Is Appen A Scam? [Legit Remote Work Job or Waste of Time?]

Welcome to my Appen review.Are you looking for a good work-from-home business opportunity? It's cool to make money online but not all online job opportunities are created equally. Some of these online platforms demand so much of your time and in the end, offer very little compensation for your effort.

Is Appen a scam or is it one of those remote job sites that you should consider signing up to? I signed up to see for myself what Appen is all about.

If you are one who values your time, then work-home-job opportunities should pass your first test of being 'time-worthy.' 

I too value my time, and that's also why I believe that one of the best ways to making your time count and your efforts being rewarded is by investing in yourself. Learn the skills to build your own online business.

Let me share my experience of using the Appen website so that it can help you to make an informed decision.

                                           APPEN REVIEW

Creator : Unknown

Price to join : Free

Do I recommend it? Yes and No

Yes, if you have free time to do work from home jobs that might not be readily available.

No, if you are looking for something that is consistent and can earn sustainable income from.

Appen is a legit work-from-home job opportunity. 

In my case, I have yet to receive my first REAL gig. I guess it also depends on your geographical location as well. 

In any case, should you do meet their criteria, it can beneficial for anyone wanting to make an extra supplemental income from home.It can afford flexibility for teenagers, retired people and work-from-home mom and dads.

However, the main drawback is that the consistency in which you land the freelance-jobs is not predictable. Therefore, your earning potential cannot be known for that month or week.

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Appen is a technology service company with over 2 decades of experience working with various industries to improve its products using human- annotated data(in other words using human resources to improve upon AI products or services).

Their corporate headquarters are based in Chatswood, Australia. The company is based in 130 countries and after the acquisition of Leapforce, it now supports nearly a million contractors working across the globe. They operate in 180 different languages.


As times are a changing, the way businesses operates changes as well. These day companies want to serve their clients more efficiently, more quickly and make things user-friendly.

Hence, the executives of the companies turn to AI or artificial intelligence. Not only to make business practice more sound,but to increase their revenues.

Appen and Artificial Intelligence

According to the IDC Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending Guide, September 2019, they forecasted the spending on AI to reach $97.9 billion in 2023.

You probably may see some of these developments already. Like when you visit certain websites they have those automated chat-bots or digital assistants. 

As far as how Appen serves the industry- they provide services such as collecting and labelling images, speech, text, video all in an effort to improve the world’s most innovative artificial intelligence systems.

In fact, Appen check out the various industries that Appen serves in the next section.


These are the various industries Appen serves :

  • Technology
  • Automative
  • Financial Services
  • HealthCare
  • Retail, and
  • Government

For instance,with regards to the technology industries, the application can be using or implementing an app. For the automotive industries, it could be cars equipped with voice and speech recognition.With healthcare, it could be the training of virtual assistants.

And the list goes on regarding the various AI technologies that each of these industries demands. This also means it's a good thing for you, the human being.

You see we are still at the point, where we are needed to fine-tune these AI technologies. At the end of the day a robot will act like a robot, and to make it more 'human-friendly,' it needs our help.

Let me show you next, the potential business opportunity that lies ahead for you, as an independent Appen contractor.


Before I jump ahead and chat with you about freelance work, you should know that you can also join Appen as one of their immediate workforce staff.

They have vacancies open for various positions across their different branches. Such positions include pilot project specialist, senior customer success manager, business analyst, or finance director.

If you are interested, then simply click on the "Jobs" tab to learn more.

What are the various jobs available on Appen

Then, of course, they offer one the opportunity to work from home on a part-time basis.

You can do projects, micro-tasks, or surveys, and data collection. You have to apply though for these kinds of jobs. 

I will take you through the process of what they require for each job.

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They have three different registration portals. 

Appen Registration Process

To apply for the survey and data collection tasks, you would need to fulfill the following requirements :

  • Computer OS should be Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Windows 7 and above,
  • 3 to 5 years of residency in the country, and
  • Windows Live ID (WLID)

In addition, you would have to fill in their standard application form. Most importantly you need to agree to their terms of data privacy disclosure.

You have to provide them with personal data information. Should you choose not to, then you will not be able to enter into a contract with the company.

