Dove Chocolate Discoveries Review- Can You Make Money with this MLM?

Name: Dove Chocolate Discoveries


Price: $115(Starter Kit)

Overall Rating: 60 out of 100


Think that you have it to make money as a chocolatier? Is DCD for you? Let this Dove chocolate discoveries review help you decide.

As part of the famous MARS Incorporated company that has been within the chocolate making industry for at least a century comes this MLM Model which has already entered into its ninth year of operations this year.

I hear some of you already cringing when you hear the words Multi-Level Marketing. I understand that there are lots of scams out there but equally so, some of the MLM’s out there have stood the test of time and are really successful.

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Let us take a closer look at our featured product in more detail.

The Pros And Cons of Dove Chocolate Discoveries


  • Flexibilityin terms of working hours
  • Good Support
  • Good product portfolio


  • Require networking and lead generation skills
  • Products are expensive
  • Limited company presence(at the time of publishing)

The Products of Dove Chocolate Discoveries

I personally think that for chocolate, these products may be a little pricey.

Nevertheless, there is a decent variety for one to choose from that range from chocolate based sauces to spices, beverages, and ready to eat desserts.

Here are some of the product lines.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Dove Chocolate Discoveries


Who does not love chocolate?

I guess the fact that these are chocolate based products would make them more attractive to the market.Though a peanut butter chocolate smoothie or spicing your roasted chicken with chipotle hot chocolate sauce, may not be everyone’s taste, there are things like the cinnamon dusted almonds that one can settle for.




In addition, you can buy their recipe book and learn some of their meal solutions for some of your chocolate tasting get-togethers.

How can You Make Money with Dove Chocolate Discoveries?

Simple. Become a Chocolatier and host your chocolate tasting party. This is the premise upon which the success of independent distributors within the company is built.Dove Chocolate Discoveries review

Your job is to invite people and get them to taste these chocolate dishes and to love them and buy the products upon which you will realize a profit of the sale.

The better option is to get them to sign up as distributors and then you will earn as they go on to host their own parties.

Think you are up for this ?

How much does it cost to start Hosting your own Parties?

You can purchase their starter business kit which costs $115.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Review

The kit will allow you to get started with hosting up to 4-6 parties and gives you some idea of what the products look and tastes like. (It may be tempting….so please don’t eat them all up)

Along with this kit, you will be supplied with some essential tools to get your business started off. This includes stuff like, sampling cups, catalogs, party training cards. You also get a FREE 3-month access to the companies marketing suite(which includes Personal Website and Chocolatier Business Center)

Regarding the profits, you can make up to 40% commission on your PSV(personal sales volume)

What about the Support at Dove Chocolate Discoveries?

From my research, I learned that there is a fair amount of support once you sign up as a distributor. Your main support would obviously be your upline or your sponsor followed by other Chocolatiers.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries

The company holds some local and national events.

Is Dove Chocolate Discoveries Company for Everyone?

The truth is, that only you know yourself the best. If you are great at sales and hosting sales parties then you can make DCD work for you. The model is flexible which allows you to build your business at community events, fundraisers or even via business gifting.

As with most MLM models, the success is dependent on recruiting and selling. Furthermore, you have got to make sure that not only are you readily available but more importantly that your prospective clients are available as well for you to showcase these products.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Reviews

These days, people’s lifestyles seem so hectic and time is always so scarce, it may not be the easiest thing to round up a couple of friends that have time for a chocolate party. Not to put anyone off, but this can be a reality in certain cases.

Indeed if you are driven by doing direct sales and ready to go out and do presentations, then this business is for you.

My Final Verdict of Dove Chocolate Discoveries

With a solid backing by a company that has been within the industry and some good performance gains, I think the CDC is an okay business model to consider.Dove Chocolate Discoveries Review

As I mentioned, it is all about physically going out and interacting and selling.

If you are not this type of person then it may be a good idea to start looking at an online business that does NOT require you to sell. One that you can still do in your own time and build around your interest or passion.

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I also noticed that for now the company is only recruiting and operating within the United States, This means that you may be limited to your earning potential.

Why not scale your efforts and build a business that can have a bigger outreach? Dove Chocolate Discoveries ReviewImagine having a business that is online that allows you to access anyone anytime and make recurrent sales. With over 2.4billion people surfing the internet, you can leverage upon this fact and build a sustainable online business. Check the comparison table out below.

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Hope that you found this DOVE CHOCOLATE discoveries review helpful?

Are you a member of DCD? How is your experience so far? If you are thinking of signing up with Dove Chocolate Discoveries, then I would sincerely like to wish you the best of luck.

Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.

Kind Regards and Take Care





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