Is PointClub A Scam? [This Site May Look Great!But It Stops THERE!]

Welcome to my Pointclub review. Companies will pay you for your opinion. The big question is, how does one go about finding these sorts of companies? The truth is, you don't. There are online survey portals that bridge the gap between you and these companies. 

One such company is Pointclub. Is Pointclub a scam, or can you really make money by joining them?

I must confess, I am not a fan of survey sites. From past experiences, they waste a great deal of time sending you to screening surveys only to reject you the main paying survey. I tested out Pointclub, to see what it's all about.


Allow me to share my experience so that it can help you to make an easier decision on what to do.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam, who is roopesh


Pointclub has been around since 2015. 

When you sign-up, you are introduced to some rather 'friendly' avatars.

It gives the platform a more fun feel.  I must admit it's refreshing to see. Many survey platforms that I have reviewed thus far are just a bit too serious.

Anyway, the 'characters' will lead you to believe that you are on a crusade- A mission to complete surveys to earn points, which can eventually be converted into cash.

Pointclub is basically a 'get paid to' website. Apart from just answering surveys, you can also complete other tasks as well to earn rewards.


It's free to sign-up to Pointclub. Anyone can sign-up from any part of the world.

How to Join Pointclubs

Like with most survey sites, the more information you give them, the better your chances will be of landing survey jobs.

For this reason and to increase my chances, I went ahead and completed all of their questionnaires. I made sure that my profile had as much information as possible.

I completed all the initial profile questions in Pointclub

Did it help? Did I get more jobs? Let me show you.


You can either choose to do assigned "Missions" (these are the surveys that have been pre-selected for you), or you can do "Other Missions." (these are the other offers to earn rewards and cash.)

How does pointclub work

I logged into my account for 5 straight days, and still have not received any survey tasks.

The only other option was to complete the tasks in the "Offer Board" section.

The Peanutlabs section is another survey portal.You have to complete screening surveys, and only if approved will you be given an opportunity to take on a paid qualifying survey. I did not make any paid surveys here either.

The other tasks available in the Pointclub platform

The adgem section is all about downloading apps or games to your mobile device. For every successful download, you earn points.

The offertoro section works very similarly to the adgem area. 

To be honest with you, I really could not tell the differences between the rest of the other sections.

They all seemed to be alternate versions of either survey portals or download tasks. After having wasted so much time on the Peanutlabs section, I decided to pass these up and quit trying.

In other words, my overall experience using Pointclub was not very promising.

Apart from doing tasks, you can also earn another way. That is via the PointClub referral system.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


Unfortunately, the Pointclub referral program is not open to everyone. In my case, I was rejected due to my geographical location.

Nevertheless, should you get accepted into their program you can earn by referring others. You can get 10% of the net rewards that referrals make.

Should you sign-up 20 or more members, your earnings double-up to 20%,

How much work do you have to do, before you can request a payout?

Let me show you.


When you sign-up, you are awarded a 5,000 points bonus. That 5,000 points are equivalent to $5.

The minimum redemption value is 25,000 points. In other words, you can request a payout only once you reach this $25 limit.

They payout using PayPal.

Have folks actually made money with Pointclub? Are people happy with using Pointclub?

Let's take a look.


Since the official PointClub website does not have a section dedicated to testimonials or payment proofs, I went to third-party review sites.

At, there were 90 reviews at the time of writing this post. 86% of them were "BAD" ratings. They scored an average of 1.5 stars.

Pointclub review testimonials

Some of the most common complaints include :

  • Poor customer support
  • Failure to redeem points on customer's behalf
  • Failure to payout commissions
  • Takes 8 weeks to process a point redemption request
  • Poor excuses not to payout
Pointclub is a scam. the reviews are bad.

So if the majority of folks are not happy with Pointclub, does this mean that Pointclub is a scam?

Let's take a look at the pros and cons before I share the verdict with you.


The user interface is friendly, inviting, and easy to use.

Accepts worldwide registrations.

Accepts PayPal


Lots of customer complaints.

High payment threshold.

No testimonials or payment proofs are available.

Survey jobs are area dependent.

This is NOT a passive income business opportunity.


Can you make money with PointClub?

I did not get any assigned 'missions,' nor did I get any qualifying surveys even after having completed screening surveys in the "offerboards" section.

I believe that one of the reasons as to why I did not have much success was because of my geographical location. You might have better luck than me if you are staying in the United States. But should you join this platform in the first place?

Consider the fact that this survey website has not been well-received by users. I would recommend folks to steer clear from this platform.

Nothing could be more disappointing than the feeling of knowing that you worked so hard, yet you will not be compensated for your efforts. Look, it could go the other way, but why take the risks?

While we are chatting about making money from surveys, stay away from Take surveys for cash, Surveys2Cash, PrizeRebel, and SurveySay.

However, if you are interested in 'get paid to jobs', then check out

In closing, from my experience survey sites are not places where you can earn a consistent income. The jobs are not guaranteed. Therefore your earning potential is uncertain. And most importantly, you can end up wasting a great deal of your precious asset, YOUR TIME.

If you are going to put in your time, your effort, then why not invest in building yourself a passive income?

Take a look at the affiliate training platform that I joined to help me earn passive income online.

Thanks so much for joining me on this PointClub review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Have you had luck with survey opportunities? If you have, what was the name of the business you joined? And if you had no luck at all, we would love to hear from you as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Free 7-Day "JumpStart Your Online Career" Course.

Sign-Up for 10 FREE Lessons and Learn How To Build A Solid Foundation for Your Affiliate Marketing Business.

  • Newbie Friendly
  • NO Credit-Card Purchase Necessary
Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam, who is roopesh

2 thoughts on “Is PointClub A Scam? [This Site May Look Great!But It Stops THERE!]”

  1. Hi there,

    I stopped taking surveys online last year, because I, honestly, find those platforms a waste of time. Like you mentioned, you often end up starting a survey for which you don’t qualify … I just gave up on the survey platforms, even the highly recommended ones. 

    I have not heard of PointClub. At first, I thought it would be good, I like the gravatars and the name they give their surveys: missions, trying to make it a more fun experience for the survey taker. Looking at the complaints, though, it seems to be not much different from other survey sites. 

    Thank you for this honest review! 

    • You are most welcome. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

      If you need help getting started in the online world, just give me a shout.

      Glad to help.




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