Is Scribie a Scam? This Is My Personal Experience..

Hi there and welcome to my Scribie review. I was asked by one of my readers to check out this transcription business opportunity. Mind you, I never done a transcription job before, so I decided to test it out for myself.

Is Scribie a scam? Is the money that you make any good? I am happy to see that you are doing your due diligence before you get involved with Scribie. Even though their registration is free, you would want to know if it is going to be worth your precious time, right?


Having said that, it is my hope that my review will help give you a clearer insight into Scribie. At the end of the day, its about making an informed decision. That is the ultimate goal of this article.

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WHAT IS ABOUT: Transcription Jobs. You can also do proofreading and reviews.


OWNER: Unknown



Scribie's clientele consists of people or companies that are looking for their audio material to be transcribed. This is where you and I come into the picture.

What is this Scribie transcription all about?

Your job as a Scribie transcriber, is to help convert these audio files into text. In other words listen to the audio and type out what you hear.

In exchange for your efforts, they will pay you according to the number audio hours that you spent on completing these files.


It's free to join Scribie.

The first step is to qualify.You would need a verifiable PayPal account to be a qualified participant. Anyone from anywhere in the world can apply. However, if your country does not support PayPal, then you will not be able to join Scribie. You can always check out my top recommendation to making money here.

After they are happy with your Paypal particulars, they will send you a link via your e-mail. You simply click on it in order to verify that you are the real owner of that e-mail, and then you are allocated a waiting list number.

You will have to wait for them to send you an invitation to take their transcription test.  

What is the transcription test all about?

The purpose of this test, is to see if you qualify as a certified transcriber.

You will be sent some audio test files. Take a look at what it looks like below.

Is Scribie a scam- what are the test files like

You will have to transcribe one of these files. You only have 10 attempts to do so.The number of attempts cannot be increased. You can sample these files by clicking on the blue button. Once you click on the "select" button, it's counted as an attempt.

Upon successful transcribing, you will become a certified transcriber, and will be able to take on their paid assignments.

Let me show you the actual transcription process in action.


I got to admit that I did not progress very well with the Scribie task.To start off with, the test files are not very easy to do.

Is Scribie a scam? the test files are difficult.

When I decided to try one of these files,I learned that it's not as simple as typing out the text. There is much more that you have to do.

For instance,I choose "Test File 3". This is what was required of me to do,

I had to;

  • Check paragraph breaks,
  • Check for utterances for strict verbatim files,
  • Incorrect capitalization,
  • Missing punctuation.

There was a 49% inaccuracy in the original transcript, and I had to pick out 257 mistakes.This is what the editor looks like. You have to apply the necessary changes in this editor.

Is Scribie a scam? How does the transcription process work

You are given a time limit of 2hours to complete the task.

Bottom Line: Even though these files are only 6 or 7 minutes long, I found it challenging to say the least.My main problem, is that it was very hard to hear the dialogue.

How much can one earn as a qualified transcriptionist?

Let me show you.


How much money can you make with Scribie? According to their official website you can earn from $5 up to $25 per audio hour i.e $0.5 to $2 for a 6minute file.

What exactly is an audio hour? 

An audio hour is the length of the audio file. In other words, it has got nothing to do with how long you spend on completing the transcription job.

If it takes you 45 minutes to complete a 6 minute file, your audio hour is only 6 minutes. Hence you will be paid accordingly.

Scribie states that unlike other freelance transcription platforms, they offer a bonus.It's in the form of an additional $5 for every 3hours that you complete on a monthly basis.

Now let's talk about the pros and cons of this income opportunity.


I like the fact that it's free to join the platform.

The application process was quick, easy and they were meticulous with regards to their sign-up procedure.

They do not have a Paypal threshold limit in order to qualify for a payout.

They have other job opportunities besides transcription. You can do reviews, proofreading, and QC or quality control.


The transcription job is hard. I understand that from time to time they may have easier assignments, but most of them were difficult to complete. I even asked my wife to do one, and she found it to be challenging as well.

They do not send payments via credit card/bank account or check. Only PayPal is accepted.

You have to work really hard to earn a few dollars. Well, you can earn 3 figures using Scribie, but you have to put in a great deal of your time. I will show you what I mean shortly.

This is not a way of earning a passive income online. You have to be physically doing the assignments in order to earn the money.


The official Scribie website shows us proof of customers who are happy with the transcribing work that they needed to have done. From this point, I believe that Scribie is not a scam.However, is it the right opportunity for you to make money money online?

Before you answer, take these three considerations into mind.

CONCERN ONE: You Will Need to Put in Lots of Your Time

They claim on their website that you can earn up to $300 Monthly with just doing transcription. However,this can only be achieved if you work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. You get a break on Sundays!

is Scribie a scam how many hours do you have to work a day

CONCERN TWO: Make Sure Your Hearing is Good

You are not going to be hearing isolated conversations. The files have a sightly muffled background which I found makes it hard to hear the speakers. I urge you to try out their sample files first, before you go seriously into this.

I felt it to be a strain on the ears.

CONCERN THREE: Is It Passive Income That you After?

I love to earn passive income. Nothing beats that feeling of spending your efforts,time and resources on one thing, knowing that it has the potential of earning you residual income.

I believe that you cannot do that with this sort of business model.

If you now feel that this opportunity is not for you, then is there an alternative?

Let me end this review by introducing you to it.


If you are going to be spending so much of time on the internet, then why not use it to build yourself your very own online business?

I am talking about one where eventually you do not have to trade your time for money. One is that flexible, and allows you work on it at anytime. You will be able to build a business based on your own passions, or hobbies.

The alternative that I recommend is one that I am using since I came onto the online scene, which is 4 years ago. It's called affiliate marketing.

