Is TextBroker Legit? Is It The Best Way to Earn as a Writer?

Hi there and welcome to my Textbroker review. Do you want to make some extra money on the side? Or maybe you are thinking of becoming a full-time freelance writer? For this reason, you have Textbroker on your radar.

Is Textbroker legit, or can you make decent money with them? At the end of the day, it's about you. Today I am going to help you to decide whether joining this platform will be worth your while or not.


You will learn exactly how Textbroker works and what is required of you to earn money. Personally, I believe that it may be a bit challenging to land freelance writing jobs on this platform. I will go into more detail shortly.

For now, let me tell you more about the origins of Textbroker.

Great, let's get started, shall we?



FOUNDER: Ms.Ruby Vargeson is the company's current Director of Operations.

PRICE : Free

WHAT IS ABOUT: Content Mill - you can make money by writing content for clients.They can use this content for blogs, websites, social media,etc.



TextBroker is a digital content platform that is in the business of serving two important 'parties' within the internet.

It offers its clients, the service of purchasing content for their online interests, be it an online store, blog, social media campaign or website.

It also offers authors the opportunity to write the content for these above mentioned clients. In exchange, Textbroker will remunerate the author according to the rankings on their system (more about this later on).

You could say that in essence, Textbroker is the middle man, bringing the client and freelancer together.

The Textbroker website was registered back in 1999. Their headquarters are located in Las Vegas. According to the BetterBusinessBureau, Ms.Ruby Vargeson is the company's current Director of Operations.


Initially I thought that Textbroker only accepts applicants from within the United States. On further investigation I found out that the site does allow participants from the UK, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and the Republic of Ireland.

Is Textbroker legit how do you join textbroker, the signup process

The sign-up process is fairly straight forward. You are required to fill in a form requesting some basic data such as your name, address, DOB, telephone number and profession or field of study.

You are also requested to select from a drop-down box, a number of fields which you are knowledgeable about. From arts, to hobbies, marketing, website content, health, medicine and so forth.

The final step is to submit a 200-300 word original content article. 

You have to do this so that they can assess your skills as a writer and assign you a rating star.

This article that you write can be based on a review of a movie or a play. They will look at the structure of your text, the grammar, spelling, formatting and style.

Unfortunately, you will not be notified of the outcome of your submission immediately. I believe that it takes them around 1-5 days for them to assess your application.

So, until then you have to sit tight. 


One of the features that I think is a gamechanger for TextBroker, is their writing tutorial section called the TextBroker University.

Is Textbroker Legit what is the Textbroker University All About

If you are a beginner or are unfamiliar with writing content, then the editorial staff will most probably start you off on a 2 star rating.

The idea behind the TextBroker University is to help you to become a better writer. The better you get as a writer, the higher your rating (from 2-star to 4 or 5-star) and the more money you will earn.

The TextBroker University consists of three courses, namely:

  • Introductory Course (features a Comma Cheat Sheet and Blogs).
  • Intermediate Class (3 Lessons- Proofreading, Filler Busting, and Commas).
  • Graduate Course ( Proofreading Test and a 5 Star Tutorial- helps to get you to the 5-star level).

The best part is that these lessons are free and you do not even have to sign-up to gain access to them.

Whilst that is all good, we are here to talk about making money online, right? So, can you make decent money using Textbroker?

Let me show you.


You are paid according to the number of words that you write. The price per word is determined by two main criteria. They are: 

  1. The 'work order' that you choose, and
  2. Your level of writing or star rating.

Let me quickly explain these two criteria.

1. The Work Order You Choose

There are three different orders, OpenOrders, DirectOrders and TeamOrders.

OpenOrders are assignments that are readily available within the platform.Think of it as an 'open-mandate,' if you were a real-estate agent. Anyone can sell the house in question and earn a commission.

In this case, anyone can take on the assignment. However, you can only take it on based on your quality level.

The Direct Order allows you to deal one-on-one with a client. You get to set your rate per word.

The Team Order is available to any author on the team. The rate is set by the client.

The table below shows that if you were on the higher levels, you would earn a higher price per word.

Is Textbroker Legit how much money can you make with textbroker

So if you were on the 3 star rating and took on a 1500 word OpenOrder, then you would earn $15.

You need to reach a $10 threshold, in order to receive a Paypal payout.

At the start of this TextBroker review, I told you that earning good money with TextBroker might be a challenge.

Let me explain why.....

The reason is because of the fact that as we speak, they are only accepting authors at the 4 star level.

Is Textbroker legit it is difficult to get writing jobs

I guess that when Textbroker first started, opportunities might have been in abundance, and you could easily get accepted on the 2 star level and work your way up.

Does this mean that Textbroker is a scam, and that you should not sign up?

