What is BE The BOSS Network?Not sure, if its what you Need?

Name: Be the Boss NetworkWhat is Be the Boss Network

Website : www.betthebossnetwork.com

Price: Free

Overall Rating : 2 out of 5 Stars

What is BE THE BOSS NETWORK all about ?

I must admit, this is a very catchy name and will certainly draw anyone’s attention of wanting to be their own boss.

What exactly is BE THE BOSS NETWORK?

Basically BTB NETWORK, is an online directory, listing Direct Selling and Multi-level Marketing opportunities.

They claim that they have selected ONLY the ‘very best MLM opportunities’ to perfectly match you up with, as how they had done to previous 200 000 other members.

Is this really true? Are the best of the best available right here on the BE THE BOSS network? Is your search finally over? Is this too good to be true, or is there something else to it?

Let’s Find out, shall we?



  • Free to Join
  • Some decent companies are listed


  • Limited or no Reviews
  • Scam Opportunities abdundant
  • No Individualised screening
  • No information on other online opportunities beside MLM’S
  • No Support

WARNING: On the top right of the BTB Homepage site, you will find a tab labelled ‘MLM News,’ DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT CLICK ON IT. I wanted to check it out and low and behold, I was met with a rather nasty surprise of attempted “Malware’ Attack on my PC.

Thankfully, my Kapersky was here to save the day, and I immediately closed that page. So, please be careful.

Is there any Tools and Training from BE THE BOSS NETWORK?

As far as I could gather, nothing at all.  Well I suppose that is expected considering that it’s a FREE service after all.

If these guys so boldly state, “our purpose is to match with people who are looking to work from home…” then the least that they could do is some kind of assessment or individualised screening, to gear you up to the right opportunity.

All they ask of you is your e-mail address during the registration process. Is this what it is all about? You know what they say, MONEY IS ON THE LIST.

In all fairness, I must admit that at the time of writing  this post, I have not received ‘any offers’ or ‘spam e-mails’ from BTB YET! If I do, I will surely update this space.


I signed up with BTB network to see what its all about.What is BE THE BOSS Network

As soon as I clicked on Network options, I was taken to a page that introduced  me to some of the business opportunities. Notice something in particular, already two of these were on my list of scams.What is Be the Boss Network?

I have written a detailed review of Success with Anthony and My Online Business. So this tells you, that you could be confronted with more scams as you search through the directories.

Should you use Be the Boss network?

I understand that people are looking for a way to earn money online. The internet is definitely the way to go, things are changing in this day and age. People want answers, they want solutions to their problems,like yesterday, and the internet is going to give it to them.

You CAN provide that solution and help people and in turn be richly rewarded for it.


The idea behind BTB is good, but for me it does NOT quite cut it.

I see a couple of problems that you may Encounter if you choose to use the BTB for your answers

Lots of Choices can drive you batty, you would literally loose your mind over having to choose something. The danger here, is that out of frustration(searching) you may likely end up choosing something that is not all what you were looking for.

Lots of Scams amongst the good ones. This means that you still have to do your research, so you will end up losing lots of precious time.

Some other things to take note of:

Red Flag Nr 1Affiliate Commissions

I would be willing to bet that there are some companies listed here that don’t quite meet the MLM standards..

There is always the strong possibility the BTB signed up as affiliates to them. This means that when you sign up through their homepage, BTB earns commissions for the sign-up.

I have no problem with this, it’s just that, I would have provided a detailed review to the folks so that they know what they are really getting into.

And if it’s a scam product, I would not feel great knowing that I recommended that to someone.

What is Be the Boss Network?

RED FLAG NR 2: Testimonials

Okay, earlier on I mentioned that BTB helped over 200 000 opportunity seekers, at least this is what was mentioned on the homepage.

Do you see at least one testimonial anywhere?… Me too. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

RED FLAG NR 3 : Only MLM’s??

I am not a fan of MLM opportunities, though I do believe that there are some great ones out there. I have had my share of good ones and bad ones. To be honest with you, it just never worked out for me.

I did not really enjoy the idea of recruiting and ‘begging’ for sales. I found some of the products too expensive to sell and it got exceptionally hard to get people to join, be it family or friends.

This is probably why, I feel if you are going to have a “BE THE BOSS”  DIRECTORY SERVICES, WHY NOT include other internet earning options as well.

There are great internet marketing and affiliate teaching platforms out there that don’t require recruiting of people.

Give people that opportunity as well.

Read my post on MLM VS AFFILIATE MARKETING to learn some important yet fundamental differences between the two.


I would NOT recommend this avenue to anyone looking for a way of earning an online income. There is no support, the information is not complete in terms of sufficient reviews and it can be misleading for folks.

Let me help you, show you a way that you can start building your very own online business, NOW. This platform that I recommend has got an amazing community to help you all the way, The support, training and education is top notch. The best part is that it is FREE to check out. So, you will know without loosing a dime, whether it’s for you or not.

All you have to do is read my review and give it a try. Sounds fair?

Before I give you the link, I would like to ask one favour. Please forward this article to any of your friends or family whom you think will benefit from reading it.

And let me know if there is anything on your mind by using the comments section below.

Thanks and Be Safe Is Google Sniper legit





4 thoughts on “What is BE The BOSS Network?Not sure, if its what you Need?”

  1. I believe I agree with you. This looks a bit shady. I had seen it recently but had not looked into it. Way too many red flags. Thank you for your continual in-depth reviews to help those out here find the real deal. And I know the real deal is Wealthy Affiliate! The best I have seen, bar none! I’ll see you on the inside!

    • Hi Grant
      You are most welcome.Glad that you enjoyed the article.
      If there is anything else, that I can help with, do let me know.


  2. Hi Roopesh,
    I’ve not come across this one before, thank you for highlighting the issues. It is rather telling when you open up a page only to find there are companies you’ve previously reviewed as a scam. MLM never really sat right with me either, I’ve dabbled but just couldn’t get on board with any. Affiliate marketing is much more my thing, and I’m glad that I found the Wealthy Affiliate training before I got steered too far wrong by other less scrupulous companies.
    Thank you for the info.

    • Hello Jenny
      Yes, its a different if the good opportunities and the bad ones were somehow filtered through on this directory thereby giving folks heads up to steer in the right direction.

      If you are new to internet world, and not sure where to go this service can be both misleading and sometimes dangerous should one choose the ‘wrong’ program.

      Thanks for your comment


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