Is IBuumerang a Scam? [Upcoming Travel MLM, Should You Sign-Up?]

Welcome to my iBuumerang MLM review. Is IBuumerang a scam or can you make money from joining this 8 Trillion Dollar Travel industry? When someone books for their next travel adventure and save on their booking, you earn on that savings!

Does that sound exciting? Yes, I know that you might be asking that with the pandemic going on, is it even feasible to consider this opportunity?

And right now your answer might be a resounding now, but what about later on? When it's okay to travel, should you consider joining the Ibuumerang Travel MLM business?

They always say that with MLM's if you get in early, your chances of success are greater! Does it apply here? Is it worth your while to join this recently launched network marketing company?

I was invited by an iBuumerang ambassador to sit in on one of their training webinars.


Let me share with you the key fundamentals of the company. If you are wondering whether or not to join, this comprehensive iBuumerang review will help you to make an easier decision.


Ibuumerang is a network marketing company with its flagship product offering its members discounts on travel packages.

Just like the two biggest travel companies the Expedia Group and Booking Holdings,iBuumerang has got huge buying power. Therefore they are able to offer "behind the curtain" pricing, which is exclusively available to its members.

An iBuumerang consultant earns any travel savings in cash whenever the person whom they introduce saves using the exclusive travel booking platform.

As an Ibuumerang member, you can earn money via a number of ways.

Either by introducing people to the discount travel website called Igo, or booking through their drive sharing app, or even purchasing exclusive iBuumerang products.

I will chat more about this when we talk about the compensation plan.

Ibuumerang was launched recently in March 2019.They have corporate offices based in the United Kingdom, and In Houston, Texas.


Holton Buggs is the chairman and CEO of iBuumerang. According to the official IBuumerang website, he has 29 years of experience in the direct sales and network marketing industry.

He worked with another MLM company called Organo Gold where he served as the President and CEO.

Who is the founder of Ibuumerang

They go on to state that he has "built a network of over 3 million distributors, generated over $3 Billion in sales, and mentored over 45 people to become millionaires."

He was featured in magazines and also has released his own audio series to help struggling network marketers find success.

But while that sounds all fantastic, allow me to let you in on the other side to this man's history.

You see Mr. Buggs was a man who did not quit in the face of setbacks. Back in his high-school days, a leg injury crushed his dream of pursuing a career in the NFL.

This prompted him to pursue a career within the engineering field. However, he quickly realized that it was not enough to live a financially sustainable life.

That's when he first was exposed to the MLM or multi-level marketing world. The company he joined was a nutritional based MLM called Cyberwize.

He then joined his first travel MLM called YTB International.The company faced class-action lawsuits, and went bust. 

Then in 2013 he founded success and made $1.3 million with Organo Gold having around 7 000 distributors.

The company went into partnership with a block chain company called Digital Skynet with the intent on capitalizing on the Crypto -Bitcoin world.

The interesting part is that they relied heavily on Holton's efforts to bring in leads and the sad part, is that it was later accused of been a Ponzi scheme.

Eventually Buggs, left Organo.

But the real story goes that both Buggs and Organo were accused of stealing trade secrets from another MLM nutritional company called Amerisciences.

And now with Ibuumerang in the limelight, he partnered with yet another company to provide services for it's customers.

Who is David Manning, Founder of of Ibuumerang

David Manning is the CEO and president at Xstream travel. He is recognized as one of the global leaders in the travel and leisure industry.

Both Xstream and Traverus Global(another company he spearheaded), generated over $1.5billion in travel sales over the past 18 years.

David is also an international motivational speaker. 

However, the negative to this is that these companies that David was involved are fizzled out.

On a positive note, there are other players involved and you can read more about them on the official website. Overall it's good to see that the company has owner transparency.

Is Ibuumerang an MLM, and how much does it cost to join?

Let me show you.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


Yes, Ibuumerang is an MLM or multi-level-marketing company. As you will see in the compensation plan outlined in the next section, you can more money as your team grows.

At the moment there are three packages from which you can choose to join.

How much does it cost to join ibuumerang
  • Coach Class - $300
  • Business Class - $550
  • First Class- $1,050

When you sign-up as an Ibuumerang Ambassador there is an additional monthly subscription fee.

For the Coach Class package, the monthly fee is $49.95 per month(in select areas).

Whilst for the Business Class and First Class packages it's $99.95 per month.(Failure to pay these fees will result in the downgrade of your Boomerang website as well as your customers rolling up to your sponsors)

They do have a conditional 3-day return policy.

What are the differences between the three packages?

