Click Wealth System Review – Simple Click To Quick Profits? Scam?

Welcome to this Click Wealth System review. A Clickbank product that promises quick profits using a ‘done for you system.’ Is it really possible, or is Click Wealth System a scam?

I have reviewed several Clickbank products. Whilst many of them turned out to be downright scams, you do get the occasional quality products. And then you get those that are borderline products. They are not scams, but at the same time, they do not offer you the complete training or knowledge to build a sustainable online business.

Into which of these categories does the Click Wealth System fall? I will show you in this post. And I hope that this review will help you to make an informed decision.

Congratulations on taking the time to do your research before you go all-in with this particular opportunity. 

There are tons of scams online. But on the other side of the coin, there is a legit way to making money online. 

Having said that, let’s dive into this Click Wealth System review to see what the company is all about.


CREATOR: Unknown


Do I Recommend it? NO


There is no owner transparency, the company has expensive upsells.

The marketing is misleading, The training is based on utilizing solo ads as a major traffic source, which is a really low-quality form.

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Who Is The Owner Of The Click Wealth Systems?

The sales video opens by stating that they will reward you with a gift!

Click Wealth System review free gift

It’s actually a smart move, right? Who would not want something for free?

As for who the owner of the product is, that is a mystery. Apparently, the narrator of the video, who is supposedly the owner, goes by the name of Matthew Tang.

Matthew is also the owner of another make-money-online system called the ‘Daily Profit Maker.’

When I tried to learn more about this other system of his, my search got red-flagged by my anti-virus software. According to my antivirus software, it was classified as an unworthy site.

Daily Profit maker is redflagged by my antivirus software

My next step was to try to search for other reviews online. However, no further information was available.

Bottom Line: No Real Face To a Name.

This begs the question – would you trust your money with a nobody?

Matthew claims that the ultimate goal of the Click Wealth System is to help “100 ordinary Joes” to achieve a life of financial freedom.

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The Click Wealth System Sales-Video

The sales video carries on about Matthew’s rags to riches story. Apparently, he was a low-wage accountant. He lost his job due to economic instability.

Thanks to the Click Wealth System, he was able to escape the rat race, and become an online millionaire entrepreneur.

The sales video is filled with :

  • emotional triggers,
  • a typical ‘rags to riches’ story which cannot be verified,
  • Unrealistic money claims
  • Unverified testimonials, and
  • A false scarce strategy tactic.

What is the Click Wealth System All About?

Matthews states that :

  1. Is a ‘never-before-seen’ system, and
  2. 100% legal and and ethical method to making money online

It also has got nothing to do with :

So what is this system all about, then?

Matthew calls it “Customer Arbitrage System”

Click Wealth System review what is it all about

Basically, you are the middleman. Your job is to bring the right customers to the right offer, product, or service.

When these customers buy the product, from the merchant or vendor, the vendor, would pay you a commission for that sale.

This is NOT a new way to making money online. And it surely is not a never-before-seen strategy.

This business model goes by another name called…Affiliate Marketing. And this is the very same business model that I use to earn a passive income online.

What is Affiliate Marketing
Learn About The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course for Beginners

Matthew outlines his 3-step procedure which forms the basis of the Click Wealth System.

  • STEP ONE : Choose a verified customer from their insider list
  • STEP TWO : Create a website using their cloud software (done within 5 clicks)
  • STEP THREE : Drive customers to the affiliate merchant website

And then all that is left to do, is to sit back and relax and wait for the commissions to roll in.

Sounds fairly easy, right?

That is how the Click Wealth System is supposed to work.

How Much Does The Click Wealth System Costs?

Matthew had to pay around $1000 in overheads to get the system off the ground. Some of the expenses that he had to account for were website hosting, servers, and tracking systems.

In total, he claims he spent around $20,000 and 8 months to create the final version of the program.

And you and I are the lucky ones to get everything for just $9(crazy, right?)

