WalletSync Review Get Paid for Watching Videos? SCAM?

Hi there and welcome to my Walletsync review. How would you like to make money by watching videos? Well you may be considering signing up to WalletSync. 

Is WalletSync a scam or should you sign up to this 'get paid to' platform? There are a couple of concerns that I would to share with you regarding Walletsync.This comprehensive review is going to help you with all the answers that you need to make a decision.


You may be an individual who at some point, have been scammed or encountered 'get rich schemes,' during your quest to find a decent make money online opportunity. I am here to tell you that despite these scams and schemes, there are still legit ways to making money online.


WEBSITE: www.Walletsync.co.uk

FOUNDER : Not certain at this point.

WHAT IS ABOUT:You earn money by watching videos. You can also earn from the efforts of other whom you invite to the program.



Walletsync is a site that pays you for watching videos. In addition they have a referral program. You can also earn from the efforts of the people who you introduce into the program.

There is some uncertainly as to when this platform came into existence. According to the website, Walletsync is in existence since 2017. The head office is located in Birmingham, UK. 

Who is the owner of Walletsync?

I could not find out much information except that his name is Martin Martey.I consider this the first red flag. 

Let's take a look and see how this platform works.


The WalletSync compensation plan is fairly straight forward. You get paid for watching videos. 

When you sign up to WalletSync your membership is free and active for only the first 12 days, after which you have to upgrade your account.

You can still earn money by watching videos within this trial period, but the amount of videos that you can watch is limited to only 2 videos per day. The pay per each video is $0.45.

Therefore, your earning potential is limited. You can however increase the amount of money you earn by upgrading your account to one of their premium membership plans.

The higher the plan you choose , the more videos you can watch and ultimately the more money you can earn.

WALLETSYNC REview is wallet sync a ponzi scheme

Apart from the trial plan, there are 5 additional paid plans that you can choose from.

They are,

  • ELITE PACK - $399

If you were to go for the highest package which costs $679, then you can watch a maximum of 54 videos on a daily basis. 

The second way in which you can earn is via their referral program. You get paid a small percentage on the videos that your referrals watch.


The process to earning money by watching videos online is literally easy as 1.2.3 when you become a member of WalletSync.

Walletsync review how to earn money by watching ads

The first step, is to click on the 'earn' tab on the left hand side. Then you simply click on the video tab. As you can see, since I am on the free account, I have two videos to watch.

When you click on the videos tab, a bunch of videos will show up.

walletsync how to make money by watching videos online

You will notice that some videos are 10 minutes long whilst others are shorter. Do not stress if you are thinking that you have to watch the entire video to earn.

The fact is that you have to literally click on any video and within a few seconds your account is credited with $0.45 cents.

Sounds really easy right?

What is the catch? I will show you soon enough.


Let's say that you were to upgrade to the highest plan, the Enhanced Professional pack for $679.

According to the website, you can earn a maximum of $10,000.

Let's do some maths here. 

The earnings per video is $0.5. The number  of videos that you can watch on a daily basis is capped at 54. So, for one days work you can earn 54 * 0.5 = $27.

So for one month you could roughly make 27 * 30 = $810.

In 12 months, you can make yourself $10,000. That is considering if everything goes according to plan.

With these kind of platforms, they can terminate your account at any time,and you cannot do anything about it.Or worse they can shut down their services.

 A case in point take a look at my review of Workmines. It operated on a very similar pattern to this one and many folks have lost all of their monies worth.

Speaking of proof of earnings, are there any real testimonials to show that folks have been earning with Walletsync?

Let's a look, shall we?


Their Live Chat feature was amazing to use.It was quick and efficient.

 I wanted to know how long WalletSync has been around, to which the reply was 2 months.

Walletsync review how long has walletsync been around for

Therefore I would assume that there may not be much records as yet.

Surprisingly enough though, the website showed payment proof. Take a look below.

walletsync review proof of earnings

The website very clearly states that withdrawals will only take place on Thursdays and Fridays respectively.

However, the dates that I highlighted in the figure above, shows payments which do not fall on either a Thursday or Friday?

Are these payments real, or is it just random figures?( The second red flag)

Now it's time to summarize the pros and cons of Wallet sync.


I like their live chat feature. Their support is amazing.

I like the fact that the tasks are really easy to do.


You are forced to take out one of the paid plans. As per their official rules, should you decide to not upgrade after your trial period has ended, then they have the right to cancel your account.This means that you will forfeit all of your earnings. 

walletsync you are forced to take out a plan

They do not accept Paypal as one of their payment options.

