3 Step Method Review -The Ugly Truth Revealed!

Hi there and welcome to my 3 Step Method review. The main objective of a successful online business is to earn you money on autopilot.To get you to a point where you can say to yourself,' I am earning a passive income.'

The 3 Step Method website claims that it can help you to get there. Without any experience, they can help set you up with an 'automatic income stream in 20 minutes that pays you every week like clockwork!' Can you believe them?


Is 3 Step Method a scam or can they really help you get started with an online business? I decided to purchase the product to see for myself exactly what it's all about. It's nothing like what I had expected, and I do not mean that in a good way.

I am sure that you may have come across online scams during your search to making money online. Despite these 'get-rich quick' systems, there are still legit ways to making money.


PRICE: $37(+$97 upsell)


WHAT IS ABOUT: Starting an affiliate marketing business.



Unfortunately the website does not reveal much on what the 3 step method is all about. To me its a red flag already.

3 step method review

Why all the secrecy? Is it perhaps that maybe there is no real product once the curtain is raised?

Anyway after you are forced to give them your e-mail address in order to learn more, you have to watch three introductory videos.

Do these videos reveal more about the 3 Step Method?

These videos do a fantastic job of leading you on. They make a promise that you are buying a system that is designed for the newbie in mind. One that is capable of generating 'quick and easy' income streams. 

The first video is the warm up, to get you all emotionally charged up and to make you feel like the owners are on your side.At some point, you may even believe that they have really got your interests at heart. 

Before you hop over to check out the other two videos, they throw in some Clickbank earnings, which by the way cannot be verified.

3 Step Method Review shows you unverifiable bank balances

The last two videos are really short testimonials which in my opinion are not even close to convincing me.

Bottom Line: You will only know what the 3 Step Method is, if you were to pay the $37 joining fee.

Trust me when I tell you that once you get into the member's area, it's literally shocking!

Don't believe me? Let me show you.


Before we go further, here is the proof that I did in fact purchase the 3 step Method system.

3 step method proof of purchase

Now are you ready to get shocked?


What would you expect to get for $37? 

Maybe some video tutorials? or How about a step by step guide on how to get started from scratch? That would probably justify them charging the fee, right?

Well you get none of it here? In fact, you do not even get a PDF download of some sort? There isn't even a checklist to tell you what you to do.

So what is 3 Step Method all about?

It's just a single web page that gives you a very vague outline of a business model call affiliate marketing.

Whilst affiliate marketing is definitely a legit way to making money as I use it as my main source of earning a passive income online(check out my story here), the founders of 3 Step Method have put very little effort into teaching it to you.

Their 3 step process are as follows,

  • Step One: Find a Niche
  • Step Two: Create a 'digital asset.'
  • Step Three: Make Commissions

This is a sample of what the main training area looks like.

3 step method inside the members area

The Members area of 3 Step Method- Just a standard web page.

This section is all about creating a digital asset.  Basically you need a way to market your product. They talk about three ways in which you can go about building a 'vehicle' to promote these products.

The three options that they briefly talk about are,

  • Using social media,
  • Using a website or simple landing page, or
  • A blog.

They do not take you through the process of setting up any of these 'digital assets.' If you are brand new to affiliate marketing, wouldn't you like someone to walk through the process of building up your own website? Well, it does not happen when you sign up to 3 Step Method.

The really interesting part, is that their third step talks about earning the commissions. Yet, there is no mention whatsoever on how to get traffic to your online business.

What is the point of having a digital asset, if they do not teach you how to use SEO(Search Engine Optimization), YouTube marketing, Social Media marketing, etc?

I think that the most disappointing thing here is that they tell you rather show you what to do.

If I were to look at from the newbies point of view, I would feel lost and confused as there is no direction or specific steps for one to follow.

To be honest with you, its very basic information that you can learn for free from YouTube or a regular Google search.

If you want to learn how to start from a complete newbie to earning passive income online, then check out this post on the best affiliate marketing course for beginners.


There is no real owner or founder to stand responsible for this program. I guess it makes sense as to why they chose to hide behind the curtain, as we have seen firsthand what the product is all about.

Fake testimonials. The guy who opens up the introductory video, is indeed an actor who renders his service on the Fiverr platform.

3 step method is a scam with fake testimonials

Image from 3 Step Method

3 step method review fake testimonials

From Fiverr.com

The proof of earnings are unverifiable.

They have a crazy upsell of $97. 

3 step method immediate upsell

The limited time offer is oldest trick in the book to lure people into the scheme.


You can probably guess my answer to this question. I personally do not see this course helping anyone to get started with a successful affiliate marketing business, especially if they are brand new to the industry.

Firstly to get started, you need help with choosing a niche or subject that you are passionate about. It helps to have people who are able to guide you along the way.

The same goes for the technical skills that are needed to build the foundation of your business.You need someone to show you how to build a website from scratch.

The third key ingredient is to have a training platform that is proven to work and has a good track record of success.

My NR.1 recommendation is a business teaching platform that covers all three areas to help you to get started with your online business. The amazing community support, the top-notch training, and has enough proof(including my success story) to become a successful online entrepreneur. 

When you hear real stories of ordinary folks earning a passive income online, leaving their jobs, etc, it's not a lie. The lie is when you are been told that it can be done overnight, and that it takes little effort or only 20minutes.That is complete nonsense.

If you want a change for better, and want to stop trading your time for money and are willing to put in the time and some effort, then I can help you from the word go!

Thanks for joining me on this 3 Step Method review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

It was awesome to speak to you today. Do not hesitate to leave any comments or questions that you may have below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

See you around.

Regards and Take Care


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  1. First off I sure hope you got your money back for this. If that was the members area than this is not even a good scam, I have seen many scams built around bells and whistles when you get into the members area. This looks like a preschooler put it together. I like the name 3 Step Method and I was going to check it out myself but after reading your review and looking at your back office I am so glad I did not.


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