Is New U Life A Scam?[Is This The Best MLM To Get Started With?]

Welcome to my New U Life review. Are you looking at getting into the multi-level marketing game? Then you may be considering joining the New U Life business.

Is New U Life a scam? I am going to help make your life easier.I will be highlighting the main things that you need to be aware of, to help you make an informed decision At the end of the day, it is all about you...


There are so many make money opportunities, that it makes choosing the right one a tough task. I know, I have been there, and yes, I have been scammed. It's not a nice feeling.

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WHAT IS ABOUT : A multi-level marketing company. The products are focused within the 'health and wellness'niche.

OWNER : Alexy Goldstein

OVERALL RATING : The company is fairly new. They do not have an income disclosure report. Therefore, it hard to gauge the success rate of the average New U Life Distributor. 


New U Life is a 'health and wellness' company. It's founder and CEO goes by the name of Alexy Goldstein.

New u life review who is the founder of NEW u LIFE

If you were to visit the New U Life official website, you will have noticed that they feature only 3 main product lines.

Two of them claim to help people to quickly reach the "the highly efficient fat burning state of ketosis."

The third product, which is their flagship product is called Somaderm. This product is marketed to having  "anti-aging"effects along with other benefits. (more about this later on).

In addition, the company also allow folks the opportunity to earn money through participating in their MLM compensation plan. 

Goldstein was handed over the family business at the age of 18. From that point on, he decided to pursue further studies into the health field and qualified as a Certified Homeopath and Certified Herbalist.

He went on to create the 'Natural Life Foods' line of vitamins, minerals, herbs, protein powders, fish oils, essential oils and many other specialty products.

There were other products lines that also came in existence under his watch, but it was recently on the 27th November 2017, that New U Life was born. 

There were reports that within a year, the sales of Somaderm reached the $60m dollar mark.

Does this mean that Somaderm really works? If so, it is worthwhile to get into this business?

Let's take a look at this more closely.


Unlike other network marketing companies that have a range of products, New U life only specializes in 3.

The first two are the KetoGen4 and KG4 respectively. 

Ketogen4 is a ketone drink mix. It is marketed as the "most complete ketone supplement on the market to date." Apparently the product can help to achieve a burning state of ketosis. In addition, it is also said to help with :

  • Suppressing of appetite,
  • Fat burning,
  • Promoting energy,and
  • To promote mental clarity and mood.
Is new u life a scam the ketogen4 product

A 24 servings of Ketogen4 retails at $139.99. Should you decide to buy the product on autoship(i.e. on an ongoing basis), then you pay $119.99.

The KG4 version retails at $149.99. The autoship price is $129.99.

New U life KG4 Product

It contains a 4-BHB salt combo that apparently allows for the immediate release of the ketones, key vitamins, and other important nutrients.

Let's talk about their flagship product the, SOMADERM GEL.

Is the SOMADERM GEL a scam product or does it really work?

New U life review the somaderm gel

What is the Somaderm Gel all about?

This is a preparation that apparently contains HGH(human growth hormone) product. One of the main active ingredients that they claim is within, is homeopathic Somatropin- a version that is identical to naturally occurring Somatropin.

According to, Somatropin is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration in humans and other animals.

The Somaderm Gel, is a homeopathic version which can be used by people over the age of 18 years. Furthermore, its a transdermal application and can therefore be applied to underarms, forearms, wrists, and behind the knees twice a day.

The official New U Life website states that Somaderm Gel can help with :

  • Maintaining, building, and repairing healthy tissue in the brain and other organs,
  • Stimulating the production of natural hormones,
  • Decrease recovery time and repair muscle tissue after exercise,
  • Aid in building muscle mass, 
  • Boosting metabolism, and burning excess fat.

They go on to state that it can also benefit the quality and appearance of the skin.

Does Somaderm Gel really work?

Unfortunately the answer is not as straight forward. 

For instance, if you were to visit YouTube, you probably might find folks reporting positive benefits from having used Somaderm. 

Is Somaderm Gel a scam the positive youtube reviews

People have reported that it helped with losing weight, sleep disorders, and improving skin appearance.

Then on the flipside, you get people who are not very happy with the product. Some folks have remarked that Somaderm is merely a 'placebo' and contains no active ingredient. 

Though the official website has disclosed the active ingredients within Somaderm,it might not suffice.

Perhaps if they could disclose REAL third party test results on their site, it might lay the argument to rest.

Is somaderm gel a scam New u life better business bureau complaints

from the Better Business Bureau

So you basically have two sides of the story here. At the end of the day, I think that the choice is really up to you.

I personally believe that our minds play a crucial role in the healing process.In addition, if we can make a serious commitment to eating healthy foods, and maintaining a regular exercise routine, then we can live enriching lives.

Is Somaderm Gel HGH approved by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration)?

The product is manufactured in a facility that is approved by the FDA. The product is also registered with the FDA. But it is not approved by the FDA.

There is a big difference. That means that the claims, or benefits of these products are not backed up the FDA.

Is it worth your while to get involved into the business side of things?

Let's take a look at how you can make money with New U life.


You will have to pay a $59 Annual Fee to register as a New U Life Distributor. You get your own replicated website as well.

To make money as a New U Life associate, you have to remain an active member at all times.