As for applying for the projects, the form to fill in is the same as for the surveys and data collection. The only additional information is that you would need to provide them with an updated resume as well.

The appen application form

And finally,  if you are thinking of applying for the MicroTasks, then you need to fill out a form to become an independent Appen Contributor.

This part is the simplest in my experience. And once you tell them what country you residing in, you get jobs that are tailored to you.

Take a look below and check out the MicroTasks that were assigned to me.

Appen Available jobs

There was only 1 task with a potential payout of 1 cents. However, they do tell you to keep checking your account from time to time to see if any other jobs show up.

Oh and by the way, at the moment they will only pay you if you have a Paypal account. I could not determine though what their minimum payment threshold is.


Recently I have noticed that folks who attempted to sign-up with Appen turned out to be victims to scammers. 

And these scammers try to solicit personal info from you. They pose as representatives from the company. The information they want from you, is info. that the official Appen website will never ask you.

Appen will not use a chat app to extract your personal information. One member reported that the scammers try to deposit fraudulent checks into your bank account. They claim that you will need money to buy the laptop and software materials for the job.(all of this took place from FaceBook, where the job post was originally posted)

Just remember in the back of you mind when applying for the job, that the only way in which the company will communicate with you is via e-mail.


Unfortunately, the site does not have any testimonials or proof of payments of previous users.

So, I checked out other 3rd party review sites.

Appen scored a very poor rating on with an average of 1.9 stars out of 5.

Appen reviews with trustpilot

There were a number of complaints against the company.

Some of the complaints included :

  • too many documents and procedures to follow to finally get an application accepted,
  • No feedback or further correspondence from the company,
  • Waste of time filling out applications,
  • No proper guidelines and constant changing of job policies,
  • Not enough job opportunities,
  • Have to wait for long periods of time to get tasks.

In all fairness, a few amounts of the users were happy with Appen. One reviewer, in particular, stated that he made £6.62 for an hour's work doing a speech. However, this review was done back in 2017.

So, if most of these reviews are negative, does this mean that Appen is a scam?

Let's quickly take a look at the pros and cons of this opportunity.


It's free to join.

They have owner transparency.

They have a long-standing in the industry.


No member testimonials.

No proof of payments.

Lots of documents, and procedures in the sign-up process.

This is not a passive income opportunity.


I do not think that Appen is a scam. The company has a long-standing within the freelance industry. They have a real CEO and the company has a real physical address.

At one point even Flexjobs voted it as the number one company out of 100 remote jobs companies.

Appen is voted as Flexjobs top 100 remote jobs

However, if though Appen is a legit company, it does not mean that it is a worthwhile company to work for.

As you have seen from my experience, I have yet to receive future tasks. This shows that as an independent contractor with Appen, it's a waiting game. You have no control over how much you can earn as there are no job guarantees. 

I guess that the amount and frequency of jobs that you get may be dependent on your location, and skills experience among other criteria.

Furthermore, this is a business opportunity where you have to be an active worker, in order to earn. It's not a passive income business opportunity. 

Bottom Line : Appen is not a scam. It also is not an business opportunity where you can earn a sustainable income from. You may need to keep your options open by registering with other micro-jobs websites as well.

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Having your own online business can offer amazing benefits. Your business is open to a worldwide market. You can work from the comfort of your home.

You can build a business based on your own passion, hobbies, or interest. It offers you a unique opportunity to build a business that can have passive income potential.

In other words, an online asset that can and will reward with income over time.

Whilst you do not need any experience to get started, you do need to learn the skills to getting started.

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Thanks for checking out my Appen review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


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  1. Hi,

    Thank you very much for this informative post on Appen. I have been looking for work at home jobs and sites like yours make my life easy by pointing out scams and waste time positions. I am checking out the other reviews thzt you have donr. Hoping to find a work at home job soon.


    Candy Benn

  2. Hi,

    Thank you very much for this informative post on Appen. I have been looking for work at home jobs and sites like yours make my life easy by pointing out scams and waste time positions. I am checking out the other reviews thzt you have donr. Hoping to find a work at home job soon.


    Candy Benn


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