Elevate Pass MLM Review- 200% ROI. Legit Crypto-MLM?

Hi and welcome to my Elevate Pass MLM review. Would you like to achieve“financial freedom through passive income?”These words are the promise of the founders of the Elevate Pass Crypto-MLM business opportunity.

With an ROI of 200% and a simple $10 investment, it sounds really tempting to join. Is Elevate Pass a scam, or is it a decent way to earn money?

Congratulations on taking the time to do your research before you go all-in with this particular opportunity. 

There are tons of scams online. But on the other side of the coin, there is a legit way to making money online. 

Having said that, let’s dive into this Elevate Pass review to see what the company is all about.


CREATOR: Rafael Cebula

PRICE TO JOIN: from $10 upwards

Do I Recommend it? NO

Is Elevate pass mlm a scam?


The owner is involved in various different ventures. None of which has a proven track record of success.

The company is still in the pre-launch phase. Yet the site claims it already has active users. They promise a 200% ROI, yet they cannot verify exactly where the profits are coming from to pay their members.

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The Owner of Elevate Pass- Who is Rafael Cebula?

According to the official Elevate Pass website, Rafael Cebula is the owner and CEO of the company.

who is the owner of elevate pass

I usually go to LinkedIn to learn more about the CEO of companies that I review. In this case, I could not find any info on Rafael. So my next move was to check out YouTube.

This is Rafael Cebula's Youtube channel. It only has 12 subscribers

Before launching Elevate Pass, he operated a channel dedicated to teaching folks about the ins and outs of starting an MLM business.

At the time of writing this review, he had around 12 subscribers. I also learned that he launched another channel called Mad Investor. The idea behind this channel is to help people build an online business. Most of the videos were focused on crypto education.

It’s interesting to note the main link of this channel directs to something completely different. And that is to a fashion store site called Mad Wear.

Apparently, Mad Wear is supposed to be the daughter brand of Mad Investor. This site is fairly new having launched in 2021. It was co-founded along with his business partner Kaja Sikora. Kaja is also the CMO of Elevate Pass.

I checked out Kaja’s social media profiles, Facebook and Instagram. And it’s very strange that she does not have any promotional posts to boost their Mad Wear business. Perhaps it has not taken off as well as they had expected?

And now they are jumping onto the Crypto-Trading MLM bandwagon with the Elevate Pass venture…

Bottom Line: The owners do not have a convincing success track record. Especially when it comes to investing in the crypto-MLM business

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How Does Elevate Pass MLM Work?

As an Elevate Pass member, your first task would be to buy into one of their affiliate membership packages. They do not have any products or services from which you can earn a retail profit.

So the two ways in which you can earn money with the company are via :

  • Return on Investment from initial package purchases, and
  • Promoting membership packages to family or friends.

Lets’s take a closer look at how their commission plan is structured.

The Elevate Pass Compensation Plan

To get started as an Elevate Pass affiliate, one would have to invest a minimum of $10.

The company promises a cashback profit, commissions from direct referrals, and matrix bonuses until you reach a 200% ROI.

Elevate pass promises a 200% ROI on product packages. Yet they cannot back their promise by showing where the money is coming from.
Company Promises 200% ROI on investment packages

After this time has elapsed, you will have to re-invest to continue earning the commissions.

You earn 10% affiliate commissions on every member that you directly invite to join the company. However, the company will only pay out 3% on a weekly basis.

Matrix Commissions

As your team grows you can earn 1.8% on every package, that members within downline(indirect referrals) purchase. Your commissions are calculated via a 2×22 matrix.

This is how the Elevate Pass Matrix compensation works :

You start out with two people on the first level of the matrix. Then the next level is generated by splitting the first two positions into another two positions. Therefore, the second level would have four positions.

And this structure continues to multiply with each level occupying twice as many levels as the first. And this goes deep to 22 levels.

