Bit Fun Review – ‘Playing Games’ with Your Precious Time

Hi there and welcome to my Bit Fun Review. I confess, I love playing video games. Whether it's from a cell phone, a laptop or even from one of your traditional consoles.

You can really get immersed in them and before you know it, half of the day has gone by and it's time to hit the sack. When I came across Bit Fun and saw them advertise it as an opportunity to "play games, have fun, earn bitcoin," I thought I'd give it a go.

On first impressions I thought earning and playing games was going to be a walk in the park. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. Unfortunately, things were not as they actually appeared to be. 

If you are thinking of signing on to Bit Fun, let me share my experience with you, before you do.

Ready? Great! Let's get started.



OWNERS: Unknown

WHAT IS ABOUT: You can earn Satoshi, for completing offers and playing games.




It's cool that the registration to Bit Fun is free. However, for me it's not enough to say that the opportunity is 'sound' or 'legit'.

It has become second nature to me to look for any sign of the founder(s) or owner(s). It puts my mind at ease, and at least then, I know, that there is someone that I can trust or reach out to.

Who are the real creators of Affiliate Titan?

In the case with Bit Fun, there are no such signs. No owner's photo, no about me page, nothing. Apart from the terms, privacy and one e-mail address, there is not much that one can really go on.

Nevertheless, let's dive straight into their business opportunity and see what that is all about, shall we?

Wealthy Affiliate review


Basically your job at Bit Fun, is to play games and complete offers. In exchange for your efforts, you will be rewarded with a satoshi. 

What is a satoshi? It is the smallest unit of bitcoin currency, recorded in the blockchain.

There are 4 ways in which you can earn with Bit Fun. I will explain their 3 main ways, and tell you about the last way a bit later on.

How to make money with Bit Fun -3 main ways

The 3 main ways are as follows, 

  • You can play games,
  • You can roll dice(inactive),and
  • You can view offers

The second way as mentioned, is not active at the moment, thus leaving one with the other two options to try out.


How many games can you play with Bit Fun?

There are around 653 games that one can play on this platform. They include various genres such as puzzles, adventure games, classics, arcade, sports and casino type games.

How much can you earn playing these games?

It's not made clear anywhere on the site, as to how much one can make. However, I tried a couple of them, and deduced that on average you get around 1 satoshi per click on a game.


The third way in which you can earn bitcoin(or satoshi) with Bit Fun is via the completion of certain 'offers.'

How to earn bitcoin with BIT fUN

One of the offers involves the completion of surveys. Frankly, I am not a fan of online survey jobs. 

From experience, many times I have spent my precious time answering screening surveys, only to be rejected from taking the main survey.

If you enjoy survey jobs, then I highly recommend that you stay away from this one called Take Surveys for Cash. Paidviewpoint, is a better option.

Then on Bit Fun, they have these bitcoin faucets that you can register with for free. They pay a certain amount of Satoshi every 15 minutes.


 You earn around 13 satoshi at every fifteen minute interval.

Bit fun how to earn with the bit fun faucet

That covers the three ways of earning with Bit Fun. There is a fourth way.

That is via referrals. You can earn up to 50% commission on all the referrals that join you. 

Now, for the 'million dollar' question -can you really make money with Bit Fun?

Coming up next....


Your Satoshi earnings are stored in a cryptocurrency microwallet called CoinPot.

I earned a total of 210 Satoshi thus far,and on CoinPot, these earning are registered as 30 Tokens and a small amount of Bitcoin respectively.

Take a look below.

Can you make money with Bit fun

If I were to convert to Bitcoin Cash it would be a very small amount, around 0.00002651 Bitcoin Cash.

In fact, that original 210 Satoshi only amounts to $0.00756600.

How can is a satoshi

It's light years away from 1 dollar. They also tell you that certain payouts may incur additional charges. Which means that I might come home with even less.

Speaking of the earnings, has anyone made money with Bit Fun?

There are no testimonials on the official website. I took the liberty of checking out their FaceBook and Twitter pages.

Both of them were not very active, with the last post dated back in 2017.

Bit Fun Facebook page

The Bit Fun twitter page shows no activity

What does mean, is Bit Fun a scam?

It's time for the verdict.


If there are no owners on record, or no testimonials on their site, or inactive Social Media activity, does this mean that Bit Fun is a scam?

The fact is that my account does get credited with earnings. Many YouTubers have recommended that once one reaches the 10K Satoshi limit, that one should do a withdrawal.

