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Is Automated Daily Income a Scam? This is What I Think….

Is Automated Daily Income a Scam?

If you had to pay a visit to the Official homepage of Automated Daily Income, you will find that there are a couple of things that will entice you to sign up at the very instant.

For example, you will get Official News Logos, with the likes of CNN and FOX hitting you bang smack in the face.

Then you read words like, “no prior experience,” “ be your own boss, “ or ” it could change your life in 5 minutes,”

All that is left for you to do, is to fill in the information that they require and you will have secured your spot. Easy right?

Is the Automated Daily Income system legit or should you watch out for this one? Let me help you decide and put your mind at ease. Continue reading

How to Avoid Online Pet Scams when Adopting a New Friend.

Scammers, be it online or offline often find it easier to prowl on victims when the heart is involved. Previously I talked about online dating scams, How to Avoid Online Pet Scamsshowing you how even the most responsible and successful of folks can fall prey to their manipulations.

Whether you’ve lost a pet or thinking of adopting a furry friend to add to the family circle, it can turn out to be a pretty distressing and emotional situation when you realize that you have been a victim of an insidious pet scam.

I will discuss some of the common pet scams doing the rounds. Trust  me, Anyone Anywhere can be a victim. Then I will show you some ways on how to avoid online pet scams when adopting a new friend or even looking for your lost companion. Continue reading


What are The Most Common Facebook Scams Around?

Got a Facebook account? Sure you do, if you haven’t then maybe its time to sign up. The most common facebook scamsIts FREE! But be weary, there are some scams doing its rounds on this popular social platform well. Today we will chat about some of the most common Facebook scams around and how they can cause some trouble.

It was on the 4th February 2014, that Facebook was launched. It became an instant success and managed to gain more than 50million users within its first year, becoming the most popular media site. Continue reading


Fake Tech Supports Scam, what you should know!!!

Fake Tech Support scams

Have you ever become a victim of a fake online tech support scam?Fake Tech Support Scam Before you know it, your files have become unencrypted and all your sensitive information just got stolen from under nose?

What do you do and what are these scams all about? Let me uncover for you the inner workings of these scams and the steps that you can take, to prevent you from falling prey to them. Continue reading