Is The 7 Figure Accelerator Legit? Philip Johansen Risky Course?

Is the 7 Figure Accelerator legit, or is it a scam? Welcome to my review of the 7 Figure Accelerator. So, Philip Johansen claims his course is like a magic wand for making everyday folks like us earn $1,000 to $5,000 per day online! Sounds tempting, right?

Can we actually get our hands on those daily commissions without breaking a sweat? According to Philip, all it takes is just around 57 minutes of work each day.

Now, here comes the big question: Is there a catch?

In this review, I’m going to break down how the 7 Figure Accelerator works. We’ll dive into whether people are actually happy with what they get after buying this course. And let’s not forget the main question – how exactly does this course make us money?

Oh, and by the way, some folks are saying this might be some sort of Ponzi scheme. Could it be?

I’m going to spill all the beans so you can decide for yourself if you should give Philip’s course a shot or not.

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What is The 7 Figure Accelerator All About?

The 7 Figure Accelerator is all about diving into the world of online money-making using nothing but your phone and an internet connection.

Philip pitches it as an opportunity to become an affiliate marketing pro via social media, claiming it requires zero upfront investment.

Here’s the drill: Philip and his crew guide you through setting up an automated system that supposedly churns out a jaw-dropping $1,000 to $5,000 every day.

Is The 7 Figure Accelerator Legit what is the 7 figure accelerator all about

Their promise? You could be hitting that sweet spot of $30,000 to $40,000 per month in just 90 days or less!

Oh, and here’s the kicker – no need to break a sweat creating your own products, building a website, or throwing money at ads.

Philip says this is the “miracle system for 2023” and showcases several regular folks in the sales pitch who’ve apparently struck gold using his system:

  • Ashley Perry raked in “50k in his first 50 days”
  • Another player pulled “$100,000 in just one month”
  • Then there’s the impressive “$114,000 in the last 30 days” story
  • Berta Raves cheered with “$100k in her first 93 days”

Philip doesn’t stop there – he flaunts his WarriorPlus account, revealing his affiliate commissions to give you a taste of what’s possible.

Is The 7 Figure accelerator legit This is Philip Johansen's Warrior plus earnings

The meat of the course centers around high-ticket affiliate products. These are the big-ticket items that promise hefty commissions.

And let’s be clear, high-ticket affiliate marketing is a legitimate avenue for earning online. You do not have to focus on turning high volume. You have to focus your energies on selling fewer high-ticket products to meet your income goals.

You can learn more about what high ticket affiliate marketing is all about here.

Philip’s got a list of these high-earners ranging from $2,500 to a whopping $75,000.

His course zeroes in on leveraging Instagram to get potential buyers eyeballing these offers. His crew sets up the mechanics for you – landing pages, funnels, all the technical nitty-gritty – while you get the simple task of adding the link to your Instagram ‘bio’.

The real game-changer here is using short and snappy 7-second viral videos to power up your Instagram strategy.

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How Much Is The 7 Figure Business Accelerator Course?

The sticker price for this course is usually $2,497. However, at the time of writing this review, they’ve generously knocked it down to $2,247.

So, what do you get for this fee?

Included in the package, is a 90% complete system, and in return, you supposedly get a shot at banking anywhere from $10,000 to a cool $30,000 in less than 90 days.

Philip’s theory is that if you stick to the training and devote a mere 57 minutes daily, you could hit these digits. And hey, if you’re really into upping the ante, there’s even the chance to dive into a one-on-one mentorship program with Philip himself.

So, the big question is – Is the 7 Figure Accelerator a scam or is it the real deal?

I’ll be sharing my final verdict shortly.

Can I Buy The 7 Figure Accelerator In Installments?

Absolutely, they’ve got a range of payment methods to suit your wallet.

For those who prefer a more digestible financial bite, you can split the 7 Figure Accelerator tab into 4 installments.

First up is $1,297, followed by an encore in 30 days’ time. The grand finale wraps up with two more $1,297 payments. This installment plan brings the total to a neat $5,188.

But hey, they’re also offering a 10-day payment option for the more eager beavers out there. Initial payment: $597. Thirty days later, another $597. Then, for the next 8 payments, it’s $597 each time. The grand total lands at $5,970.

And if you’re wondering how to part with your money, they’re cool with either PayPal or Cards as your digital currency of choice.

Can You Get A Refund On The 7-Figure Accelerator Program?