Before I answer that question, let me show you the pros and cons of this platform.


I like the fact that their membership is free.

They have decent training dedicated to helping members to become good at their writing skills.


You only have 24 hours in which you must submit the client's job.

TextBroker services are restricted to only certain countries. Apart from the United States, TextBrokers allows only the UK, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Republic of Ireland to join.

You will only be accepted if you are a 4-star 'writer.'

You cannot earn passive income with Textbroker.


Given the fact that Textbroker has been in the game for over 10 years, I do not think that Textbroker is a scam. They have some famous brands, such as eBay, who back them up as well.

However, this article is about helping you. Can Textbroker help you to make money online?

I think that if you can get past the hurdle of reaching the 4 star rating mark, then you have the potential to earn money.The fact that they're only taking folks on this level, shows that it's highly competitive.

In my personal opinion I think that it does take a lot of effort, and use of precious time, simply to earn a few dollars. Don't get me wrong. The pay is much better as compared to survey jobs, like this one, or 'get paid to' websites, like these guys.

My point is, whilst you cannot escape the competition, you can surely build yourself an online passive income business, by using your writing skills.

You can blog and make money online, from talking about your passions or hobbies. You can learn to earn consistent and ongoing sales from a single article that you have written!

That is leveraging the power of the internet.This is how I earn a passive income online. If you would like me show you how to get started, simply on the link that follows.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Textbroker review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions, or comments please leave them below, and I promise to get back to you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


12 thoughts on “Is TextBroker Legit? Is It The Best Way to Earn as a Writer?”

  1. My friend used to use TexBroker and he was not so satisfied. He joined them as a professional writer with the idea to make money by writing. He also told me that from time to time – his payments were late and he got very annoyed by it. He then joined HireWriters and was satisfied with them completely.

    He still is a member there. Have you used HireWriters or TextBroker maybe?


    • Hey Strahinja

      Thanks for sharing that information with us. Really appreciate it. 

      I am not familiar with HireWriters, but will check it out.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  2. Considering the fact I was able to maintain a 4star upward rating in all the sites I have worked as a freelance writer, I should be able to make a good lead here on Textbroker too. The time frame of 24hours does seem scary though considering cases where you have to write multiple works for a client, then it won’t be favorable at all on the path of the writer. Nonetheless, it looks interesting and should be worthy of adding up to means of generating income. Thanks

  3. Hi Roopesh

    thanks for the research and sharing with us, but … I do not know English well, I’m from a country that is not accepted, so it’s not for me; but I get good information about competitiveness and price, I can get an idea; I like to read some posts for my development.

    all the best for you


  4. That is a game changer. I definitely in need some training on my writing skill. It is good to know that TextBroker University offers it for free, I will definitely take a look into that. I think we have to spend a lot of time to come up with 1,500 words to earn just $15. This opportunity might be useful for those who love writing and do not mind that much about the compensation. You are absolutely right, earning with textbroker is definitely better than surveys. I get annoyed every time when the surveys opted me out because I am not the right demographic for them, wasting my time, do not get a dime from it as well. Thank you so much for this throughout review. I probably won’t work for them but will get some tips on how to write better.


  5. Hi Roopesh,

    This is the first time l heard about TextBroker and you have provided a in-depth review to decide whether it’s worthwhile to spend your time as a writer with TextBroker. You’re right that you can not make a passive income from TextBroker due to low rate charged per word as compared to other platform like Upwork and Fiverr unless you’re an expert and have build up a substantial clients. 

    I am a bit confusing, you have pointed out TextBroker only accepted 4 Star writer but in the table showed that you can order an article based on quality level starting from 2 star. Can you clarify, please? l am quite interested to place an order from them.

    Thank you.

    • Hi there

      Thanks so much for the question.

      I put in the table to show the overall compensation structure. When I registered, the reply that I got was that they are only taking in folks who are 4-star quality.

      Hope that this makes sense.

      Thanks for stopping by



  6. I have to agree with you that while this program is legitimate and all, it’s not a way to earn passive income, and it’s not even a way to earn decent income.  Writing a 1,500 word blog post is no joke, and to earn only $15, to me, is just not worth it.  I would rather spend that time writing a post for my own website and eventually earn some decent passive income through affiliate marketing.  Thank you for providing such a thorough review of this program.  I’m glad I read it, because I was thinking of signing up, but I think affiliate marketing is going to be the way to go through the Wealthy Affiliate program.

    • I totally agree with you, rather invest your time and effort into building your own online business. As you said, the added benefit is that your articles, if monetized properly can earn you awesome passive income.

      Affiliate marketing is a very flexible model that allows one to get started with low overheads and offers one the possibility to build a sustainable online business.

      I think Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best places to get started with affiliate marketing.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

      Kind Regards and Take Care



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