By 'active' member, I mean that you have to have a minimum of 140 PV(or points volume) within a 5-week rolling period.

Each of their products, and packages are assigned a points volume.They recommend that the best way to maintain your active status,is to register for their auto ship service- in other words, you have to commit to monthly purchases of products.

When I was in the multi-level marketing game many years ago, I have seen distributors get all excited upon signing up. However, that excitement was short-lived when they realized that they had to constantly pay for stock to remain an active member, and that they did not properly budget for this expense.

So,are you okay with monthly product purchases? Remember there will be days where people may not order products from you or you may not meet commission targets. Will you be able to make provision for this additional expense into your budget?

If your answer is yes, to both of the above questions, then you are ready to learn about the New U Life compensation plan.

Like with most multi-level marketing structures, the New U Life compensation plan, can get fairly complicated.

In addition to Personal Volume, they mention other terms such as Group Volume,Qualifying Volume, and Commissionable Volume. They will also talk about rankings and other qualifying criteria, that can make your head spin 360 degrees.

This is one of the main reasons as to why I prefer affiliate marketing over multi-level marketing. You do not have to worry about complex hierarchy levels, and you do not have to make purchases to be eligible for commissions.

In fact, I will highlight some benefits of affiliate marketing later on. You can check out my review of the best affiliate marketing training course for beginners here.

Right now, I am going to simplify their compensation plan for you.

Basically, there are 5 main ways in which you earn:

  2. TAB(Team Acquisition Bonus)


For every Somaderm Gel or Ketogenesis4 that you sell, you earn a retail profit. (Take a look at the table below)

The new u life compensation plan retail profits

2. TAB(Team Acquisition Bonus)

This is a once-off bonus you get when you personally introduce an associate into the business and they purchase an enrollment pack.


Team commissions are paid as you build your downline. As the members within your team purchase products, then you accumulate Group Volume points. 

You are paid a team commission according to a binary 'leg' structure. To qualify for a commission, you have to reach a minimum of 1000 GV. But the key is that, 600 must be on the greater leg and 400 must be on the lesser leg.

You can earn either $40 or $60 per 1000GV cycle reached.

New U Life Team Commissions Compensation plan


If you achieve coaching rank or higher, then you stand to earn a coaching bonus , whenever an associate purchases a product.

new U life coaching bonus

 From the table above, if you were on the Life Coach level, and one of your team members sells a Gel Executive pack to an associate, you in turn would earn 30% of that sale.


You basically earn a bonus on the team commissions. However, you have to be on the co-coordinator level or higher to earn.

new u life matching bonus compensation plan

That is my quick summary of the New U Life comp.plan. 

It is safe to conclude at this point, that as you focus on the building of your downline, and the more sales that your team makes, ultimately the more profit you make.

So, can you make money with New U Life or is it a scam?

Before I reveal my verdict, let me quickly chat to you about the pros and cons of the company.


I like the fact that the products are unique compared to other multi-level organizations. 


There are lots of complaints with regards to their customer after-sales service. According to the BBB(better business bureau), a large number of complaints had to do with customers having difficulty with getting their refunds honored, or cancelling their autoship orders.

This is Not a global business opportunity. At the time of writing this review, they only take in registrations from within the United States.

No income disclosure report.No track record of success.

You have to focus on recruiting, to earn the bigger paychecks.


The company does have a decent product portfolio, and the focus is not entirely on exchanging of money- from this point, I do not think that New U Life is a scam.

However, if you were to consider it as option to making serious money, then it's a slightly different picture.

They do not have an income disclosure report. So, it's hard to tell how well the existing members are doing.

To grow your downline, you have to focus and work hard at recruiting. The comp.plan that I talked about earlier, shows you that is where the bigger earnings lie. 

The problem is, they do not offer any further tools to help you grow your business. Apart from your free replicated website, there are no other trainings on how you can scale or market your business.

If you were new to this concept, then I would say it would be challenge to make money with this model. Not impossible, but a challenge. And lastly, you are only limited to making money within the United States.

To summarize New U Life may not be a scam. But if you do not have sales experience or hate recruiting, then this may not be the best business opportunity for you.


If you are worried where to go from here, then let me quickly tell you about a business model that I use to earn a passive income online. It's called affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a business model where you earn money by recommending other people's products or services via your website. It may sound a bit complex at first, but I can assure you that it's a newbie friendly way to making money online.

The cool part, is that you can build an affiliate marketing business on any topic that you are passionate about. The second cool thing is that, you can get started right away without having to recruit a single person.

Take a look at the table below to see how an affiliate marketing business can benefit you.

Affiliate Marketing gives you;

  • Flexibility, so you can work at it anytime, from anywhere
  • The ability to make profits without having your own product
  • The ability to operate a world wide business
  • The ability to start a business with low overheads
  • The ability to sell without cold calling
  • The freedom to make money without recruiting
  • The chance to learn and earn, even if you are a complete newbie.

One of the best ways to earning a passive income is to invest in an asset.

Investing in real estate can be expensive. Investing in shares or stocks can be risky. In my opinion, investing in yourself, can be the best investment. 

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Thanks so much for joining me on this New U Life review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Have you tried multi-level marketing companies before? If so, how was your experience?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


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