One of the fundamental differences between these packages is the number of commissions and bonuses that you can earn. The higher the package, the more commission you earn on dual team bonuses.

In addition, you get more 'buumerangs' or activation codes to allocate to prospects who are looking to make travel arrangements.These codes can be used by anyone to unlock the Igo travel platform.

Any savings that they make on travel bookings on this platform comes to you in cash.

On the Coach Class level, you get 10 Boomerangs and can earn 50% on what your customers save. On the First Class level, you get 50 Bommerangs and can earn 100%.

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It is the booking platform that is exclusively available to Ibuumerang members.

Note: You do not need to purchase any of the iBuumerang packages in order to access the iGO Travel platform. If you just want to save on travel rates, just ask an iBuumerang consultant to forward you an activation code or buumerang.

What is the igo booking platform all about

You can use it to register with and start booking right away. 

Apparently, one can save up to 70% on hotels, flights, car hires, timeshares, and cruises.

Ibuumerang review what is the igo booking engine all about

As an iBuumerang independent consultant, the higher the package you purchase, the more amenities you tend to save on when making travel arrangements.

Ibuumerang review how does the igo platform work

For instance, in the Coach Class you will save on only hotels, flights and car hire. Whereas in the business class, you can book and save on cruises as well.

How does the travel savings work when you use Igo?

Whenever your customer scores a saving on their travel booking, you in turn will earn 50% of the savings. Take a look at the example below.

How does the Ibuumerang travel savings work

You can also earn when you direct folks to Xstream.


Ibuumerang has partnered with Xstream travel, a big player within the travel industry. 

This give iBuumerang customers the opportunity to earn when people book destination weddings, church groups, and family reunions.

According to the site, you can earn 20% of the savings made by customers who book through Xstream travel.


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Like with most MLM business models, the Ibuumerang products and packages are assigned a set CV or commissionable volume.

They use this CV to determine the amount of money that you will earn should someone make a purchase through you.

Let's say that someone joins the company through your efforts. You will earn 15% of the CV that is related to the specific package that they purchase.

Ibuumerang direct sales bonus compensation plan

Note: the table above has the old prices. I found it on the official website. I guess that they have not updated it to the new prices as yet.

Anyway, let's go with it for the sake of illustration purposes.

Assume someone purchases the First Class package of $1,000 which carries a CV of 800. You will earn 15% of the CV. In this case,  it would be $120.

This is called a Direct Sales Bonus.

Then the other way through which you can earn is via Dual Team Bonus.

How does the Ibuumerang dual team bonus work

This is where you concentrate your efforts on the building of your team or your downline.

It's a binary-leg structure comp.plan. As folks join you, they would be allocated to the 'left leg' or 'right leg' of your binary tree.

On a weekly basis, the total volume(both of the leg and right leg)is worked out. 

You will get paid 10% to 20% on the TV of your lesser leg. In the image above the TV of the lesser leg is 5,000 so you earn $1,000(20%).

Unfortunately, the site does not have a detailed compensation plan on hand.

With some digging around, I did manage to source out a full Ibuumerang compensation plan.

The various ranks within the iBuumerang compensation plan

You can ascend through various ranks of the company as you build your team. You earn more as you achieve these higher ranks and will qualify for other bonuses(such as Leadership Development Bonus) as well.


Vibe Direct is another product that gives iBuumerang members the opportunity to earn money through the PRIB.


The PRIB is the Perpetual Residual Income Builder.

The one way in which iBuumerang members can build a passive income is when anyone whom they introduce books through Igo and saves.

The second way to earn a residual income is via Vibe Rides.

What is Vibe Rides?

Vibe Rides is a driving sharing solution. This gives you an opportunity to earn within the drive share industry.

There are 3 ways to VIBE

What is Vibe Rides All About

1. Choose To RIDE

Passengers can get to choose their 'vibe.' All they have to do, is download the 'VIBE' app.

They can then choose the level of conversation they would like to have with the driver, the temperature control, safety alerts, and the ability to choose female drivers(in the 'all-girl power' option).

2.Choose To DRIVE

You can earn 75% of the distance, time-charge, and tips of all the rides you make. 

However, this happens only after your first 50 rides each month.

To become a Vibe Rides rider, you will need to register on the app, complete a background check, and pass a 19-point inspection.

You get paid to share the Vibe Ride app, and earn rewards as well.

3.ViBE D3 Overdrive

You earn 3% when others ride or when others drive. Just share the VIBE app to qualify for this incentive.

The cost to join is $250. You will also need to complete a background check and vehicle inspection.

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Some of these products may not be available in your country as yet.

