Is Xyngular a Pyramid Scheme? No, But Read This, Before You Sign Up!


Is Xyngular a pyramid scheme? No, but do not rush and eagerly sign up, simply to make that dear family member or close friend happy.

This company has been around since 2009, and it’s focused on a very popular niche, the health sector.

Whilst that is a good thing if you’re looking to make big money, it can also be a ‘not so good thing’. I will show you why. I will also show you what other factors can hinder your chances of success.

At the end of the article, there are two scenarios you need to consider. If both of them suit you, then this business is for you.

First, let’s take a look at the company at a glance.


  • In existence since 2009
  • Focus on a popular niche (health, fitness and weight loss)
  • Positive product reviews

  • Products are expensive
  • More recruiting/More Money
  • Health niche-can be competitive


First things first, the Xyngular products are not endorsed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Naturally, they recommend that you consult with your doctor first before taking them.

The Xyngular product portfolio covers areas to help one with burning fat, shifting one’s eating habits, boosting energy and provides overall nutritional support.

The official website states that for first timers, it is advisable to purchase a kit.

Apparently, these Xyngular kits consist of specific products, diet plans and exercise options to help one to reach their goal.

They are pretty pricey though, take a look below.

Xyngular Ignite Stater Kit- PRICE: $391.40

The Ignite Starter Kit By Xyngular

Helps to:

  • Shift habits
  • Boost Energy
  • Burn Fat

Xyngular Ultimate Transformation KitPRICE$643.40

Xyngular Ultimate Transformation Kit is expensive

This one helps with,

  • Transforming your health
  • Providing complete nutritional support

If your intention is to order just the Xyngular weight loss products, then you can do that as well.

You can qualify to get the products at wholesale prices should you decide to become a member or a distributor. You have to pay an additional fee for this though.

  • Xyngular Distributor- $49.95
  • Xyngular Member-$14.95

(Another prerequisite needed in order to qualify for the wholesale price, is that you have to register for auto-ship. In other words, you will automatically be paying for products on a monthly basis).

Do the Xyngular products work?

During my research, I came across a certain number of complaints regarding the Xyngular products.

Customer complained of experiencing undesirable side effects such as bloating, nausea and constipation.

Xyngular customer complaints

Customers also complained that the weight loss products did not work for them.

Xyngular customer complaintsEqually, I discovered that there are folks out there who feel that the Xyngular products work for them.

Xyngular product reviews


Xyngular Product reviews

In terms of product efficacy, I think it’s all about how your body responds.

It may work for you, or it may not. You will only know once you give it a try. I want to add that upon visiting the Better Business Bureau, there are was a vast amount of people (over 300) that spoke positively about using Xyngular products.

How can you make money if you join this business?

Let me show you.


Paying the $49 distributor fee allows you to participate in the Xyngular Business Opportunity.


This allows you to physically purchase the product at the wholesale price, and then sell at the retail profit.

Alternatively, you can direct customers to your personalized Xyngular Website, where you earn your commission on every successful transaction that gets fulfilled.

During my research, I came across folks selling products via the eBay and Amazon platform as well.

Selling Xyngular products through eBay and Amazon

There are five other ways in which you can earn with Xyngular. These ways are all dependent on how successful you are in recruiting new members to join the business.

The more people you recruit in your down line, and the more purchases you and they make, the higher the overall CV(Commission Volume)points made. Your commission or checks are relative to this indicator.

Here are the 5 other methods of earning with Xyngular,

  • Rapid Rewards
  • Quick Start Bonus
  • Residual Earnings(Unilevel Commissions)
  • 12% Corporate Sales pools
  • Leadership Bonuses

If you would like to know more about the Xyngular Compensation plan, then check the video out below.

As mentioned earlier, there were over 300 people that had something positive to say about using the Xyngular products.

Xyngular Better business bureau rating

Whilst this is all good, I had a hard time finding reviews that actually spoke of the business giving them financial freedom.

Even the official website shows that only 24% of the members are interested in building the business.

24% of Xyngular Distributors are interested in building a business

And of the 24%, only 2.33% made an average monthly income of just over $1,000.

You have to recruit more people to be successful with Xyngular


This shows that one can make ‘okay’ money with Xyngular in terms of products sales.

But if you want to make the bigger sales then you have to work harder and recruit more people.

More recruiting, more sales. That’s how you make it big with Xyngular.

Think that you have what it takes?

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


Is Xyngular a scam? No, it is not a scam. Is it a pyramid scheme? No, Xyngular is not a pyramid scheme as well.

There is a tangible product and people are buying it. It’s not a situation where the business compensates solely for recruiting, and is offering no product or service in return.

Is Xyngular for You?

That is up to you. I would like to bring to your attention two situations that may make your decision easier.

Scenario One: Selling products Can Have Its Limitations

After having purchased the products and you find it works, you can then start selling and earning commissions. You can introduce it to family and friends, and once that avenue is exhausted go online and sell.

As I’ve showed earlier on, many folks have taken to using Amazon and eBay to make sales. This can end up being competitive. (Note, I am not implying that it’s an impossible feat, just a challenge.)

As for the generic marketing website they give, many other distributors will have the same site. How do you stand out amongst others, if you are going to market on social media?



Scenario Two: Are you good at recruiting?

I suck at it! I won’t lie to you. I tried it previously in another MLM and I could not get a single person in my down line. I read somewhere that 97% of people fail at MLM business because of the inability to successfully recruit. If that is true, then I am one of the 97%.

In my case, I found the products expensive. I also did not like having ‘parties” and having to constantly call people up, bugging them for a response.

I actually ended up losing some of my close family connections in the process.

Your situation could be different. You may enjoy the marketing side of things, or have a “knack” of recruiting people. If that is you, then, by all means, sign up with Xyngular and give it a go!


Yes, there is.

And it’s one that I have had success with for the past three years.

  • You Don’t have to buy products on a consistent basis to qualify for commissions,
  • You Don’t have to stock any of your products,
  • You Don’t have to recruit to make a decent living, and
  • You Don’t have to cold call to make commissions.

I’ve learnt this business model through an awesome teaching platform, that takes you from beginner level right through to the end.

To know more, please click the link below,





I hope that this Xyngular review has helped you out.

Do you enjoy doing MLM business or not?

Please feel free to share your comments or ask any questions that may be on your mind?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care



4 thoughts on “Is Xyngular a Pyramid Scheme? No, But Read This, Before You Sign Up!”

  1. Hi, thank you for reviewing on Xyngular program. As you said this MLM program is based on health and wellness products and started on 2009. They have survived 8 years competing with other MLM health and nutritional companies. May be they have gain the trust from duevoted trusted consumers. I have experienced on selling health and wellness MLM companies. I have achieve some rank and earn some decend income. Reqruiting new downlines is hard task but if the product is good quality and have good customer feedback then it becomes reqruiting is much easier. You can also add some bonus or offering such as discounts for joining. Then you can reqruit people. But offline method is much easier to reqruit more people if the sytem doesnot support online reqruitment.

    • Hello Jesse

      I appreciate your comment. And coming from someone like yourself who has been in the MLM business, it’s great to have your input.

      This company surely has something to offer in terms of its products as its gain trust of its followers.As you said though, recruiting and building a business is a totally different ball game.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  2. Xyngular sounds like a very intresting health product. I have never heard of it. Is it sold globally or limited to a certain geographical area? There are some similar health products like this around. Could you do a comparism between Xyngular and products like Forever living and Melaleuca? That should help understand Xygular better.

    • Hi Juliet

      You can purchase these products from Amazon and Ebay as well.

      I will in the near future, do a comparison for you. Will let you know once it’s up




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