchase on a regular basis in order for you to earn consistent profits.


I do not think that Jewelry in Candles is a scam. However, I do not think that it is the best way if you are looking to make serious money online.

Here are some challenges that you could face, should you sign up with Jewelry in Candles.

Commissions are set at 20%. They do not offer high ticket items, where you can earn big commissions.You have sell high volume to earn good profits.This means that you may need effective marketing strategies.

Apart from the website, they do not offer further training on how you can expand on your business.

The second challenge is getting regular clients to purchase from your website. If people were to make ongoing purchases, then they would more likely sign-up as a consultant and benefit from the 20% discount. This means that you do get any further commissions.

It would be nice if they could offer an incentive on earning from referrals that you invite to the business.

Lastly, let's take a look at the demand for these products. Are Jewelry Candles trending?

Is Jewelry In Candles a scam? Are jewelry candles trending

The graph taken from Google trends shows that there was a peak interest in Nov last year. Perhaps it was due to the upcoming festival season. So, it might be possible that you can make money with these items on special occasions. 

These are some of the challenges that one could face.

In my opinion, this is not a viable option should you be looking to build an online business that has global reach with passive income potential.


4 years ago I was reluctant to join any online program or system. I had the misconception that everything online is scam.

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Today, as a result I am earning a passive income online.The reason as to why I am telling you this, is because perhaps it can help you too, if you are looking for way to stop trading your time for money.

I believe that you will only know if you try.

It would be my honor to help you to get started. When you are ready, simply click on the link that follows to learn more.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Jewelry In Candles review.

I hope that it has helped you.

Should you have any questions or comments just leave them below. I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.

Kind Regards and Take Care



4 thoughts on “Is Jewelry in Candles a Scam? ‘Burn’ Your Way To Consistent Profits or Not?”

  1. This sounds like a really interesting concept…that unfortunately Jewelry in Candles appears to have botched. This sounds like winning the lottery or like you mentioned, winning the golden ticket. That you couldn’t find much information out there on the company is a red flag for sure. I don’t like that you are only allowed to operate in the US as well. All in all after reading I’m glad to hear that at the very least Jewelry in Candles is not a scam as it looks like an interesting concept. A great alternative for making commissions that you’ve mentioned is Wealthy Affiliate, well done!

  2. This is certainly a different idea.  I have never seen jewelry in candles before, and I have sold jewelry for many years.  I couldn’t help wondering how they wrapped the jewelry to protect it from damage inside that candle.  

    It seems to me a problem with this business is that you could most likely only sell once to a customer.  It’s not something that a person would buy over and over, unless it suddenly became their favorite gift to buy for friends.  

    What are the candles themselves like?  Do they smell nice?  Are they attractive?  I think it’s good that you can try them out and then leave whenever you want if it doesn’t work for you.  It seems to me such a product would be most useful as a gift at a party.  It’s novel and would be a different kind of prize to offer someone.  

    I don’t see, though, that you could make a great deal.  It is so different that it might be hard to sell in any kind of quantity.  It is good that you have done this review, as your information gives people a more complete view of what the company offers.

    • Hi there

      To be honest with you, I have not bought any of these candles, so I no idea what they smell like. My niece’s birthday is coming up soon, and maybe I might buy one for her.

      If I do, will definitely let you know.




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