Voice Cash Pro Review- Is Voice Cash Pro a Scam or Legit Voice-Over Training?

Hi there and welcome to my Voice Cash Pro review. What is Voice Cash Pro all about?

The sales video claims that this is, "an extremely easy way of making money online." Unlike other business opportunities, this one involves using your 'voice.' 

It would be cool to simply talk and get paid for lending your voice.'Voice over' jobs are real and no doubt folks are making money from it. The big question is, Is Voice Cash Pro a scam? Their advertorial got the better of me, and I decided to purchase the product to see for myself. Does it really live up to the expectations?

Let me show you what it's all about. All that is left for you to do, is decide whether to sign up or not.

Ready? Great! Let's get started!


WEBSITE: www.VoiceProfitSystem.com

OWNER: Monica White

WHAT IS IT ABOUT: The course is based on teaching you how to go about getting 'voice over' gigs.




As you watch the sales video, you will to be introduced to a lady by the name of 'Monica White.' Apparently, she is the owner of Voice Cash Pro.This is a picture that you will see.

Who is the owner of  the Voice Cash Pro system

The only problem is, that this photo is a stock image photo. In other words, it's a generic photo that is readily available for use from stock image websites such as Pixabay.

And to prove it to you, check out where else this very same image has been used on the internet.

Voice cash pro review who is monica white

Which begs the question- who is the real owner of Voice Cash Pro?

Anyway, the sales video takes you on a 'journey' where you get to hear of Monica's 'hard-life', when her son ended up suffering from a severe lung infection.

In her quest to find the best money making solution (and helping her son's medical condition), she found a system that helped her to earn up to $75,000 in just 5 months. And that system is none other than Viral Cash Pro.

'Monica' will have you believe that earning with Voice Cash Pro is as easy as pie. She claims that there are many companies out there seeking voice talents for commercials, video games, audio books, cartoon characters and announcements.

The points that she highlighted that got my interest were, that the system,

  • Would provide step-by-step coaching videos
  • Is perfect for anyone who is new to the internet
  • Is Not an e-Book containing outdated information
  • Will allow you to earn from day one.

Naturally, the initial video does not give away any 'juicy' bits on how Voice Cash Pro actually works.

So, I bought the package to see exactly what the program is all about. Let me start by showing you the member's area.

Wealthy Affiliate review


The member area is intended to be a 30-Day Training course. I went through it all in one and a half hours. ALL of the material is in a PDF-format.

What does the Voice Cash pro members area looks like

For instance the first section, DAY1-10, featured two PDF's namely, 


Basically, the first part briefly talks about laying down terms and conditions when dealing with voice-casting agents.

You also get to learn a bit about the relevant tools that one needs to invest in such as specific headphones, mics, recording software and task management software programs.

DAY 11-20

The two PDF's in this section are,


The first PDF was pretty straightforward. It made mention of your usual Social Media platforms that I think almost everyone is familiar with by now. The second PDF, was slightly more interesting.

Apart from using Fiverr and Upwork, they made mention of five other websites (which honestly speaking I have not heard of before), that one can use to start getting voiceover gigs.

It was interesting to learn of these additional sites. I think if you are considering a career in the voiceover field, this section may come in handy.

DAY 21-30

The last section features a single 4-page PDF, that briefly outlines some negotiation strategies, when one is dealing with a client or agent.

Within this section, there is an MP3 snippet (10minutes long) by an individual who goes by the name of Earl Hall.

Voice Cash Pro Review, is Voice Cash Pro a scam

Earl talks about his approach towards clients and how to negotiate rates for gigs and what to take into consideration before you give a client your final 'asking fee rate.'

In my opinion, it's the only time during the entire course that I felt like I was being guided(as opposed to being told) about the world of voice over jobs.

They end off the training by giving you access to Mr.Earl Hall's training course on his own website.

It's a webinar that talks about creating a 'funnel' to draw more clients for your voice over business, by using e-mail marketing as a tool.

If you are new to the internet world, then this part may sound a bit foreign, as he makes mention of the use of an autoresponder and a website. It's all legit ways of marketing your business, but it certainly is a process and takes time to learn.

NOTE: There was NO step-by-step coaching videos as initially promised.

In a nutshell, that covers the Voice Profits Pro(or Voice Cash Pro) system.

Can you make money using Voice Cash Pro?


They claim that their system works, and that people are making money from using it. 

Like this guy, Matt Haskins, who apparently made 150K over just 6 months. Now, that is some serious cash.

Voice Cash Pro has fake testimonials

Image from the Official Website

The only problem is, is that it's a fake testimonial.

This guy is an actor who is quite popular on the Fiverr platform. In other words, they are being hired to tell you these stories.

