Is PGI Global A Scam? Legit Crypto-Trading MLM Platform?

Welcome to my PGI Global review. Is PGI Global legit or is it a scam? I am sure that you may have noticed the rise in crypto-trading MLM platforms lately? On paper, it sounds like a winning formula...

You invest in Cryptocurrency, and the company takes care of all the hard work and gives you a certain return on your investment. At the same time, you can increase the amount you earn by introducing people to the program. More passive income for you!

Sounds great, right?


Should you invest in PGI Global? Let me show you what this company is all about so that you can make an informed decision.

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At the time of writing this PGI review, most parts of the world are still dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic. 

The result of the pandemic has definitely caused a halt in the global economy leaving many of the countries in a state of financial crisis. And we have actually seen central banks now printing their own money.

But the cold hard truth of this pandemic is that we have witnessed many lives lost during this time. I can tell you that in my community,  we hear of at least one person dying every single day.

And on a personal note, my 2021 started off on a really tough note. We lost our dear little brother to a sudden heart attack.

But there is one thing that is gaining some momentum, and that is cryptocurrency. More specifically Bitcoin. 

According to, Bitcoin will rise above $100 000 in 2021. They predict that it will far outgrow both Gold as well as SP500. This is what they have had to say - "That means everybody knew the third Halving was coming this year. And with a lower supply comes higher prices."

Having said, it makes sense then for companies to take advantage of this trend and provide business opportunities for people. And that brings me to PGI Global. 

Also known as Praetorian Group International. They market themselves as a new way to financial improvement. It combines the networking marketing business model along with the world of cryptocurrency.

As a PGI Group member, you have access to crypto products as well as products within the health and wellness niche. Though if you really want to get into the health MLM side, I personally would recommend the AIM Companies.

PGI Group has a rewards plan as well that apparently allows you the opportunity to build a business with passive income potential. I will show exactly how PGI works shortly but let's first see who is behind this group.


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The founder of PGI Global is RV Palafox. He was born in the Philippines. According to the website, Mr.Palafox has been within the MLM game for 15 years.

I learned that Mark Davis(the vice president of PGI Global) and Palafox were involved in another MLM company called AI Trade. Apparently, it was shut down as it was later identified as a Ponzi scheme.

I also learned that Palafox was involved in other cryptocurrency ventures that are not operational to this day. 

Having said that, I do believe that our past does not have to define our future. And maybe Mr. Palafox does mean well with PGI Global.

They have other team members on their site as well, so that's a good start.

But let's dive deeper into the company and see what the products are all about.


At one point in time, PGI Global did not have any products listed on its website. It was only their affiliate memberships that they were offering that allowed one to become a part of the PGI community.

If you were to visit the official PGI website, you would have noticed that they have a 'products' section. 

Apparently the PGI groups have products listed on their website

One of the products being, Crypto ATMs, though I doubt that members will just rush in and purchase these. And the other one is their in-house PGI Global debit cards.

It's the other two products that captured my interest namely :

  • their Blockchain Education, and 
  • Health and Wellness products.

It does seem a bit odd that a company that specializes in crypto-finance would go down the health route. Nevertheless, it is after all an MLM and it's not uncommon for MLM's to have a diversified product portfolio.

Take a look at my other MLM reviews :

One of the PGI Health products is a health tonic called Xsanchi.

PGI Global has health and wellness products in their portfolio

Apparently, it offers various benefits such as strengthening the immune system, improving blood circulation in the heart, and lowers lipid levels.

They also have a vitamin and mineral coffee mix called Praetorian Blend. Then there is a leafgreen supplement called Powergreen. 

They market gadgets such as body and feet massagers as well.

As far as I could tell, none of the health products are endorsed by the FDA.

In fact, no prices are available on any of these items. Perhaps if one joins the company, then maybe one will be able to buy them. 

I signed-up, and will show you the truth!

As for their educational packages, the introductory video does not reveal anything!

So on the first impression, it's hard to gauge if there is anything of value that is offered.


You cannot join via the official corporate website which runs on this domain, You will need a sponsor's referral link to sign-up.

There is a standard registration form that you will need to fill out.

PGI Global review how to join PGI GlOBAL registration form

The one good thing that I like about their registration process, is the fact that they have a KYC or know your customer policy.

This is to ensure that folks do not create alias accounts and to prevent fraud.

Upon successful registration, you can then access the member's area.

Take a look below :

What does the inside of the PGI Global membership area look like

There are 10 different membership packages from which you can choose. The cheapest one starts at $100 and it goes all the way up to $500,000! ((yeap, you read right, it's a half-a-mill)

Here is the complete breakdown of the PGI Global membership packages.

