Is TruVision Health A Scam Or Should You Give This One a Go?

Are you looking at joining the TruVision Health business? Is TruVision Health a Scam or a legit business opportunity?

The flagship products are concentrated within the health and wellness market. Is it worth it to get invovled where the competition can be pretty tough? 


At the end of the day its about helping you. These days there so many opportunities that it makes choosing the right one a challenge.

It is my hope that this review will help you to decide if Truvision resonates with you or not. Should you decide that its not for you, it's not the end of the road.

I believe that the right opportunity will come when the time is right. Do not rush into things if it does not feel right.

Cool,let's get started!

NAME OF COMPANY: TruVision Health


FOUNDERS: Derek Bailey, Shawn Gibson and David Brown.



The TruVision Business started back in 2013. They have three co-founders namely, Derek BaileyShawn Gibson and David Brown.

They have an online 'community board.' This board is a section on their official website that allows for folks to interact, to ask questions and so forth.

Unfortunately though it is one that has not been updated on a regular basis. The last contribution was made over a year ago.

Is Truvision health a scam

However, on the plus side their blogs are regularly updated with news and product related topics. 

In addition, they have an online 'Live Chat' service. In all this time of having reviewed MLM companies, this is the first time that I've come across something like this.

It was actually a pleasant surprise.


I believe that every company will have their fair share of 'good customer reviews', and  'bad customer reviews.'

Obviously, if a company displays more negative reviews as compared to positive reviews, then one should be more cautious.

Truvision does not have any BBB(better business bureau rating), at the time of writing this post. 

There were a mix of both Truvision customer complaints and compliments on the BBB site. A total of 46 customer queries, of which 39 of them have closed within the past 12 months.

Truvision health review  customer complaints

Complaints covered areas such as,

  • Product/service enquirers,
  • Billing/collection issues, and
  • Advertising/Sales issue 

Lastly with regards to their MLM rankings, this company is rated 104 out of 855 other MLM companies.

is truvision health a scam check out theor mlm rankings

Thus far, it looks like the company has a pretty decent image from the outside. 

What about their products?

Are they worth buying?

Let me show you what its all about.


The Truvision product portfolio spans across a range of categories. These include, 

  • Natural energy(truControl $61.25) and Weight Loss products(truKeto)
  • Sleep Products(such as their truSlumber $35.95)
  • Hand crafted Artisan Chocolate(Allulite)
  • Essential Oils(truDefence $39.46)

As with most MLM organizations, I believe that the prices are generally higher than the equivalents that one would buy from their favorite health store.

However when it comes to purchasing from Truvision health, they do allow one to buy a 'trial course' of their products.

is truvision health a scam Are truvision products expensive?

Do Truvision Health products really work?

Is it really worth it to purchase these products? The truth is that you will only know if these products work if you were to try them out for yourself.

That is also the best way to get started with your Truvision business.

Should the products work for you, then it would be easier to market them to others.

These products are within a very competitive niche. The health and wellness industry has thousands of products and at times some folks will already be used to using a specific brand.

Not to put you off on the business side of things, but it can pose a challenge when selling to family and friends.

So how can you make money with Truvision Health?

Coming up next!

THE TRUVISION COMPENSATION PLAN- Try it, Share It, and Get Others to Do the Same!

It all starts with you trying out the Truvision products. Then sharing your success stories with interested people. When these people buy the products, they in turn will share their success stories with others, and so forth.

The more folks that join your team, the more money you make.

That in a nutshell is how network marketing works, and that is how you can make money with Truvision health.Take a look at this 5 min video summary.

The advantage unlike other MLM comp. plans, is that with Truvision, you can sell 'trial packs.' In that way, people will be more likely pay for a short course as opposed to a month-long pack.

How much does it cost to join TruVision?

TruVision is available within 15 countries. You can choose from three options, an Associate, a Preferred Customer or a Retail Customer.

If you choose to become a Retail Customer, then you simply purchase their products at retail. You are not eligible to earn any commissions.

If you choose to become a Preferred Customer, then you qualify for a 10% discount on product purchases. As with the Retail Customer option, its FREE to join.

If you choose to become a TruVision Associate, there is a $35 joining fee, which is renewable on a yearly basis. You qualify for a 20% discount on product purchases. You receive your own personalized website.You can start earning commissions and building a TruVision business.

In addition to the $35 joining fee, you will also have to make a product purchase that equals to 100 PV(PERSONAL VOLUME). You will also have to maintain a consistent 100 PV monthly to earn commissions from your down line.

You're looking at spending roughly around $159 monthly to keep a 100 PV.

is truvision health a scam the truvision health compensation plan

The first way that you can start earning is via Retail Commissions. The difference between the retail price and associate price, is how much money you make when someone purchases a product from you or from your website.

As you build your downline, you can qualify to earn various other bonuses such as,

  • BONUS POOLS(3% of total worldwide CV(commissionable volume)

There are 8 Ranking Levels from ASSOCIATE all the way up to 8-STAR DIRECTOR.

Each of these rankings have their own set criteria regarding the number of people in your downline needed, and active associates in order to qualify for the respective commissions.

To Summarize : Maintain a 100PV monthly, share the products with people, get them to join and maintain 100 PV. Get them to share the products, and so forth.....

Are you up for the challenge? 

Is Truvision Health a pyramid scheme or a scam? It's time for the verdict.


