What is Get My Ads and is Earning $327 per Day really that easy?

NAME: Get My Ads

WEBSITE: www.getmyads.com

PRICE: From $50 upwards


What is Get My Ads really all about? Can you get quality traffic to your website from using their service? What if you don’t have a website, is it still possible to make $300(as advertised) per day using their ‘payback’ customer program?

Should you join Get My Ads or not?

Join me as I cover some startling revelations as I take you through my Get My ads Review. Once you see how this company works, then it is my hope that it would make it easier for you to make your decision.

‘Get My Ads’ Company Success –  Is It Lady Luck or is there Something Fishy Going on?

Before I get into the ‘meat’ of my review, there is just one small point that I would like to make mention of.

During my research, I came across something very odd with regards to the companies financial success.

Ceo of Get My Ads, Frank Hanson

Frank Hanson, the ‘current’  CEO of GMA, claims that the company has paid out in excess of  $14 million to his affiliates.

Get My Ads Claim to make $14Million

Whilst I don’t deny that it may be possible I still find that a little hard to believe.

Here is the reason why: The company has only officially come into full swing operation as of early last year(i.e. early 2016). That figure sounds overly optimistic to me. What do you think?

Whether there is a Get My Ads Scam going around or not, it’s a little early to say. Let me show you more of the company and then you can decide.

How Does Get My Ads Work?

Get My Ads is essentially a revenue sharing platform whereby you can use their services to get ‘traffic’ to your website.

Get My Ads, also offers folks the opportunity to earn commissions via their ‘ Payback’ and ‘Affiliate’ programs.

In order to promote your website using their platform or to earn commissions via their ‘rewards’ programs, you would first have to purchase an ad token.

Get My Ads Tokens

The price of an ad token is $50.

After you have purchased your ad token, you will be eligible to submit your website to their database.

They will then distribute your site amongst their 75 ‘so-called’ different traffic networks.

The submission process is NOT immediate and it may take up to 10 days to show in these networks.

What if you don’t have a website and you have bought a token, how do you make money then?

Glad that you asked. I will cover this in more detail later on.

Let me sum up the good and bad stuff of Get My Ads so far.


The Pros and Cons of Get My Ads


  • Free Sign UP
  • No on going subscription


  • No Trial
  • High Entry Price
  • No disclosure of advertising partners
  • Limited earning potential of each token (600 days)

Where Does my Investment Go?

This is how your $50 investment is broken down.

How your $50 Investment is ditributed

40% will go into the Affiliate Program.

Another 40% goes into the Payback Customer Pool. It is from this ‘pool’, that the money gets distributed amongst the members. The payment is approximately around 1% to YOU.

The final 20% goes to the Company.


The maximum number of tokens that you can purchase is a 1000 tokens.

Only earn !% per day on your $50 investment in get my ads

As I’ve mentioned earlier on, you can earn a possible 1% of your $50 token a day. That’s 50cents!

If you buy 1000 tokens at $50 each, that will cost you $50 000. Your income on that investment will only equate to $500!

Might I remind you, that the lifespan to earn per token is limited to only 600 days! (Just under 2 years)

To sum up, you will earn around $1000 MAX (give or take as that 1% is NOT guaranteed) on your $50 000.

Does that sound like a Really Good Passive Income model to you?

I’m not sure how you feel at this point, but to invest that sort of money DOES NOT sound like good business practice. I can show you much more affordable ways on building online businesses that can provide excellent passive income streams, that costs much less. Some are even FREE!

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Let me take you deeper into the Get My Ads Compensation plan.

How does the Compensation plan of Get My Ads Work?

Get My Ads, claims that there are 5 ways that you can make money from using their platform.

The Payback Program of Get My Ads

  1. Payback program – Qualify for an Approx 1% Earning per day on each token. Valid for 600 days only!
  2. Loyalty Bonus – You only qualify for this Bonus if you have 500, 750 or 1000 active advertising tokens. It is a monthly bonus that is calculated on the previous month’s sales of tokens within the company.