How much does the click wealth system cost
The price of the Click Wealth System is only $9

Inside The Click Wealth System- The Member’s Area

What’s the member’s area all about?

It’s filled with short training videos and DFY pages.

But, before you even get the chance to reach the member’s dashboard, you would have to go through a series of upsells,

That would mean that it’s misleading for Matthew to state that the program is simply going to cost you a once-off fee of $9.

These are the three major upsells:

  • UPSELL 1 : Profit Activator $147
  • UPSELL 2 : Click Profit Multiplier $148
  • UPSELL 3 : 5 X Profit Sites $149

According to Matthew, these upsells are needed in order to gain the full benefit of the business course.

It’s plain to see, that this can be a pretty costly course. Let’s see what the member’s area looks like.

Inside the Click Wealth System members area

There are 9 training lessons and a few do-it-for-yourself pages

Click wealth system inside the members area
Inside the member area of the Click Wealth System

The training takes you through the process of signing up with Clickbank. Clickbank offers various digital products that one can promote and earn affiliate commissions. As far as the make-money-online products are concerned, not all Clickbank products are of high standards.

You also would be required to open an account with an autoresponder service. They recommend Get Response.

Ok, so thus far this is how Click Wealthy System works—-You would be promoting Clickbank products using their sales pages.

And how exactly would you get eyeballs to these sales pages? By using solo ads.

What are solo ads?

Solo ads mean that you would be paying other marketers a fee to promote your product to their e-mail list. Many marketers out there have huge e-mail lists, and they charge folks like you and me a fee if we want people to see the product that we are promoting.

Solo ads are one of the most common forms of traffic sources. But the problem with it is that it’s also a very low-quality source of traffic.

I will explain later why I think using Solo Ads is not a good idea. There are also some major drawbacks to the other aspects of this training course. And I will address that soon as well.

Is Click Wealth System A Scam? My Personal Opinion

Is Click Wealth System legit?

There are two positives to this system.

The first is that you are still getting a product for your money. And the second positive is that since it’s a Clickbank product, you are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

From these two points, I do not think that Click Wealth System is a scam. However, I would still not recommend it. And here’s why….

For one it’s marketed as a “complete income-generating system.” And it’s not!

They are not teaching you other ways to market your product. Using social media, YouTube, SEO, etc.

Even the e-mail marketing training is not complete. Using DFY pages is a lazy way to promote to an audience. They are not showing you how to bring value to your customers, by writing your own customized e-mails.

People will first want to get to know you and trust you before they buy from you.

The same goes for the Solo Ads. You using an e-mail list that’s probably been recycled and sold to tons of other marketers. People will get so inundated with e-mails, and desensitized, as a result, they will not open your e-mail.

THE END RESULT: You wasted your money, and failed to stand out as a unique marketer having little or no conversions.

BOTTOM LINE: With Click Wealth System, you get no flexibility in choosing your own products. You are not taught to market using your own unique skill and strength. You have to rely on a low-quality traffic source with a low conversion rate.

I would not recommend the Click Wealth System.

How I Make Money Online?

I transitioned from the health field to the online world. As a pharmacist, I enjoyed my profession but my own personal health challenges forced me to look for an alternate source of income. Check out my story here.

I earn a passive income online thanks to my affiliate marketing business.

The good news is that with affiliate marketing, you can build a business without having to recruit a single person. You don’t have to go out there and cold-call people.

You can start as a complete newbie. You do not even need any sales experience

You can build a business based on your own passion, hobby, or interest. You can work in your own time. It also offers you the awesome benefit of earning a passive income online

Thanks so much for joining me on Click Wealth System review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wish you everything of the best in your online success,

Kind Regards and Take Care


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  1. It is good to hear we can actually get a product from this purchase. But I agree with you that they misslead us when they say it is as easy as just a few clicks to make it online. I have been reading about how to make money online, and by now I know that most platforms that advertise themselve this way are scams, because that’s not the way the internet works.

    • True, there are products out there that have crazy claims. We really need to do the in-depth research, before we dive all in.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.




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