  • Silver $100
  • Silver $400
  • Silver $600
  • Gold $1,000
  • Gold $5,000
  • Gold $10,000
  • Platinum $20,000
  • Platinum $50,000
  • Platinum $100,000
  • Titanium $500,000

In addition to purchasing these packages, you still have to pay an annual $19 software free.

What is the purpose of these investment packages?

Basically, this is where you would essentially earn your ROI or return on investment. 

As you will see in the next section you can earn from 1% up to 3% of your initial investment. So, the more you invest, the more you can earn. 

Notice something else?

Remember earlier on I talked about the health and wellness products?

As far as I could tell from the membership area, there are no options available to purchase any of these products. 

So, is the business model only about purchasing these packages and nothing else?

The answer is coming shortly.

For now, let's see how the company proposes to help make their members money.


Now let's talk about the PGI Global Cryptocurrency Trading Compensation plan. or we can just call it comp.plan for short.

There are three main ways in which you can earn with the company. They are as follows :

  • (1) Daily Trading Earnings
  • (2) Referral Commissions or Bonuses
  • (3) Renewal Bonus

The first way, Daily Trading earnings does not require you to recruit anyone to the company. Basically, you earn a certain percentage of your initial membership package. Apparently, you can earn anywhere between 1% to 3%.

You can only withdraw once your limit reaches $50. And the downside is that after 200 days your contract expires. You have to renew your membership package.

Then with their network marketing affiliate referral program, you earn commissions or bonuses when you introduce family or friends to the business.

The first bonus is called the Direct Referral Bonus. The higher the package that you bought, the higher the % you receive for directly referring people.

  • Silver Package - you get 6%
  • Gold Package - you earn 8%
  • Platinum Package - you earn 10%
  • Titanium Package - you earn 12%

Then they have a Binary Bonus Compensation plan. This is where the people who join your team are allocated to either the left or right 'leg' of your binary tree.

Many MLM's like Ibuumerang and Emris International have this sort of model. The payout is usually worked out at "8% commission daily on the points volume generated from the smaller right or left team."

The third bonus is a Boost Up bonus. This is earned within the first 30-days of being an active member of the company.

If you get two new members within 30-days, both your direct and binary bonuses increase to 2%.

PGI Global review how does teh Boost Bonuses work

And the final way, in which you can make money with PGI Global is through their Referral Bonus. Once members reach their end-term of contract agreement, they can renew, in which case you would earn a referral bonus.


They have regular zoom training and workshops. It'sIt's available on their FaceBook business page.

They have a real owner.

They have a KYC feature to protect against fraud.


Your initial investment is limited to 200 days, after which you have to re-purchase in order to keep earning.

They do not have any income disclosure.

They are not registered with the DSA or direct selling association.


Is PGI Global a scam?

The fact is that on 3rd party review sites such as Trustpilot, PGI Global scored a 3.7 out of five stars. 

PGI global Trustpilot review

It consisted of mixed reviews.

On the negative side, folks have reported that they were still waiting for their payment. Other's were saying that PGI blocked their account, and their upline stopped taking their calls when they needed help. There were also reports of poor customer support.

On the positive side, an individual said that the payment issue had been rectified and that PGI will in time have their own blockchain wallet. 

To sum up,  I think that one should thread carefully with this company.

At the end of the day, there is only so much that one can make from any package investment, be it $100 or $10,000. After 200 days, if you do not re-invest, they will shut your account down.

The other issue is that the company does not have any income disclosure. Why won't they show you how existing members have faired?

It's also misleading to list health and wellness products or other products such as debit cards, or crypto ATMs as part of their portfolio when they are really NOT. The only thing that you do have access to, are the product packages.

Does this mean that PGI Global is a Ponzi scheme?

According to Wikipedia, a Ponzi is is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.

The way that I see it, is to earn more money, one must put more effort into recruiting people to join the company. As you have seen from the comp.plan, that's where the higher bonuses and rewards lie.

I ask you this question...How long do you think it will last? Maybe a few years or less?

What happens when people stop investing? or even worse...

What happens when the company decides to pull its website down? What happens to your hard-earned money?

My belief is that if you want to invest with this company, only invest how much you are prepared to lose.

In my opinion, I believe that investing in PGI could be a gamble.

We all know what happens when you gamble, right? You might win here and there, but in the end, the house wins! 

Thanks so much for your time.

Thanks for joining me on this PGI Global review. I hope that it helped you to come to an informed decision.

You can money online. You can do it without having to recruit anyone. Learn how to create a passive income online by following this newbie-friendly method.

Wish you everything of the best for 2021.

Talk to you soon.



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