Take a look below, 

30 day success club is a scam.it has fake testimonials

Bottom line: There is no actual proof that people have made money, if any, with Voice Cash Pro.

Does this mean that Voice Cash Pro is a scam? It's time for the verdict.


Let's take a look at the facts. The program costs you 37 bucks. In exchange for your money, you are going to get a couple of PDF's. If you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase, then Clickbank will honor their 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

From this point of view, the system is NOT a scam.

However, on the flip-side, there is no real evidence to back up the claims that they make within their initial sales pitches. No real testimonials. The marketing is overly hyped up, and when you eventually do buy the package, it's a totally different story.

As for the training, one is left with little or no support. No guidance, no step-by-step lessons. I believe that the best way to learn to build an online business, is to have someone to guide you and take you through the process.

That's how I learnt to build an online business when I started three years ago. It was thanks to this awesome teaching platform, that offered the best tools, community support and top notch training. Read my story here.

Coming back to Voice Cash Pro, I found the material to be incomplete, and rushed over. I think that one will end up searching Google or YouTube for more information to satisfy ones curiosity.

Wealthy Affiliate review


I am going to be straight up with you. I do not know much about the 'voice-over' or 'voice-acting,' business. I enjoy teaching people on how to start their own affiliate marketing business.

Nevertheless, I did a quick search on Google Trends, and found that it does have its up and down times. 

Voice over jobs are trending

So, there is scope for this profession. I think that one needs to do more homework though, rather than to simply rely on what is on offer in this system that I have reviewed.

What if you want to start an online business, that has everything in one place? Imagine how much time and headache that would save?

If you are interested in learning more, then I would like to invite you to check out my NR.1 Recommended Business Opportunity, by clicking on the link below.

Before I leave, I want to congratulate you for sticking with me till the end. You are awesome!

I appreciate and value your time.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Voice Cash Pro review.

I hope that it has given you what you needed, to make an informed decision.

Should you have any further questions, or comments, please leave them below. I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.

Kind Regards and Take Care


8 thoughts on “Voice Cash Pro Review- Is Voice Cash Pro a Scam or Legit Voice-Over Training?”

  1. hallo my friend 

    It great to create blog related to digital marketing scam .Noeadays too many scams in the market. They always doing ground. We need more awareness to which one is good. The course is like study. Its better we are learning with earning . I think so in the world no one university and college to give chance to earning with study.  However wealthy affiliate community is allow us to do both things together . Your go post .

    • Yes, you right with Wealthy Affiliate they teach you how to build an online business and whilst we are learning, we are earning as well.

      It’s a really great start to access 4 billion people(and growing). The internet is here to stay and what better way to a piece of the pie.

      Wish you all the success in your online journey. Let me know if you need help with anything.



  2. Nothing makes me more angry then when make money online programs use fake testimonials and pictures to give the appearance of being a great place to earn money fast. The fact that a testimonial was really someone from Fiverr definitely makes me want to stay far away from Voice Cash Pro. I like that you explained what was in the members area once you joined and it appears that the training may be not be as extensive as promised especially since you got through it in an hour and a half. Wasn’t there are a part in there where it says that all you need for this to work is a smartphone and a laptop? The fact that the training says you need more stuff than that to be successful is another misleading tactic. I’ll stay clear of this one. 

  3. Hi Roopesh.  I enjoyed your review.   I also sincerely appreciate that you provided us with an honest review by actually trying out the program yourself.   (It drives me nuts when people review things without actually using the product or joining the service.)   

    It sounds like for $37 a person can get a little introductory information to the  voice over industry.  Yet, it sounds like it would be very disappointing for people that hope that the program will allow them to start earning enough money to pay the rent which is due on the first of the month.    Personally, I think I will pass on Voice Cash Pro.    I will check out the program you are recommending.       

  4. I remember receiving a money making offer like this.  The author made it sould tempting, but I just didn’t want to chance.  I’m so glad you did your research on this topic.  Well done!  

    Did you even try to get any voice over jobs or was the training too incomplete?  Did you request a refund?

    • Hi Patti

      I will be honest with you, I think that my voice is not one of the best one out there, rather I stick to affiliate marketing (lol)

      All the best to you.



  5. Dear Roopesh,

    Thanks for the thorough and detailed review post.

    What really hurts is… Many of the products sales pages promises a lot of things and when we buy it and enter into the members area the product under delivers. You have provided in-depth information on this product which will help in many people purchase decision.

    After reading your review I will stay away from this product.

    I always love to read reviews (From genuine sites) before purchasing a make money online products. Thanks for saving people time, trouble, money and effort via your review.

    Wishing you much success!



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