I wish I could bring better news, but the 7 Figure Accelerator program doesn’t come with a refund policy.

Once you’re in, you’re in.

Is the 7 figure accelerator legit no refunds on the course

The 7 Figure Accelerator Reviews – Complaints or Compliments

Cue the reviews, where this course has landed an average of 3.3 out of five stars.

Around half of the folks, they’re giving it a high-five with those 5-star ratings.

It shows that there’s definitely something working for a bunch of people. But wait up, we’re not stopping there – because getting the full picture matters.

Okay, let’s start with the high-fivers. Many reviewers are shouting out about how the 7 Figure Accelerator is delivering on its promise. They’re talking about real commissions and money coming in thanks to the course’s strategies.

There is another side to the story. Some folks have raised their hands with concerns. There’s talk of affiliates missing out on expected commissions – not cool.

Why 7 Figure accelerator is a scam, affiliates were not getting paid any commissions

Also, a few eyebrows are raised about the $10,000 guarantee that was not honored for everyone.

Why the 7 Figure Accelerator is a scam, is because they did not honor the 10 000 guarantee

Consistency also comes into play, with some noting shifts in the content and structure of the course material.

Some reviewers noticed some changes in the company’s marketing ethics. They’re wondering if certain tactics align with honesty and integrity.

Is the 7 Figure Accelerator legit changes in the marketing ethics

The term “Ponzi scheme” popped up in some of the reviews. Now, that is concerning.

Pros of 7 Figure Accelerator

(1) Owner Transparency

It’s always good to know who’s behind the curtain, right? Philip doesn’t shy away from the spotlight.

Cons of 7 Figure Accelerator

(1) Time Limit Drama

Ever heard of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)?

Well, Philip plays that card by claiming there are limited spots available. It’s like a virtual countdown that urges you to jump or you might lose out.

(2) Pricey Course Tag

Keep your wallet ready because this course isn’t exactly pocket change. Let’s be real – it’s a bit of a splurge.

(3) Upsell Galore

Ever walked into a store for one thing and then left with a cart full?

That’s upselling in action. Same deal here – the 7 Figure Accelerator dishes out a fair amount of upsells.

(4) Fast and Furious Riches

Philip’s course promises big money gains.

While it’s tempting, remember that building a solid income usually takes time and effort.

The whole “overnight millionaire” gig? Let’s just say it’s a bit like hitting the lottery – not the most reliable retirement plan.

How Do You Make Money With The 7 Figure Accelerator Business Program?

Alright, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty as per the Trustpilot reviews – seems like we’re dealing with a bit of a “copy and paste” situation here.

Philip and his team are like the captains of a ship, and they’re steering you in the direction of those successful 7 Figure Affiliate maestros.

It’s like following a recipe, but instead of brownies, you’re whipping up some fat commissions.

What’s the secret sauce you’re actually dishing out to earn these commissions?

Well, it’s all in the genius combo of the done-for-you automated system, those slick funnels, and the pre-made emails. The kicker is that these tools are tailor-made to cast the spotlight on none other than the 7 Figure Accelerator program itself.

Imagine setting up the stage, and the star of the show is, yep, you guessed it – Philip’s course.

So, you’re not just raking in the big bucks, you’re also in the grand business of ushering others into the fascinating world of 7 Figure Accelerator. You are an affiliate for the 7 Figure Accelerator.

Is 7 Figure accelerator legit? How do you actually make money with 7 figure accelerator?

Yet, always remember, that knowing the ropes of what you’re endorsing before you go all-in is wisdom in action.

Make sure that this is the journey you would like to embark on.

Is 7 Figure Accelerator a Ponzi Scheme? My Personal Opinion

Let’s talk about the infamous term – the Ponzi scheme.

According to Wikipedia, it’s a fancy name for a type of trickery where early investors are treated to shiny profits, thanks to the cash from the fresh batch of investors.

Now, let’s put our 7 Figure Accelerator in the spotlight.

Picture this: You need to buy a membership to get on board as an affiliate. Once you’re in the club, your mission becomes convincing others to hop on the bandwagon, so you can pocket some sweet commissions. Or, at the very least, cover your own costs.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Some folks might argue that it feels a bit more like a recruitment parade rather than growing your own business. No doubt that people are cashing in on those commissions. The website even shows them to you, and it’s tempting.

