An Awesome Way on How to Earn Money while Studying in College

Whether it’s tuition fees, money for the expensive books, paying for yourHow to earn money while studying in college dorm rental or even just wanting to splash out for a party on a Friday evening after lectures, some extra money can always make college or varsity life better and easier

With your primary focus being on your studies, having a passive income stream on the side can take away that financial worry. This allows you to focus solely on getting that all important A+.

Today I would like to show you a way on how to earn money while you are still studying in college.

I am going to show you a way that:

  • Is Easy to Set Up from Your PC,
  • FREE to register
  • FREE to trial(So that you can decide if it’s for You without losing any money)

Note – This is NOT A GET RICH SCHEME, and requires you to put in some time and work.The awesome part is that it’s flexible, which means that whenever you have free time on your hands, you can use it to build this business.

Interested? Cool! Let’s check it out.

Why do I call it a Business?

Essentially, this is what it is.You can earn some extra money from it or you can take it a step further and build it to a fully fledged online business. Its totally up to You!

Just imagine for a second, before you graduate, you would already have an income stream built setting you up on a rock solid financial foundation.

How cool would that be?

What is this business all about?

Before I tell you what it’s about, let me first tell you what it’s NOT about.

It’s NOT about anything that involves any of  the following:

  • Taking Surveys
  • Getting paid to listen to tracks or reading e-mails
  • Filling in Envelopes
  • Forex or Binary Options
  • MLM(Multi-Level Marketing)
  • Stocking, buying and selling of physical products.

Okay, then what is it all about?

It is based on a simple concept called Affiliate Marketing.It’s a very popular way of earning online and there is a huge market for affiliate marketers.

What is Affiliate Marketing all about?

Here are the quick 7 steps to How Affiliate Marketing works
How to earn money while studying in college

  1. First, you need a Website of your own ( Trust me, it’s easier than you think).

2. You build this website around your passion or interest.

3. As you start blogging and adding content to your site, you start promoting goods or services that pertain to your interest.

4. Next, you register with Affiliate Merchants(for example Amazon) that sells these goods or services.( In case you’re wondering, Registration is FREE and easy).

5. As your site starts getting more readership and engagement, it will start getting ranked higher in Google and other Search Engines.

6.Once people are interested in buying a certain product from your site, they will click on the affiliate link which would direct them to the official merchant store(in this case it would be Amazon).

7. Amazon fulfills the order for your customer and you in return get your Commission,How to earn money while studying in college

and so the cycle repeats itself allowing you to earn over and over again!

That’s great, but I don’t know much about marketing or even starting up my own website. Is this really for me? 

Truth is, you will never know until you try it.

I hear where you’re coming from. I was in exactly the same boat.I hold a graduate degree and I am a pharmacist by profession, yet I knew nothing, I mean nothing about affiliate marketing.

I now have two websites to my name and love every minute of this business.The platform that I learned from, which is called Wealthy Affiliate made the entire process from start to finish,Easy, Interactive, and Fun to do!

If you’d like you can check out my Detailed Review of Wealthy Affiliate here.How to earn money while studying in college


How do I Know what my Website should be About?

This is the process of Niche selection.How to earn money while studying in college

Niche is simply finding Your audience to talk to.There are 3 billion people using the Internet.Your job is to tap into a very small percentage of this group to earn a more than comfortable living.In fact, it may be more than enough to even cover your entire college fees.

Give me some ideas of a Niche

The truth and ‘secret’ is, base your niche around whatever you are personally passionate about or would like to learn more about.

For two reasons:

1. It becomes easier to talk about, and you won’t feel like it’s a job, but rather a fun process.

2. You will be able to do research on and write a sufficient amount of material as time goes on.

If I had a time machine and had to go back, this is what I would have done. Whilst at university, and had this opportunity come knocking on my door, here are my personal niches that I would have selected.

Niche OneCollectible Figurines and ModelsHow to earn money while studying in college

Over the years I have collected some sought after movie memorabilia figures and cars. I love to buy and collect items that are made in limited quantities and will fetch a good price later on. Anyways, this market is still big and going strong these days.There are so many affiliate programs for this niche.It’s just a matter of choosing the one with the best commissions.

Niche TwoVideo GamesHow to Earn money while studying in college

During university days, I used to be a serious gamer. Sometimes, I even skipped lectures to rush to the arcades.It would be something to build a site reviewing the latest games, different consoles, accessories etc.