How does Bill Genius work

Bill Genius is an app that sources savings on your everyday expenses such as internet, TV/Cable, mobile phones, etc. Just upload your bills into the app and it will do the rest.

The other product is called ZENCE. It is a wearable technology infused with aromatherapy oils. It fits into the nostrils and offers health benefits.


They have a reasonably active following on FaceBook. They have a membership base of 35 000 people.

The company has owner transparency.


No income disclosure report.

Ongoing monthly charges

The membership packages are expensive.

Complex compensation plan.

The refund policy is only 3 days.

To earn higher paychecks, you have to recruit new members.


I like the fact that the company has owner transparency. So many companies operate with the owners hiding in the shadows. I am glad to see that this is not the case here.

I also like the fact that one does not have to recruit in order to earn money. One of the best ways to earn is to give someone a 'boomerang' website activation code and should they book from it, you make money. Also once you activate the free website, a less fortunate kid will in turn receive a meal. That is cool.

In my opinion, I do not think that Ibuumerang is a scam. However, there are four issues that I was not quite happy about. 

Issue One: Expensive Packages and Short Refund TimeFrame

The company has the right to charge what they seem fit-of-a-price for the packages. In my opinion, I do think that it's a bit pricey though, considering that you still have to fork out a monthly surcharge. 

Nevertheless, be it as it may, they could at least give members a longer timeframe than 3-days. I think that 72 hours is too short of a time to determine whether or not the company is the right choice for them.

This is actually one of the main complaints reported on the BBB(better business bureau)

Issue Two: Member Upgrade Option is Time-Sensitive

Should you join on the lowest package, you have the option to upgrade to a higher option. You can pay the difference. But the key here is to do the upgrade within 60-days.

If you upgrade after 60-days, then you will have to pay the full membership price.

I do think that it's a bit unfair to have to pay the full membership since you are already part of the company. 

Issue Three: No Income Disclosure

I understand that the company is new and as such, they might not have sufficient data to show you the existing member's success rates.

Issue Four: The Emphasis On Recruiting

Some network marketing companies may tell you that you do not need to recruit to make money. That they have other ways in which you can earn profits. 

Whilst that may be true, what you might learn is that the other ways are not the best methods of earning the biggest paychecks.

As you can see from the Ibuumerang compensation plan, the greater fortunes lie by ascending the ranks of the company.

How To Become Successful With iBuumerang

In other words, if you are one who enjoys recruiting, then perhaps joining Ibuumerang may be the right fit for you.

UPDATE 2021: During these times of the Corona pandemic, much is uncertain. With many countries enforcing lockdown protocols, it draws less attention to starting a career within the travel industry.

We all hope that things would ease down, but when it will happen, it's hard to say.

If things does eases down, should you join the Ibuumerang MLM company?

Even though the company is new, the success record is not that solid. The owner has some questionable previous dealings.

In fact, if none of these 4 issues bothers you, then by all means give Ibuumerang a go.


I started five years ago with my online journey. I joined a teaching platform that taught me how to build a business based on my interest. 

I did not have to do any recruiting or cold-calling. I could work even whilst I was committed to a full-time job. And it is an affordable way to get started.

If you would like to learn more about this teaching platform and see the proof that it works and how it can benefit you, then just click here and I will be happy to show you more.

Thanks so much for joining me on this iBuumerang  MLM review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Wish you tons of success in your financial future.

See you Soon.



6 thoughts on “Is IBuumerang a Scam? [Upcoming Travel MLM, Should You Sign-Up?]”

  1. Seems like even though this platform is a good one with a transparent owner, it still doesn’t count to be a good recommendation. Personally I was put off once I saw that it is an MLM business even though the niche they choose is quite enticing seeing that I also love traveling too. The fact that they don’t have an income disclosure is also another reason to raise an eyebrow.

    • Hey there.

      Hope that you are well? 

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s cool to hear that you love traveling. Maybe they might have specials. Remember that you do not have to join them to make travel arrangements. Just saying that you could save.

      Just a thought.



  2. It’s a good idea that you posted this here, personally, I’m kit a bug fan of MLM companies or businesses so I don’t recommend them to anyone or even consider getting into them. iBuumerang is so full of sweet words and high worth of money which can easily attract people to it, I don’t think it’s really a good idea to invest into it.

  3. Hi Roopesh,

    really great article on ibuumerang! I had heard about this company about 18 months ago. I had a few people try and recruit me. It sounded ok but I never went through with joining.

    I must say with all things covid now I am glad I did not join. I am sure in the future once travel is back to normal things will improve but for the next 12 months at least I will steer clear of it.

    Appreciate such a thorough review.

    Keep up the great work,



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