From this point onward the compensation plan becomes a bit more complicated as they move over to the affiliate side. Should you decide to become an affiliate and promote ‘Get My Ads,’ to family and friends, then you can earn affiliate commissions.

This is how you earn on their affiliate program….

What the Get My Ads Affiliate program looks like

3. Direct Referrals– 6% on purchase of every token from your referral.

4. Sub-affiliate Referrals – This is where you earn 6% on purchase from your referrals customer’s.

5 Mentor Bonus – This is a bonus that is paid out to affiliates that perform the best in the company. Remember, to become an affiliate, you would still need to purchase a $50 token.

What About the ACTUAL Get My Ads Product?

Thus far the core focus of Get My Ads is on getting people to purchase tokens and to recruit more folks into the program. You would find this evident in watching their sales video as well.

How much have they really talked about the actual product?

To me, this is starting to look like some sort of pyramid scheme whereby the central activity is on making money, rather than the product offering any benefit to anyone. At least, this is the way that I see it.

The product is their traffic sharing platform. Can you get quality traffic to your website for that $50 token?

Whilst you are being told that your website will be submitted to 75 networking sites, you are then just left out in the dark.

You have no clue as to who these ‘partners’ are or whether or not the traffic generated will actually help your site out or not.

In my honest opinion, the best way to get traffic to your site is the long and hard way – by writing quality and engaging content on your site and offering people value. It will take much longer, but its the best way and its free.

If you do want some FREE Traffic, then check out Global Moneyline. I reviewed these guys a while back. They have got an online list that keeps on growing and you can submit your site to this list for FREE!

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Guess what? I just saved you $50.

What if I don’t have a Website, how does Signing Up With ‘Get My Ads’ Help?

If you don’t have a website, then you will get a link to your own ‘Get My Ads’ promotional sales video.

You can promote this video on social media such as FaceBook, Twitter etc and try to get family and friends to sign up.

Get My Ads Promotional Video
This is what your promotional video would look like

By using this method, ‘they’ say you would be able to ‘earn $300 a day.’

Remember, your video is NOT customized or any different from the other people promoting ‘Get My Ads’. So you will not stand out and to earn this money may not be such a ‘walk in the park.’

My Final Verdict of Get My Ads

What is Get My ads really all about? 

To me, it does NOT offer any solid product. The rewards programs and ‘make money ideas’ are ‘pushed’ as the core of what GMA is all about.

Is Get My Ads a scam? It certainly has its fair share of shady moments. Not to mention, its expensive to get started with, and offering very little in return.

My Verdict : Not Recommended

What is Get my Ads all about?

There is one program that I would recommend should you be interested in making serious money online. You can turn your Passion or Hobby into a Solid online Business using it.

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Have you tried ad revenue sharing platforms before? Did it work out for you?

Would love to hear your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by.

Take Care




4 thoughts on “What is Get My Ads and is Earning $327 per Day really that easy?”

  1. Wow great article regarding GMA. I have seen their marketing around the internet and wondered about their service and claims they were making to potential online investors, businesses, etc. The way you break it down seems very apparent this group is suspect at best but most likely a scam. While reading your article, I kept thinking pyramid scheme. Thanks for the information and yes Wealthy Affiliate is the best program out there based on all the reviews I’ve read.

    • Hi Robert

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      I am glad that thi post of my perspective of Get My Ads had helped you.

      Have you tried Wealthy Affiliate? How’s things going so far?

      Once, again thanks for stopping by.



  2. Good job exposing yet another online scam. They seem to be popping up over and over with increasing frequency. The people involved should be ashamed of themselves.

    Also, just as another point I thought I’d add an agreement to your ‘Number One Choice’. Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely quality, despite what I thought sounded like a ‘scammy’ name to begin with.



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