Imagine I would be playing games, studying and earning money at the same time!

These are just two of the ideas. I am sure though, you get my point. It just needs to be something that you enjoy talking about and sharing with the world. It can be sport, camping, mountain climbing, music, reading comics, the list goes on.

I am interested, how do I get my Website

As I’ve mentioned, registration with Wealthy Affiliate is FREE. You get TWO FREE websites as well with them.

All you have to do is think of a domain name for your free website. Fill the name in this block below and you’re ready to start! ( NOTE: After you have filled in the block, you will be taken to a sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and I will be there waiting to welcome you).


If you would like to learn more about building a website, check this article out.

⇒How to Build Your own WordPress Website in 30 Seconds(Video DEMO)⇐

Once I get my Website, What happens Next?

This is where the Magic Happens. You will get access to the first 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneurship Course.

This course is extremely helpful for beginners of affiliate marketing. It teaches you how to start adding content to your site and building its foundation.

What’s more is that within the Wealthy Affiliate platform:

  • You will get to meet thousands of people who are building their niche sites.
  • You will get top notch support, tutorials and tools to help you.

Don’t stress about time limits as you can do these lessons in your own time.

Rest assured the platform is designed to steer you in a direction on learning how to earn money while you are still studying. Give it a try.

How to earn money while studying in college

Can YOU really earn money with Affiliate Marketing?

Let me answer that question by telling you a short fascinating TRUE story as I close this article for today.

There was this college kid who built a website. This was 13years ago, when building a website needed coding and things were not as straightforward as it is today.How to earn money while studying in college

Anyway, this kid researched affiliate marketing, painstakingly putting in countless hours of testing new strategies. Eventually once his model was in place and he gave all that he could, there was nothing left to do but wait. And so he waited.

One month passed, nothing…

Second Month passed, nothing…

Third month passed, he got his first sale.

Can you imagine his excitement!! The following months were succeeded with more sales and he was making a lucrative income to supplement his college lifestyle.

Who was this kid? His name is Kyle.

So why I am telling you the story of Kyle.

Becasue Kyle saw this as an opportunity to help other folks build their own online business. And so, along with his friend and partner Carson, they both founded Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is in existence for 13 years and is still going strong.

How much money you make depends on how much time and effort you put in. The bottom line folks, is that it works and it can work for you.

Still think you can’t make some decent money whilst in college, Think again.

Check out my detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate

How to earn money while studying in college

or skip the review and 

How to earn money while studying in college


Now you know a way on how to earn money whilst studying in college. Are you ready to give it a go?

Something still not clear? No problem. Place your questions and comments in the box below and I will get back to you.

By the way, please share this with your friends, perhaps they too would be interested.

One more thing, if I don’t see you again, good luck with your studies.

Regards and Take Care



6 thoughts on “An Awesome Way on How to Earn Money while Studying in College”

  1. Hey Roopesh, great article. I’ve wanted to go to college for a long time now, as I am very much interested in computer programming; however, the financial aspect is a huge issue for me. Affiliate marketing sounds like something I could get into, thanks for sharing!

    There’s just one problem though; I’m not 100% sure what my niche will be. If I sign up for your recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, will the help me to find the right niche?

    Thanks, Roopesh!

    • Hi Joshy

      No problem glad that I could help. Thanks for that question.

      It’s absolutely normal to be not sure about your niche. I was in exactly the same boat. The answer is that Wealthy affiliate most definitely helps you in steering you in the right direction when selecting a niche.

      I remember when I started out with my first website, I simply asked the community and got tons of suggestions and help. The folks gave me pointers as to how broad or narrow the idea was and we worked on it until I was happy.

      And if you really can’t find a niche, there is the boot camp course, which helps you to build a niche that is already pre-chosen. So, at the end you will not be lost at all.

      Hope this helps.



  2. I have read a lot of articles that promote WA, but I really enjoyed your unique spin on it – how to earn money while studying in college. Students today are on computers constantly and are used to spending time typing essays, so why not take a few minutes each day to add a blog post… and make money doing it. Great website!

    • Hello Jen

      You absolutely right! Why not take a hour a day or even every 2nd day to type out blogs and build a website. Who knows, by the time you graduate, you would have a fully fledged business on your hands.

      Thanks for stopping by.




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