These are the potential returns of the respective levels :

  • levels 1 to 4 – sign up as an Elevate Pass affiliate and invest at least $10
  • levels 5 to 8 – earn $200 in commissions
  • levels 9 to 12 – earn $1000 in commissions
  • levels 13 to 16 – earn $5000 in commissions
  • levels 17 and 18 – earn $20,000 in commissions
  • levels 19 and 20 – earn $50,000 in commissions
  • levels 21 and 22 – earn $100,000 in commissions

Rank Advancement Bonuses

As your team members attain a certain rank, you in turn would earn a rank achievement bonus.

These are the respective bonuses per rank :

  • First Floor – $20 Rank Achievement Bonus
  • Second Floor – $200 Rank Achievement Bonus
  • Third Floor – $500 Rank Achievement Bonus
  • Fourth Floor – $2000 Rank Achievement Bonus
  • Fifth Floor – $4000 Rank Achievement Bonus
  • Sixth Floor – $7000 Rank Achievement Bonus
  • Seventh Floor – $15,000 Rank Achievement Bonus
  • Eighth Floor – $30,000 Rank Achievement Bonus
  • Ninth Floor – $80,000 Rank Achievement Bonus
  • Penthouse – $300,000 plus a bonus 0.6% on investment made across matrix level 22 and deeper.

In other words, the more you recruit, the more you earn.

Is Elevate Pass legit, or is it a scam?

Before I share my verdict, let’s take a look at some of the red flags of the Elevate Pass business opportunity.

The Red Flags of Elevate Pass

RED FLAG NR.1: Unverifiable Users / No Testimonials

On the site, they claim to have over 1260 users and 3051 happy clients.

elevate pass review no testimonials to verify their claims
Elevate Pass stats

There are no testimonials to verify this claim. Secondly, the site has not been officially launched to the public.

How is it possible for them to attain these numbers before the pre-launch?

RED FLAG NR.2: Misleading With Advertising Packs

They also claim that their platform serves as a hub for advertisers. They offer advertising packs. Yet there is no proof of any kind on their site.

Elevate pass review the different elevate pass packages
Elevate Pass claims they offer advertising packages
RED FLAG NR.3: No Registration with the Relevant Authority

There is no evidence to indicate that the company is registered with any regulatory body.

This means that should you decide to invest in the company, your investments are not protected and you will have to bear all the risks.

Furthermore, there is no clause anywhere in their terms and conditions to denote a “cooling off” period or grace period. This confirms that you have a small chance if any to get your initial investment back.

Is Elevate Pass a Scam? My Personal Opinion

Recently, there has been a string of cryptocurrency MLM’s popping up. Some of them that I have reviewed are Mining City, PGI Global, and Clearunited.

What was common with all of them is that the owners were real –that was the good part.

The not-so-good part is that unlike other traditional MLM ventures such as Prime My Body, and Juice Plus, they do not have products to sell. In other words, you cannot earn retail profits with Elevate Pass.

The only two ways to earn are via recruiting and the commission on your investment. And just like the first three cryptos MLM’s I mentioned, this one also failed to show how the company is getting the money to pay the members. That constitutes a securities fraud warning.

Is Elevate Pass a Ponzi scheme?

If the life of the company is dependent on affiliate investments for its survival, then this could be classified as a Ponzi scheme. It would mean that once folks stop investing in the company, funds would run dry and the scheme would eventually collapse.

Is A Recruiting Business Your Type of Business?

I do not believe that all multi-level marketing businesses are scams. I do, however, believe that making it big, or successful within the MLM industry is not a very easy task.

Having said that, are you someone who would enjoy recruiting?

According to the AARP study 

  • 91 % joined an MLM to make money either by selling or recruiting,
  • 43 % joined to get product discounts
  • 9 % was only to get just discounts

As for making a profit or loss :

  • (47%) of MLM participants reported that they lost money.
  •   (27%) MLM participants reported that they broke even (made no money).
  •  (25%) MLM participants reported making a profit.

And finally, the three most common reasons as to why people leave the MLM industry, is (1) they find it awkward to pitch to family and friends(2)not making as much money as expected, and (3) not liking to sell all the time

By the way, this report was published in 2018. I still think that it holds merit in today’s day and age. 

So, what do you think? Is the MLM world for you?

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Thanks so much for joining me on this Elevate Pass MLM review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wish you everything of the best in your online success,

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