There is no information on the real owner. Though I had to find out via the live chat that the man responsible for Walletsync goes by the name of Martin Martey. I could not find any further information on him. 

Who is the owner of Walletsync

The stories of the companies origin does not tie up. Whilst the lady on live chat told me that the company started two years ago, the website states in their frequently asked question section, that the company has been around since 2017.

The company statistics is misleading.The company states that they have over 39990 members and paid out $943710. If they trading for just under 2 months are these kind of results really possible?

I highly doubt it.

Walletsync the company statistics is misleading


There are so many inconsistencies going on here. Firstly, there is not enough information as to who the owner is.Then its unclear which of the payments are legit and which ones are made up. 

I personally do not like the fact that one has to pay in order to earn. That is absurd. I reviewed many 'get paid to' websites and none of them charged for joining them.

Is Walletsync a pyramid scheme? It's clear that there are no products or services that one is purchasing here. The way I see it, is that folks are investing money into the 'company pool.' 

A huge chunk of the fees are going to the owners(whoever they are). Remember if you bring in referrals, you only earn a minute amount on the videos they watch. You are not getting any commission or cut from their enrollments.

Coming back to the 'company pool,' scenario. What do you think will happen once members stop investing into Walletsync?

Exactly, the pool will run dry, the owners have still made a killing, but where does that leave you?

This is what had happened to members who joined Workmines. Ironically, Workmines came into operation in 2017. The same year as stated on the Walletsync website. They too also targeted countries such as South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, UK and Korea. Is there a connection between Walletsync and Workmines?

I think that whatever is going on, one needs to exercise caution here. I believe that Walletsync is still young, and things may look all 'sunny and fun' initially. Things can change around and it may not look pretty anymore.

BOTTOM LINE: I would not recommend Walletsync to anyone.


Yes you can.

As I had mentioned earlier on there are various 'get paid to' websites that you can join that are free. Some of them require of you to complete qualifying courses, whilst others may not always have tasks available every time.

The important thing though, is that they do pay once you complete the tasks at hand. Here are some of the ones that I reviewed that you can check out,

The drawback to these make money ventures, is that you have to be active doing the tasks in order to earn money. If that is okay with you, then give it a shot.

If on the other hand you are looking for a way to earn a passive income online,then it may require more time and effort. However, you will be building an asset. Something that will allow you to earn without having to trade your time for money.

It would be my pleasure to show you the proven method that I use to build an online passive income. In addition I would be happy to help you every step of the way.Simple click on the link that follows to learn more.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Walletsync review

I hope that it has helped you out.

Do not hesitate to leave any questions or comments that you may have below. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


18 thoughts on “WalletSync Review Get Paid for Watching Videos? SCAM?”

  1. I was also doing a computation: 54 x .45 = 24.3 x 30 = 729. I was laughing real hard to be wasting $679 for a $729 monthly earning. If you deduct 679 from 729, oh boy, there’s only $50 left to you. You simply wasted your time and energy from watching couple of hours everyday without profit. 

    I remember your article about Work Mines which is leaning into a pyramid type of business. I’m pretty sure that those who invested did’t get their money when it shut down. May this article be a clear warning to people about those types of online marketing business. We need to look for security especially if our money is at stake. Thanks for looking into details scammy businesses out there. Share it with people so those fake companies will be exposed.

  2. You created an excellent review of Walletsync. I think the paid packages are expensive. If they shut down everything, you lose everything. What I also like is how you refer to Wealthy Affiliate, and I love your landing page. What kind of videos do you get to be at Walletsync? I am glad that there are still people who make an effort to investigate such matters to warn us. Thanks

    Good luck

    • Thanks for your kind words.

      The videos within Walletsync are ordinary videos. Not all of them are the best of quality.

  3. Wow I’m glad i read your article!  I am still new to the “making money online”, It has only been a little over a year since I first heard anything about affiliate marketing, internet marketing, money online opportunities.  With that being said I did unfortunately subject myself to a few scams and lost a significant amount of money.  That is why it so rewarding to come across a post like this that is honest and shows visuals and proof of how the program is run.  WalletSync has too many inefficiencies, and the closeness to workmines seems more than coincidental.  However your suggestions, Remotasks
    Textbroker, Userlytics, and Usertesting are these programs that you have to put money into eventually as well?  Are they programs that you have to consistently have to being doing daily input or you lose membership?  I will say that your link to the program , Wealthy Affiliate, that is your recommended program , though I can tell you have to put the work into it, sounds perfect for a beginner like me.