But here’s the kicker – when you take a closer look, you’ll realize you’re basically forking out cash to advertise a course that’s solely designed to reel in more course members. At least, that is the way that I look at it.

So, if it’s all handed to you on a silver platter, are you really learning much? They even sort of discourage you from going all creative and encourage you to stick to the script of other people’s Instagram reels.

The big question mark is, what if, out of the blue, the company decides to call it quits? You’re left with your hands in the air, and a fresh start on the horizon. It’s like putting all your eggs in one slightly unstable basket.

In a nutshell, sure, it might be commission rain for some, but it could also be a bit risky – like going all in on a one-trick pony.

I believe that you should be cautious when this business opportunity. And remember, there’s a whole world of opportunities out there.

Affiliate Marketing vs. 7 Figure Accelerator: A Critical Comparison

Now, let’s do a bit of comparing and contrasting. We’ll stack up the 7 Figure Accelerator Business Course against the backdrop of a genuine affiliate marketing course.

Point One: The Price of Admission

In the realm of 7 Figure Business Accelerator, you’re coughing up cash just to join the affiliate party. The big question is: Why should you be shelling out money just to become an affiliate?

The affiliate marketing universe offers alternatives like Wealthy Affiliate and Invincible Marketer, where signing up as an affiliate doesn’t require your wallet to take a hit, yet you can still reap handsome commissions.

Point Two: The Training Reality

They’re basically giving you an Instagram guide and saying, “Go forth and conquer.” The truth is, there’s a treasure trove of free Instagram-related content out there that can equip you just as well.

The remaining parts? Well, the company takes the reins.

Now, affiliate marketing courses out there dive into a diverse spectrum, from SEO-powered websites to YouTube and even paid advertising.

You have a menu to choose from when building your affiliate marketing know-how.

Point Three: The Niche Puzzle

As a 7 Figure Accelerator member, you’re in the “Make Money Online” niche by default. But wait, there’s more. The ‘done for you’ system is wired to peddle just ONE product within this niche.

In Philip’s free training, he brought up a high-ticket Amazon affiliate product as an example. But here’s the hiccup: they aren’t about to help you shape a business around a passion or interest of yours. There’s an entire universe of niches and audiences you could explore beyond the ‘make money online’ terrain.

Now, contrast this with an affiliate marketing course like Wealthy Affiliate. Here, you can venture into any niche you fancy. Go ahead, and explore their FREE Starter Membership here.

Point Four: High-Ticket vs. Low-Ticket Strategy

Selling a $2000 product for an $800 commission sounds sweet, no doubt. But the big question looms: Are you genuinely helping your customer or just chasing the bucks?

In my playbook, it’s about delivering real value. It’s about serving your audience right. If that means directing them toward a lower-priced affiliate product that genuinely benefits them, then that’s where the focus should be.

Remember, low-ticket affiliate products can lay the foundation for a full-time business too.

Imagine selling a $49 product that brings in a recurring fee of $29. Sure, you’d need a larger customer base, but the magic lies in the recurring income you pocket. It’s all about the dance between different affiliate programs, a lesson you won’t find in the 7-Figure Accelerator curriculum.

this is the call to action where you can make money online

Is The 7 Figure Accelerator Legit? – Make an Informed Decision

As you consider whether or not to become a part of the 7 Figure Business Accelerator, it’s crucial to weigh the potential risks involved.

The first major risk is centered around the heavy reliance on Instagram as your primary platform. While Instagram can be a valuable tool, it’s important to remember that your control over it is limited. The platform could suspend or deactivate your account at any time, forcing you to start from scratch.

To mitigate this risk, it’s wise to have a backup plan. Building an email list can provide a more stable avenue for reaching your audience. Subscribers to your email list remain reachable even if external platforms change or falter.

The second risk pertains to the reliance on the “done for you” system. While convenience is tempting, gaining a solid understanding of building an online business grants you greater autonomy and control. By learning the ins and outs of online business, you can determine:

  • The products you promote
  • The niche you specialize in
  • How you engage with your email subscribers
  • The platforms you use for your business (website, social media, YouTube, PPC)

Ultimately, your success and sustainability in the online business world depend on your ability to adapt, innovate, and retain control over your strategies.

This review aims to provide you with a comprehensive view of Philip Johansen’s course. Your thoughts and insights on this matter are highly valued. Feel free to share your perspective as you consider your next steps.

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