In all fairness, I have not reached this limit, and cannot say that they do not pay. From this point of view, I do not think that Bit Fun is a scam as yet.

However, its safe to say that one has to do a tremendous amount of work just to make one dollar. 

If you enjoy playing games, or completing surveys, or do not mind having to wait to claim every 15 minutes from faucets, then by all means give Bit Fun a go.

I believe that Bit Fun may not provide one the opportunity to build a passive income business of their own. Though not a scam it can end up utilizing one's greatest asset, their time.


Though we all have the same amount of hours in a day, we each choose how to live those hours. 

The important thing is, 'did you make those hours count?' If you have some free time and are looking to build an online legacy of your own, then I would like to invite you to check out my NR.1 recommendation.

It is not a quick way of making money online. It takes time and hard work. This teaching platform showed me the real way of earning online. They provided the necessary tools, the support, the lessons and mentorship.

You need to supply the desire.

Thank so much for joining me on this Bit Fun review. I really hope that it has helped you out.

It was awesome to speak to you today.

I would love to hear from you.

Should you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I promise to get back to you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


11 thoughts on “Bit Fun Review – ‘Playing Games’ with Your Precious Time”

  1. Great post and good info. 

    I tried this one a while ago, playing games and earn bitcoin, it sounds almost too good to be true, and unfortunately, it is. 

    I earned some Satoshi, but it isn’t nothing compared with the work I’ve been doing in it, and let us say I spend more electricity than I earned money, for me that says enough. 

    I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone 

    Anyway, thanks for sharing it. 

    • Yeah, and in my country they are doing ‘load-shedding’ so I have to make the best use of my electricity.LOL

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Take Care


  2. Hi Roopesh

    Here is another nice article from you.

    I like to see posts of this kind from people who have actually tried them and you clearly have.

    Experience beats hearsay any time.

    To make money, there needs to be either an investment in time or money, or both and one of the things I like about these kind of programs is that it allows someone with no money (but a lot of time) to get started.

    I have looked at Bit Fun before, but I found it too slow to make any serious income from it.

    I have a small team of people testing a number of different pages to see which ones are worth the time.

    I agree that Bit Fun is probably a legitimate site, but we have dropped it from our list as it is so slow to grow.

    Always enjoy your honest reviews


  3. Oh my gosh! 210 satoshi is equivalent to less than 1 cent? That sounds excruciating. Even though I’m sure if it’s all about the games then it’s not so bad, but really the earning potential is next to nothing and seems like a complete waste of time. There seem to be loads of platforms where you can ‘earn’ to play games and surveys, but when the time and effort is considered, they really aren’t worth it. 

    It seems to me that there are FAR better ways to spend time online that can result in real money. In my view, affiliate marketing is absolutely the way to go when it comes to making money online. It’s fun too so I don’t need to waste my time playing games and doing surveys, and I make passive income. It’s a great way to earn money online! 

    • Hi There

      It’s nice to meet a fellow affiliate marketer. I can see that you are really enjoying it, and this is always good to hear.Wish you tons of success for 2019 and beyond.



  4. Hello Roopesh,

    It is interesting that there are still so many new ways being invented to earn crypto-currency. I personally have researched this topic in an attempt to understand the potential viability of this as a passive income or online business. From your blog, there really seems to be a huge investment of time with little actual monetary reward for your investment. The lack of clarity from the host is also of some concern as, if you are like me, you need to evaluate the investment/return ratio before engaging this product. With no clarity this is not possible.


  5. I love to make money online and look for new online adventures but this Bit Fun thing seems a real waste of my time. I have come to a conclusion where I cannot play or be involved in any program that pays me in Bitcoin. Why can’t they just have two options for Bitcoin and Dollars.

    I am currently doing internet marketing, but I want to be involved in more than three programs, so I have signed up with Wealthy Affiliate. I will look at how it works in the next few days, will be in touch with you 

    • Hi there. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I have been with them for over 3 years know. I started from knowing nothing at all about internet marketing or buying a domain name of any of that stuff.

      I can tell you that the training works. My advice, take it slow, take your time, ask questions and do not skip any of the training. Give it at least 6 months or longer. 

      You can do it. Wish you all the best.



  6. Thanks for this insight into Bit Fun. 

    Its really odd that there are no details on the owners nor a ‘about me/us’ page because that that’s really how you get a feel for legitimacy. Its also probably not a good sign that what you earn per play is not clear and set out. You really could spend a lot of time getting nowhere here if your aim is to make some extra money.

    But hey, if you like to play games and theirs no sign up fee i wonder how bad a thing that could be!


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