    Thank You Again for this insightful and honest review,


    • Welcome to the online world. How is it going so far?

      Those get paid to websites that I mentioned do not require of you to pay any monies upfront. However, they do require lots of your time to do and most importantly are not passive income opportunities.

      Wealthy Affiliategives you that possibility of starting a solid online business. 

      Take Care 


  4. Thank you for the easy to read and understand overview of this opportunity, which I would definitely think is a scam.

    Unfortunately, there are so many pop-up scams going that one has to be so wary. What a pity that there appear to be so many people ready to be caught out in this way when there are legit programs like Wealthy Affiliate they could choose. I know it requires effort to make it work but it is so worth it.

    Obviously, people are looking for easy, no work, opportunities. 

    I could not imagine anything more boring or fattening than to sit the entire day watching videos.

    • That is true, scams pop up because some folks out there believe that there are quick ways to making money online. Ways that do not require effort or hard work. That is simply not true.

      Yet, scammers create a picture that such a possibility exists.



  5. I find that earning $833 every month to watch 54 videos a day is not worth it in terms of the amount of work. Especially when you have to pay $679 up front to do so. 

    If they don’t accept PayPal as a way to get paid, what methods are they using to pay you?

  6. Good Morning Roopesh,

    Wallet Sync is a platform where you are required to watch videos, hmmm, that does not sound very attractive to me. It will probably be very time consuming as the pay is low so you have to watch many to make it work.

    You tell me that the owner is called Martin Martey, did you check him out to see if that is a real person as often fake names are being used.?

    Looking at the price list I am quite shocked as the most expensive package is $679 and then you have to watch 54 videos a day, every day. Who on earth would pay such a big sum up front and then who would like to watch so many videos? I wonder, do people have nothing better to do with their time? We live in a crazy world and let us not forget the damage to our eyes.

    You can lose all your money when the company closes down your account and they do not work with PayPal. I have heard enough and for sure I will not do this. Thank you for the warning.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Good Morning to you Taetske

      I did try to find out more information on Martin Martey, but no joy. Their Twitter account is inactive as well.

      You do not have to watch the full videos. You just to click on them, and they will credit your account. 

      You are spot on when you say that one can lose all their monies should the company close own. The security is not guaranteed here.



  7. Hi Roopesh

    Your article is very nice. When I was reading, I got so excited, praying that it would be legit by the end, But as you explained, there are so many inconsistency. And if I can not use paypal which is the very simplest way to transact online. Then I can not trust a program, that’s my basis. So, I agree with you, Walletsync can’t be trusted, it’s a scam!

    I like remotasks, it is simple and easy for anyone to use. You sign up for free and get to be paid by paypal. So, it’s a legit one!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • I have tried Remotasks as well. Some of the tasks are a bit challenging though. Which challenge did you try on Remotasks?

      Thanks for stopping by.



  8. Hi, Roopesh.
    Thanks for your honest review on Walletsync.
    There seems to be a lot of Red Flags in this program. As per my personal opinion, any company engaging you for free to do children’s work and even pay for it ( making it easy money habit) , and once you are in a trap to earn more easy money, they ask for the payment to pay you easy money, I mean – what is this nonsense! Still, there are many people who are cought in their scam trap.
    Your review clearly stated these points and I am sure whoever is going through Walletsync Review will get the idea. Thanks for saving my money.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  9. Hi Roopesh,

    Thank you for sharing your review of WalletSync.

    WalletSync is very similar to a site called BoostPal that only lasted for few months after operation.  Many users include my friends have invested massively and at the end Boostpal eventually closed down leaving a whole lots of people in serious debt. 

    I advise you to avoid WalletSync completely as there are many red flags and inconsistency. Always be wise and smart while investing into any program. Remember not to invest what you can’t afford to lose.


    • Hey there

      Hope that you are well?

      I did not hear of Boostpal. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. 

      And thanks for some good advice on investing.



  10. This WalletSync platform appears to be one of the easiest way to make cool money online. Their task appears to be simple according to this review. Honestly, if I had not come across this review,I might fall victim of the platform. Although, am just hearing about  this platform.Watch and earn, is their any task as simple as that. But their red flag returned my body back into my shell. I’ll try and do more research about it. This review will be helpful for many people who might be in my shoe.


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