The company has a fairly decent product portfolio. The BBB site cited some positive product reviews. The companies policy as seen in the video, shows that they want folks to 'try, share' the products. Hence, it's not purely about money exchanges.

In addition, they have an interesting live chat feature and people are allowed to test the products using their 7-day trial packages. I personally do not think that Truvision Health is a scam?

Should you join Truvision Health?

The products are concentrated within a fairly competitive and popular industry. People have so many choices when it comes to investing in products for health and fitness.

In some cases, they may already be accustomed to a specific brand.For instance, I like this one particular MLM health company and will not switch over to someone else.

People also tend to compare prices before simply buying the products.

These factors can make building your team a bit challenging. At the end of the day, to build a successful Truvision network marketing venture, you would have to have a huge ACTIVE down line.

Everyone has different levels of sales and marketing experience. UPDATE 9th June 2019: Some people within your downline may not be as active as you. That is the reality with a network marketing business and that can make building your overall team a challenge.

Finally as an associate you have to make provisions for monthly purchases to remain an active member.

If you enjoy the recruiting side of things and have a flexible budget, then perhaps Truvision Health is for you.


If recruiting is not one of your strong points then don't panic!

I tried the MLM game and sucked at it. What was worse, was that I ended up losing valuable relationships in an effort to build my down line.

Today I earn money online without having to recruit. I do not need to outlay any monthly product purchases. I have an online business that is built on my passions. 

It's based on a different model called affiliate marketing. Monetary-wise, its cheaper than the price of a cup of coffee, and you do not need any previous experience to get started.

However, there still is a PRICE that you have to pay. And that is time. It takes time and your effort to make it a success. This teaching platform supplies all the up-to date training, tools, and support to help you. You have to supply the desire.

Update 09th June 2019

With affiliate marketing you do not need any experience to start. It's a flexible business model, so you can work in your own free time. You are building an asset. This means that one day you NOT have to trade your precious time for money, if you are in that position right now.

I have included a video to show you how this teaching platform can help YOU to build a passive income business. Let me know what you think of it in the comments section below.

I thank you for joining me on this TruVision Health Review

I hope that it has helped you out.

Should you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.

Kind Regards and Take Care


10 thoughts on “Is TruVision Health A Scam Or Should You Give This One a Go?”

  1. ​Hey Roopesh, whenever there is an MLM company involved I immediately become alerted. I’ve made too many bad experiences with that topic. So TruVision won’t be any better. And your review proofs it. Period. Your turning point to affiliate marketing is kind of a shortcut although it is one of the best ways to earn money from your own desk.

  2. Hey Roopesh, whenever there is an MLM company involved I immediately become alerted. I’ve made too many bad experiences with that topic. So TruVision won’t be any better. And your review proofs it. Period. Your turning point to affiliate marketing is kind of a shortcut although it is one of the best ways to earn money from your own desk.

  3. Thank you for this well detailed TruVision Health Review. Overall, this company seems good to me but I think it is not worth joining for some reason. Although it is cheap considering the membership fee which is $35 yearly. One thing I dislike about it is the recruiting stuff. Must I recruit to stay on track? Another issue is maintaining the 100 PV. That’s pretty expensive for start ups.

    There are other business to check out… I won’t give TruVision a try.

  4. I really think that the price is not expensive at all but I usually try to avoid MLM companies. Two years ago I was in one MLM company but I passed very bad. You really need to be active and I prefer passive income. My cousin enjoy to experiment with MLM so I think that TruVision will be great for him and we will see how it actually work.

  5. Roopesh, thank you for the thorough review of TruVision Health.  It does look like it probably is a legitimate business opportunity, but there doesn’t seem to be much that differentiates it from the competition.  

    Like you, I am terrible at developing networks and have bombed with MLM things before.  I find it difficult to retain my enthusiasm in farming my friends.  It does not help that they are all remarkably savvy about these sorts of opportunities, and very opinionated.  They do get snarky.  (Ouch!)

  6. There are so many health programs out there that are actually an MLM.  Personally I am not a liker of anything that is MLM.

    The thing is Im sure many of the products are good but in all honesty they are overlooked and promotion is put on signing people up.

    MLM might be for some people but just not for me.

    Thank you for a great review.  Everyone is entitled to know what they are getting into.

  7. it’s good to know that this company has the option to just be a customer as oppose to a distributor. I don’t see to many of these options with other network marketing companies. 

    I am curious, does truvission sell their products on Amazon? Would it be cheaper to be a preferred customer with them than buying from a place like amazon if they sold their products there.

  8. This does not look like a scam but it does look like a lot of work. In these sought of business to earn you really have to have a hardworking down line. These sought of persons can be difficult to find. I have involved myself in this sought of business and one thing that made me not to make much was that my down lines were just not hardworking. 

    I see this truvision health as a sought of pyramid scheme in disguise. You might not think that it is from the outside but when you get inside you would get to find out that it really is.

    If you are willing to do the work then it can be good for you but I have stopped been a fan of this type of business a long time ago.

  9. Hi Roopesh

    It was most interesting reading your review of Truvision Health.

    I would agree that it does not appear to be a scam, from what you say.

    But, like you, I did not enjoy my previous MLM experience, and I also managed to lose some friends over it, which was never my intention. So for me, I will steer well clear of all MLM’s in the future. Did you find, like I did, that really the only people who did make any real money were the people at the top of the MLM, thanks to little people like us?

    Very many thanks for your honest and very informative post.

    Chrissie 🙂


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