Is Neobux A Scam? Let Me Show You How It Works and Then You Decide…


Neobux is a PTC(Pay to Click) service that gives one the opportunity to earn money by clicking on advertisements. Neobux was first introduced on 25th March 2008, whilst in its pre-registration phase and officially opened a month later in April.

Is Neobux a scam? Can you make money with Neobux? I am going to show you exactly how this platform works and what is required of you to earn money.

From there on, you can decide, whether this business opportunity is the one for you.

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  • Free Registration
  • Don’t need a SKRILL account for your account to be active.
  • Interface/Platform looks professional
  • Navigation is easy
  • Cashout to unverified Payza, Skrill or NETELLER account
  • Huge database of users


  • Ads cannot be viewed using mobile devices or tablets
  • Pay is low for viewing ad’s
  • Need to upgrade to earn higher commissions
  • Minimum cashout amount is $2.00 with increments of $1 thereafter
  • Cannot use PayPal for payouts

How Can You Earn Money with Neobux?

There are various ways by which you can earn points, coins, cash and rewards within the Neobux platform. Let me show you the main ways below.

You earn money from viewing different types of advertisements,

1. Fixed Advertisements

2.Micro Exposure Ad’s

Hoe the Neobux fixed advertisements work

For viewing of each of these ad’s, you would earn $0.001 + Bonus pack.

3. Earn money by playing Games

Fancy yourself to be a gamer? There are tons to choose from at Neobux.

How to earn money by playing games at NeobuxJust make sure that your flash player is up to date though. The minimum playtime is two minutes long and you can have up to 240 game sessions per 24hours.

For each gaming session, you would be paid $0.0005

3. Complete your profile

Fill in the personal survey and you can qualify to earn some high rewards.

4.Complete Mini Tasks

There are mini-tasks which are available for you to complete as well.

One such task that I had to complete, was to match people’s LinkedIn profile’s with the correct job description. Unfortunately, I did not fair well, scoring only an 83% accuracy!

The instructions on what to do for this particular task took me around 10minutes to read and then the actual tasks took me an additional 15minutes to do.

All in all, I did not earn any money for my half an hour of work.  I guess better luck next time!this is just an emojis of someone who is undecided

This is the result you get when you do not complete the tasks as per there requirements

5.Mini Job Offers- Completing Surveys

this shows you all the payouts of the survey tasks that you can do

I have never been a fan of completing online surveys and found some of the survey companies to be scams.

It has been my experience from previous encounters, that you spend a great a deal of time doing a screening survey, only to be notified at the end, that ‘you do not qualify for the main survey.’

Nevertheless, I decided to give it a go at Neobux. Above you can see the various compensation rates that go along with completing a specific type of survey.

I decided to give the 5minute survey category a try, and see what it would be like.

This is what happened.

I had to complete a total of 6 different screen surveys only to be told thereafter, that I DID NOT QUALIFY. I spent a total of 15 minutes of my time, and sad to say that it was not worth it.

Nor reward for completing neobux surveys

Perhaps I was not the right candidate. You may have better luck than me.


Yes. There is a fairly decent FAQ (frequently asked question) section that gives you an idea of what is going on at Neobux.

What I particularly like, is the Neobux forum that they’ve got going on within the member’s area. The forum covers a variety of topics such as,

  • Member’s Statistics
  • New Member Introduction
  • Payment proof
  • Success stories
  • Ad Prize winner’s
  • Mini-Jobs Discussions

There is a support section as well.What is the support at Neobux

What are the Different Membership Options at Neobux?

The membership options of NeobuxThere are two main membership options.

1. Standard Membership (Free)

2. Golden Membership($70 or 30 000Points)

As you can see one of the striking differences between these two options is a number of commissions that one can earn.

Is it worthwhile to upgrade your Neobux Starter Membership to the Golden Membership?

As a Standard or Free member, you will be able to earn commissions from direct referrals. The only thing is that you will be limited as to how many direct referrals you can earn from.

