Is Slogan Seller a Scam? Can You Make 3K Per Month From Phrases?

Hi there and welcome to my review of Slogan Seller. It sounds exciting, to make easy money by simply coming up with phrases for companies. The official Slogan Seller website claims that you can make ''thousands of dollars every month," just by coming up with slogans, phrases or symbols.

Is Slogan Seller a scam, or can they really help you to make money online? Today, I am going to show you some rather interesting things that I've uncovered during my research. It is my hope that this review will help to make your decision an easier one.


You may be an individual who at some point, have been scammed or encountered 'get rich schemes,' during your quest to find a decent make money online opportunity. I am here to tell you that despite these scams and schemes, there are still legit ways to making money online.

NAME OF PRODUCT: Slogan Seller

WHAT IS ABOUT : A course designed to help you to make money by creating phrases, slogans or symbols for companies.

FOUNDER: Unknown

PRICE: $37(+upsells)



According to their website, the process of making money from slogans is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

is slogan seller a scam iis it as easy as 1.2.3

Your first step is to come up with a word, phrase or symbol using your computer. The second step is to upload your slogan online. 

The third and final step is to wait for the money to roll in, as soon as someone uses your creation. Mind you it does sound fairly easy.

It would be nice though, if one could get a sneak peek as to how the process actually works.

Unfortunately that does not happen here.

The one thing that you will notice is an opt-in form.

is slogan seller a scam op in form is misleading

By filling in this form, one would think that more will be revealed about the business thereafter.

I went ahead and filled in the form to satisfy my curiosity.

I did not get any new information here! However, I did manage to uncover a red flag.

Let me show you what I had found.


On first impression you may think that it's Ben Olson. 

Is Slogan Seller a scam who is the real owner of slogan seller

Who is Ben Olson? The website claims that he is a 'sloganeer.' That he was, once upon a time, a student who was deeply in debt. Then he discovered a way to earn himself between $100-$250 per day by using techniques which he will show you in the course.

Now he is making a whopping $53,000 a year! Once again, there is no proof of any earnings to back this up.

But this is not the interesting thing that I was talking about. Is Ben Olson for real?

It turns out that this is a stock photo. The image of this guy has been used on other sites as well. Take a look below.

Is Slogan seller a scam - fake testimonials

This means, that the real owner or founder is unknown.


One of the featured testimonials is that of a guy by the name of Nigel L, from Columbus. Nigel claims that Slogan Seller has helped him to start his own T-shirt company.

is slogan seller a scam nigel testimonial

From the Slogan Seller sales page

It turns out that this gentlemen is a Rabbi at the Fort Tyron Jewish Center.

slogan seller is a scam with fake testimonials

Does this mean that Slogan Seller is a scam? I will tell you what I think shortly. 

For now, let's take a quick look and see if there is scope for making money as a slogan seller.


Is Slogan seller a scam can you make money as a slogan seller

I went to Google trends to see how much interest there has been regarding slogan selling, within the last 12 months. 

The blue line depicts the result for 'How to make money with selling slogans.' The red line is simply the term 'sell slogans.' The yellow line is for the term 'slogan selling'.

As you can see, all three searches share a single commonality-all of them show that slogan selling is not a trending topic. Though there are a few spikes, it is not consistent. 

To me it actually makes sense. If you look at it, in today's time most of the big companies spend a huge chunk of their profits on marketing agencies. These agencies do all the heavy lifting including coming up with catchy phrases, taglines, symbols, etc.

And if you think that that is not competitive enough, did you know that you get free online slogan generators?

Just Google online slogan generators and see for yourself.

How much does it cost to buy the Slogan seller product?


The initial price for Slogan Seller is $74. However, should you sign up immediately, you can get the product discounted by 50% to $37.

Should you decline the initial offer, they will further discount the price to $24. Then to a further $12.

You may think that you're getting the product at a steal for just 12 bucks. Which makes you think, was the product really worth $74 in the first place?

Anyway, it does not stop at $12. Once you take the initial $12 bait, there are two upsells of $45 and $37 respectively.


To be honest with you, I did not purchase this product. I believe that if someone is not transparent about their business product within the initial stages, then it certainly is not going to change when you buy the product.

Is Slogan Seller legit? The only positive part that I see here, is the fact that it's a Clickbank product. There is a money back guarantee. 

Other than that, I personally would not recommend this product. There is no proof that it has made anyone any money.That is my personal opinion of Slogan Seller.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying that you cannot make money with Slogans. There are freelancing websites such as Upwork and that you can try. Competition is fierce, but at least you can test the waters without having to outlay any initial capital. 

Is there a way to make passive income online, or is it just a fallacy?


There are many 'get paid to' websites like this one that can help you to make some money. However once you stop doing the tasks or activities, the money stops coming in.

As far as earning a passive income online is concerned, the time and effort will not go in vain. The system via which I earn passively and it works for me, is called affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

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The great part about affiliate marketing is that unlike network marketing, you do not have to recruit. I sucked at MLM businesses. The pay is way higher than survey jobs or 'get paid to' website offers.

You can get started with affiliate marketing even if you have zero experience. It's completely newbie friendly.

It gives you flexibility. This means that you can work on it whenever your time permits. You are eventually going to be building an asset, which means that in the long-range you do not have to trade your time for money.

I am happy to help you get started with your own online business. Simply click here to learn more.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Slogan Seller review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know. I am here to assist you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care 



I did not know much about affiliate marketing or even how to get started with making money online. I am happy to say that close to 4 years now, I am earning a passive income online. Yes, It took me time and at times it was a challenge.But it's worth. I would love to help you get started, if you are ready. Enjoy your Visit.

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