I would be happy to show you proof that it works, and how I can help you to get started.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Scribie review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Let me know if you have any question, or comments in the section below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


20 thoughts on “Is Scribie a Scam? This Is My Personal Experience..”

  1. I signed up for a transcription service called Transcribe Me!  It works a lot like Scribie.  The two major problems that I ran into seems to be the issues with Scribie as well.  Transcription is tough work, especially for a newcomer.  I am sure you can get faster at it but it takes a long time to get it to write and if the audio quality is less than perfect it can be a nightmare.

    The other issue I hade with Transcribe This is that there was not always enough work to go around.  So there were times when I wanted to transcribe something but couldn’t find anything to work on.  

    Does Scribie have this issue of not enough work to go around as well?

    Enjoyed the article,



    • Hello Michael 

      Thanks for sharing your experience of Transcribe Me.I will take a look at that as well.

      As far job availabilities on Scribie is concerned, the site maintains that assignments are uploaded on a daily basis.

      All the best and Take Care


  2. Thanks for this sincerely review. So the bottom line is the platform is not  a scam but one will have to putting a lot of time to earn good amount of cash from it. I believe it should be a good start for those who are just trying to start off earning online and have loads of time to spare. And secondly, they should look for another payment option as alternative for those who don’t live in a PayPal supported country. 

  3. Hi, Thank you for the thorough review of this transcription job and your personal experience. I think it is a real possibility so not a scam but to be honest there are several reasons I wouldn’t start this job in spite the fact that everybody would like to make extra money. I think it is not good there is only Paypal offered here and no bank transfer option at all. This task would take a lot of time and make very little money in the end. Have you got other negative experience with online money making possibilities?

    I agree with you that affiliate marketing is a possibility much more effective to make money. Do you think that a different niche than money making should be chosen to earn money as an affiliate marketer?

    • Thanks so much for stopping by.

      I think that is a fantastic question. In my honest opinion, I would recommend that one should start an affiliate marketing business on their own niche, or passion. The make money niche is highly competitive, and it is a bit harder to break through. Not impossible at all, just it will be harder.

      With your own niche, you can really target a more specific audience. The other advantage is that if you chose a topic that you passionate about or is close to your heart, you will not feel like you are working at a regular job.

      Would you rather feel happier knowing that you are making money from doing or talking about something that you love?

      All the best and Take Care


  4. I wish I new about this when I was a student. It would be great to be able to earn some money when ever you needed to. But I have to agree with you, it seems like a lot of work. And no way to really make some big bucks. Or did I get it wrong? Does the pay rate have anything to do with the amount of work I perform? Or is it like a fixed rate? In that case, it might be better to try affiliate marketing as you say. 

  5. Great post, it seems like it could be a good program, but it isn’t for me. I have a friend who cna use it, I’m going to show this to him, I’m not confident it he will like it. But I will let you know what he thinks about it. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing it with us! 

  6. Hi Roopesh

    Thank you for giving such a great review of Scribie.

    I have been searching for some time online as I want to build a business that brings on passive income and seeing your recommendation in this post is wonderful

    I am going to check out what you recommend Roopesh as I am now 60 and really need to learn how to make some serious income and I know online is the only way to go for me – well for everyone really- Thank you again

    • Congrats on turning 60! That is wonderful.

      I want to tell you something very important- “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE.”

      It would be my honor to help you to get started. Do not hesitate to give me a shout at any time.

      Wish you tons of success.



  7. Very interesting post about scribbie from you. While I was a freelance writer and content editor. I once got a task to help do a transcription for a 10minutes audio. Seriously, I was glad because they were willing to pay a 100$ then, it was such a quick offer and I jumped at it. Before I could complete it, it took almost a day and a half of serious engagement with the work. Seeing your experience with scribbie got me reminding myself on the reason I made my mind up that I would never take a transcription job ever again. Thanks

    • Wow, 100 bucks for 10 minutes really sounds cool.

      As you said though it was easier said than done.

      I can understand your decision not to do any transcription jobs again.

  8. This review is like aa answer to the question I wanted clearify so far. A friend introduced this sribie transcription to me. I was like wondering if it’s not another tricks from scammers. I neglected it till the time I’ll find answer to my questions.
    Good news, you are able to provide one. I had no knowledge about the pros and cons of this trascribing platform untill now.
    This seems like a lot of work to do. I don’t think I have up to like eight hours to dedicate on that kind of work in order to pull through it. I have other assignments am into, so I will rather go for a passive business that can bring in cool money.

    Thanks for this honest review. Gracia!

  9. I applied to Rev and a few other transcribe sites. They often do not have work available and audio quality is always an issue.

    The difficulty comes from the amount of work you have to do to make any kind of money. 8 hours 6 days a week is what many of us are trying to escape.

    I can’t see this as any kind of passive income generator based on that alone. But at least they have this info on the site. I can appreciate the transparency.

    This is absolutely not for me, but I know a few people that might be interested in it.

    Do you know what the payout threshold is? DO they pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly?

    • According to their website, once you successfully complete transcribing a file, the monies will be credited into your Paypal account. You can then make a withdrawal.



  10. Hmm, this is great. This review is related to a trascription platform I read about some weeks ago. I wanted to clearify how true they were,that was what lead me for further research. I come across transcribeme platform. I saw many testimony relaying how fast and a accurate they are. However, the scribie means of payment is different from thiers because they offer about $.79 per minute. They can even offer training for best transcribers. I think both are good for anyone who are interested. It is better, compare to some scam online business out there.

    • Hello

      I think that that Scribie is not a scam, so right of the bat, I think that it is way better than a system that promises one

      overnight fortune.

      I have not check out Transcribe me in detail. Will take a more closer look and see how it compares.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

      All the best 



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