As a standard member, you can have 30 direct referrals. Thereafter, you can qualify for a limit increase depending on how long you have been registered as a member using the Neobux ‘formula, below

-Standard/Pioneer : (Number of days you a member)- minus 30 divided by 4

Golden(without a pack): (Number of days you a member)- minus 30 divided by 2

-Golden (with a pack): (Number of days you a member)- minus 30

So, as you can see, the longer you are a member, the more direct referrals you can have. Furthermore, if you upgrade to Golden Member with a pack, you can have more direct referrals under you.The Golden packs also offer you discounts on rented referrals, new tools, and higher limits, amongst other benefits.

In addition to the $70 fee for the Golden Memberships, the Golden packs have their own set prices. Take at look the various prices below,

  • EMERALD PACK: $285 Per year
  • SAPPHIRE PACK: $285 Per year
  • PLATINUM PACK: $475 Per year
  • DIAMOND PACK :$475 Per year
  • ULTIMATE PACK: $860 Per year.

You may have noticed that the prices of the first two and middle two packs are the same. I thought that this was a typo until I saw exactly what they were offering within these packages, and things became clearer.

Let me explain to you exactly how the Neobux platform works and you will see everything come together in the end.

How Does Neobux Work?

The packs that I had mentioned in the previous section pertains mainly to your referrals. Remember, the more referrals you get, you more you earn.

Neobux-the various golden packages

For example, if you had to purchase the ULTIMATE golden pack, you would get unlimited direct referrals as opposed to the EMERALD plan, where you are capped at only 300 referrals.

However, it’s more complex than just having direct referrals and earning. There are other things that you need to factor in, that will determine how well you are performing at Neobux.

Rented Referrals, Recycle Referrals and Direct Referrals

Apart from doing mini jobs, tasks and clicking on ads to earn personally, you also have the option of renting referrals to earn you some extra money. This means that you would rent referrals from the system and they, in turn, will click on ads for you and you earn commissions from their work.

Standard Membership 

If you buy 300 rented referrals on the standard membership and you get an average of 1.5clicks a day from these referrals, then you would earn roughly around $65 a year.

When you choose to rent referrals, there are associated costs that will be involved. You will have to pay for the following,

  • Renew the cost of your referrals per day,
  • Costs of membership per day,
  • Recycle costs

The recycle cost is the cost that you will pay if you decide to change or ‘recycle’ one of your rented referrals. Let’s say that one of your rented referrals do not click every day or they are not performing well, you then have the option of ‘recycling,’ them.

As a starter member, you would have to wait a certain amount of days, before you can go ahead and rent more referrals.

Golden Membership

If you buy 2000 Rented referrals and get an average of 1.5clicks a day from these referrals, then you would earn roughly around $1,901 a year!

Though this sounds nice, it will not always be easy to rent referrals. There is a huge demand for rented referrals and as you go onto the higher levels, it will also become more expensive to buy these referrals.

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Is Neobux a Scam?

The platform has a long standing in the industry. Visiting the forum, you will see members posting proof of their earnings. In my opinion, I do not think that Neobux is a scam.

However, I do think that to make money using Neobux is not as straightforward of a process.

It would require of you to employ a strategy and to exercise some patience as well. The main way, in my opinion of getting commissions, is to get into the game of buying rented referrals.

This would require an investment on your part and for you to be constantly active. You need to monitor how things are going and change things when they are not working. There is no guarantee that you will earn the figures that I’ve mentioned above.

Remember, you will need to factor in the “rental waiting days,” and ‘availability of rented referrals,” into your campaign as well.

There is also the possibility of having some of your referrals not playing their part of clicking on a regular basis. This would call the need to recycle-another expense on your behalf.

If you are looking to try Neobux for free, then simply click on the link below and register for your free account.


If you are looking to start an online business that,

  • Does not involve any recruiting
  • Does not have high memberships fees
  • Is perfect for beginners
  • and is based on your passion or interest, then,


I hope that this Neobux review has helped you out. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the comments section below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


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